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My First Meeting with MG Spirit
Morning Glory & Hydrocodone
by EndlessSky
Citation:   EndlessSky. "My First Meeting with MG Spirit: An Experience with Morning Glory & Hydrocodone (exp49071)". Mar 30, 2007.

T+ 0:00
85 seeds oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
  T+ 2:00 25 mg oral Hydrocodone (pill / tablet)


As a teenager (14 years old), I read reports of hippies tripping on Morning Glory seeds. Due to the availability of LSD, however, I didn't take the seeds at the time. Now, at 26, I have been studying the use of Morning Glory seeds for the last month or so, and have felt called to working with them both as a tool for healing, and as a Spiritual guide. I follow a Pagan Shamanic spiritual path. What follows is my first experience with the MG seeds. I meditated the night before on the plant spirit, and in my dreams, got permission to ingest them. I recorded the whole trip and took a small dose initially not only to gauge my reaction to the seeds, to introduce myself to the plant spirit, but to also maintain my lucidity in order to submit as accurate a report as possible.

I haven't experienced anything like this entheogen, EVER. I liken this trip to the best trip I ever had on pure acid (one tab)- but with nausea. I have used MDMA, pot, LSD, opium, and most pharms. in the past, so I consider myself an experienced psychonaut. The LSA contained in the Morning Glory seeds felt far more natural than the acid I took when I was a teenager ever did. Now that I can compare, I know. I am looking forward to my next experience after I recover and take some time to mull over what I learned. By all accounts, this should barely have been a threshold dose- but my experience was quite strong.


12:25 am- Took 85 morning glory seeds (Heavenly blues) Ipomoea tricolor, 1 generous Tsp whole seeds with about 10 left over. Dark brown in color. Washed seeds thoroughly in detergent for 5 minutes with lukewarm water, rinsed for two minutes, then washed again with soap, soaking and washing with my hands for another 5 minutes. Then, rinsed thoroughly again with cold water. Noticed some of the outer hull came off. Dried completely on paper towels using occasional breath to cool the seeds. Next, I crushed the seeds in a coffee grinder until they were the consistency of ground pepper, some tan powder, some bits of hull, then transferred mix to mortar and pestle, and ground for an additional 10 minutes while focusing energy on plant and having a good experience. Used the runes for protection, spiritual insight, and the gift of the Gods over the seeds. Dripped cool water into pestle, mixed, then poured into a container. Added about 1/2 C orange juice for vitamin C to aid extraction of LSA. Placed mixture in gatorade bottle in the fridge. Shook thoroughly. =) I am very excited and shall meditate on the experience to come. I shall let the mix sit for minimum 13 hours in the fridge until drinking.

Trip report:

5:09 pm next day- Have taken a nap, eaten a light meal at 2, and eaten lots of ginger. Just ingested morning glory mixture. I drank down the whole thing, about 1 1/2 C liquid, on an empty stomach and then ate the remaining seed matter with about 1 Tbsp applesauce. Beginning mindset: happy, looking forward to experiencing something new. Physically, I feel a bit chilly. I believe I'll take a bath. I don't know what all the fuss was about the taste from other reporters online. The seed/water/oj mix tasted just like oj, and the seed pulp just tasted like, well, applesauce. Am anticipating the experience with enthusiasm, but for now, bath time!

5:35- Have gotten out of the bath. It became a semi-ritualistic bath for spiritual cleansing purposes as well as physical reasons. Feeling introspective, but that's normal.

6:00- I'm feeling nauseous, but nothing I can't handle. I lie down and start to nibble on candied ginger, something that's always helped my stomach in the past.

6:09- I'm noticing slight visuals. An Invader Zim gift box I got for my husband is now in rich technicolor and the decorations look three dimensional, although they are not normally. I have confirmed this with him. My husband was my sober sitter for the evening.

6:23- Pretty bad nausea. Eating more ginger. I feel as though if I stay in one place the nausea will get better. I have planted myself on the couch with my head on the armrest, and legs stretched out. It feels good to hide my eyes from the bright lights in the room. I ask my husband if my pupils are dilated, and he says, 'Yes. Like you're f**ked up dilated.' I grin and continue introspection. Things are starting to look fuzzy and I feel quite sedate. He shows me several amusing pictures online and I crack up for minutes. My mood is definitely approaching euphoric.

6:30- Listening to music (the Grateful Dead). Hoping the nausea will go away. Eli, my husband, informs me he first noticed my pupil dilation at 6 pm. He takes my pulse and says it is normal. I feel a bit flushed and sweaty.

6:37- Definite mental differences from normal. I feel strongly euphoric and good in general. I asked my husband to bring me my I-Pod. He did and I promptly forgot about it. 'Finding' it on my lap 5 minutes later was like a wonderful surprise.

6:42- Listening to Uncle John's Band. Realizing I haven't tripped since high school, and what a shame it was that I had abandoned that part of myself. The song lyrics seem quite meaningful personally.

7:05- Nausea is fading. I ate about 5 pieces of fresh candied ginger. Next time I'll ingest the seeds with a ginger shake. When I close my eyes, I get a powerful impression of the plant spirit. It's definitely male, strong, and has south american features. His eyes are alternatingly blue or the morning glory flowers themselves. I've asked his name and he gave it as Tlitlitzen. I feel as though I should 'bow down' mentally, since this visual is so strong, and for lack of better description, 'God like'. The Morning Glory Spirit laughs and points out that I've already been 'laid low by him' as I'm virtually immobile on the couch. He also says he doesn't want 'followers' but is only a Guide. I've been experiencing sweats/chills much like I do on MDMA- and the euphoric feelings are continuing also. My heartrate is deemed normal by my husband.

7:11- Aching in legs, slight auditory hallucinations. For example I heard a sound file which my husband hadn't played. Heard slight conversation from next door when my husband didn't hear a thing and there was noone else home.

7:20- Took 2 1/2 norco (hydrocodone) for my chronic pain. I didn't want to adulterate the experience, but it was necessary due to my level of discomfort. I close my eyes and have a mental discussion with the Morning Glory Spirit (MGS from now on). He says he's generally kind to those who approach him with good intent or in a humble manner. I approached, he said, not in the best way, but in the best way I knew how, which was what was important. He didn't elaborate on what would be a 'better' way.

He seems very kind, and discusses intensely personal matters with me for quite some time. I had been raped in Feb. of this year, and have been trying unsucessfully to recover. I needed happiness, he said, so he brought it. I realize that the Morning Glory alkaloids running through my veins are sacred in a sense, and therefore I am a vessel for the divine. I feel very fortunate. The MGS tells me next time I approach him to use 150 seeds, prepared in the same manner. He seemed to like the mortar and pestle and runes I used over the seeds.

The visualization spreads through my body so it feels as though each of my veins is a morning glory vine. It is a good feeling, if a little odd. MGS makes it very clear he doesn't offer instant enlightenment, he's a being like me, but very unlike me spiritually, who is here to help others along the Path. Exact quote, 'Now lay back and enjoy your trip for Gods' sakes.' I get the feeling he's a little happily exasperated with me for insisting on doing personal work when I need to relax for once. He continues, 'Just have a good trip, let it wash over you. I'll see you again soon, and we'll get some serious work done then.'

7:50- St Stephen is playing, and I realize that this is what I've been missing. I don't just sit and listen to music anymore. I don't just sit and enjoy. I need to let go of alot of crap (moving recently, being raped, having monetary issues) so I can enjoy the simple things in life again.

My eyesight has a slight 'fogging' effect around the edges of my vision. My body aches all over but it is not unpleasant. I liken it to the stretching feeling one experiences when MDMA is coming on or one is coming down from it. It could be the ergot alkaloids, or w/d from my painkillers. We'll find out as soon as they kick in. It then struck me that Victorian women used to use Belladonna eyedrops to achieve the eye dilation effect I was having. The thought rose in me that this was wrong, the dilation is a sign of wisdom, whether real and divinely inspired or imagined being recieved.

7:57- Feeling rather amorous, but hubby isn't in the mood. ::smiles:: Mabye it's my eyes. I feel as though I'm in a warm fuzzy blanket. My pulse is still slow and steady. More personal revelations follow.

8:27- Feeling more active, now. The song 'He's Gone' is quite comforting. I decide to go out for a cigarette. Cleared it with MGS first. He warned of nausea but then kind of said, 'Be my guest'. ::grins:: He kind of reminds me a little of Fox, one of my Guides. And he was right about the nausea. I wouldn't advise smoking while on Morning Glory.

9:00- Vision still slightly distorted. Eating toast with honey on it. Found myself really enjoying the toast and then realizing it was upside down. I decide to watch Angel.

9:45- Pupils still enlarged, but I'm definitely coming down, slow and easy. The MGS did just what he promised. And I'll be back.

Post trip report:

2:34am- My pupils are still slightly dilated, but nothing compared to what they were before. I've noticed pronounced body aches, however, this is normal due to the ergot alkaloids in I. Tricolor. I will research more on this to see if I can counteract it in some way. I will definitely be working with Morning Glory again for spiritual gain and enjoyment. MGS seemed very alright with both, with the caveat that I always approach with respect. My husband said that as far as 'babysitting' went, it was a very easy job. I am very pleased to have had the experience. The discomfort of the nausea was well worth the spiritual insight and comforting which my spirit so desperately needed. I will repeat the proceedure again in about a week and a half, using 150 seeds next time, and keep you posted. I don't know whether the seed were treated or untreated, but I washed them as though they were treated. Caution is always best, in my opinion. In the meantime, good luck and happy trips, all!

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 49071
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 30, 2007Views: 33,441
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