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A Glowing Christmas Eve
Citation:   Amethyst Deceiver. "A Glowing Christmas Eve: An Experience with MDA (exp49142)". Aug 19, 2006.

T+ 0:00
100 mg insufflated MDA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00 90 mg insufflated MDA (powder / crystals)
My fiancée and I had already tried out this batch of crystals two weeks prior, both of us taking 100 mg orally. We determined this batch to be of average strength, so we proceeded to have a group experience with three of our closest friends.

The setting is at our friend A's apartment, which is a very familiar and comfortable environment for everyone. The night starts out with 10 people at A's apartment. It has been a rather lonely and gloomy day for most of the people present. 3 people leave as they are feeling rather introverted. M and L decide to orally ingest 100 mg of the MDA which is followed by A, my fiancée, and I insufflating 100 mg of MDA.

T+0:00 I insufflate 100 mg of MDA. The burn is incredible and more intense than I had presumed. The right side of my face feels hot and is slightly throbbing. This feeling diminishes after a couple minutes.

T+0:05 I start to get the drips and my body begins to tingle and my mentality becomes shifted. Strangely I do not feel very social and begin to feel introverted and meditative. At this point I relax on the bed and close my eyes for some inner exploration.

T+0:15 I am beginning to feel mentally uncomfortable. My fiancee and I are alone in the apartment while M, L, and A are outside smoking cigarettes. The two sober people at the gathering are sitting across from us and the silence is becoming awkward and uncomfortable for all four of us. Some music is put on but it is very sharp and jagged sounding and begins to bother me, so I change it to something more soft and droning.

T+ 0:30 The two sober people decide to leave as they are not comfortable with the situation and decide they do not want to participate tonight in the use of MDA. I still feel some mild euphoria and the tingling sensation, but I am slightly dissatisfied with the experience.

T+ 0:45 M and L are starting to feel moderately euphoric and social as they have finally come up while A, my fiancee, and I are starting to feel less euphoric.

T+1:00 Everyone still feels pretty good, but all 5 of us at this point insufflate 90 mg of the MDA.

T+1:05 My whole body is buzzing and I can no longer hold my water bottle without dropping it. I am beginning to lose my balance and stumble over to A's bed just in time to collapse on it. Wow! The experience has become intense. The euphoria is extreme and I am beginning to have some mild visual distortions (colors are more vibrant, objects have hues around them, and some mild patterns are rippling across the walls).

T+1:10 Now my fiancee and my three friends and I are all on the bed in a big cuddle puddle hugging and kissing each other. We all talk about how much we love each other and how happy we are at where we are presently in our lives. We are still listening to the same soft and droning music from before and it sounds even more beautiful now.

T+1:40 My three friends step outside to smoke again, so I am left alone with my fiancee. The experience is starting to become very erotic and I continue to cuddle with my boyfriend.

T+2:00 Two more friends come over and are instantly overcome with the good vibes and the feeling of love within the apartment. Their presence is an excellent addition to our little gathering. All of us are still peaking incredibly hard. This method of ingestion seems optimal for us. With the first dose the peak only lasted 30 minutes but with the second dose the peak lasted three hours! (Strangely I peak longer on insufflated MDXX compounds than when I orally ingest them).

T+4:00 Up until now the peak has been incredible for all and the experience has consisted of music, hugs, and some very deep conversations. At this point we are all starting to feel the drop of the experience. We put on some more upbeat music and become slightly restless and much more talkative. All of our pupils are still very dilated and we are all now experiencing some moderate jaw clenching. (The jaw clenching seems to be much more pronounced with pure MDA than with pure MDMA or pure MDE).

T+5:00 Everyone is experiencing a mild afterglow, but the main effects are now just that of a stimulant (jaw clench, excessive talking, restlessness).

T+5:30 My fiancee and I walk home and crawl into bed. He wants to cuddle, but I am absolutely exhausted. I lie in bed with my eyes closed and have some moderate CEV's. My subconscious is popping out some pretty random images at this point.

T+6:00 I finally fall asleep.

T+12:00 I wake up to go spend Christmas with relatives. My finacee has still not slept. I still feel very tired. I do not have a headache, and I also have a very small appetite. I thought I would have a pretty terrible headache from the jaw clench, but instead I have a slightly chewed up tongue even though I had been chewing gum during the latter part of the experience. I would feel better today if I had been able to sleep a good ten hours. A couple days of rest and a diet rich in nutrients and I should feel excellent.

Personally I thought I had always enjoyed MDMA and MDE more, but for some reason I need more of those two substances to have a significant experience. Also MDMA or MDE alone for me seems to feel like something is lacking.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 49142
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 19, 2006Views: 28,909
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MDA (34) : Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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