Divine Intervention?
Citation:   Mike R.. "Divine Intervention?: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp4898)". Erowid.org. Jan 10, 2002. erowid.org/exp/4898

0.25 oz oral Mushrooms
From the first time I did shrooms until now... its like a totally different drug. I always did them with my one buddy rob, at his apartment. The first time I did them it was cool had a great body buzz and everything and anything was really funny. After I did them the first time I was instantly hooked, the same thing that happens to me on any drug I like. I started doing them 3 to 4 times a week. Once I would get outta work I would eat about an eighth to a quarter. And when I was on them I didn’t care about anything. I could never stand still always dragging my buddy out anywhere that popped in my head. We would go to places anything between like pool halls or grocery stores. Anything to keep me out there surrounded by different things.

Now we get to this one day. Its just like any other day except I got a girlfriend a couple days ago. She said she was going to a party and of course I didn’t care one bit. As long as I had my shrooms you could of told me my father died and I wouldn’t of cared. So me and about four other people take them and like all the other times once it kicks in I get all hyper and cant stop laughing. By now when I take shrooms I get a lot of visuals. I’ve heard people say you don’t get many or any at all on shrooms. Bull shit. I was at the point, maybe from doing them every other day. I got more visuals then I did from the time I took 5 hits of some great acid. My buddy rob says instead of running around town or blaring the music and turning on all the lights (my buddys apartment was a trippers heaven… we had blacklights with 3d posters, x-mas lights, disco lights, and other shit) lets just turn on the pink lamp and watch “pink floyd’s the wall” video. Now I had never watched this nor did I like to watch movies while I was tripping unless it was alice in wonderland. So we do that and watching this movie is totally bringing me down.

It seemed like we were watching it forever, but in reality it was only like 20 minutes. So the movie starts depressing me and really freaking me out bad. Don’t know why, it just was. So I got up and went to the bedroom, went in the closet and closed the door. If you’ve ever heard someone say “take one step back to take two steps forward”, that’s what I intended to do. Its always worked before. But I guess I zoned out or passed out or something. Because finally rob opens the door and yells “mike!” I jumped up out of the clothes I had somehow buried myself in and gave him a big hug, not knowing that this trip was going to ruin the fun I had with shrooms forever. I wouldn’t go back into the living room. I got a boombox and a pink bulb and sat in the bedroom listening to my music the rest of that trip. (My favorite music while on shrooms was “red hot chili peppers.. One hot minute”)

After that experience I stopped doing mushrooms. For about two months I was in a horrible state of depression, and severe paranoia. I worked in a big place, the detroit metropolitian airport. So I was pretty much surrounded by people I didnt know. Luckily the job I had didnt require any supervision and I had no one to report to. My paranoia was so bad that while at work I would find a room (stock room) that no one was in and cry. When I would be working I was so afraid of every body that I saw. I felt that everyone was staring at me and I kid you not I thought that they were all after me. People noticed that I wasnt the same, and the quality of my work was by far not my best effort. I was written up all the time for leaving work before the shift ended without permission, or not showing up period. Luckily before any of this happened I proved myself an excellent worker and regardless of all my new faults my managers kept me there because they knew something just wasnt right with me.

To this day I can't trust anyone. I am very frightened when I even have to go to the grocery store by myself. But after the depression I decided to try shrooms again and when I do I'll get hyper for about 20 minutes then I get all bummed out and depressed. The only thing I can do to make me happy on shrooms now is being alone with my music. Now I don’t know if this is because of the movie, or maybe it was coincidence. Maybe it was because I had just got a girlfriend and cared about her a lot and before her I didn’t give a shit about anything at all. But something made that happen. Some of you might think that it was
“divine intervention”. If that was the case... Good job god because after trying to have fun on shrooms about 10 more times... I don’t bother to waste my money anymore.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 4898
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 10, 2002Views: 45,281
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