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Interpersonal Fun
2C-T-7 & 2C-B
by subdefy
Citation:   subdefy. "Interpersonal Fun: An Experience with 2C-T-7 & 2C-B (exp48851)". Mar 17, 2006.

T+ 0:00
30 mg oral 2C-T-7 (capsule)
  T+ 8:00 50 mg oral 2C-B (capsule)


It was the day after thanksgiving and I had just arrived home from the my first vegeterian Thanksgiving in hopes of trying out 2C-T-7 as I had been plotting to the entire ride back home. My thoughts vacillated between 20 and 30mg constantly having the horrid bodyload in mind that I had heard so much about. I eventually came to the conclusion that I would go with 30mg and if it got too intense I can always take benzos to calm it down.

I arrived home at about 10 in the morning and grabbed some bread to have something in my stomach so I could take my multvitamin to avoid the nausea that it can induce from taking it on an empty stomach. I waited about 10 minutes then down went three 10mg caps of a drug known for its outstanding visuals and fatalities. From there I just sat around but I was getting restless so I decided to play a game, age of empires 3, which helped tremendously to ease my restlessness, near the end of the game I would estimate an hour and half I ended up feeling the hot flushes going through my face but no nausea, no horrid bodyload, no insane visuals, however I felt it starting to come in waves.

About a few hours into it I was definitely into a psychedelic space however I had no visuals or any discomfort whatsoever it felt cleaner then LSD or mushrooms. The only physical effect I noticed was my face was warmer then usual but it didn't bother me. I was sure to have a bottle of water and some crackers nearby so I didn't get dehydrated and for possible neurotoxicity (I based this assumption off that is how a decent amount of the damage is caused at least from what I read of the MDMA neurotoxicty and it is after all not extensively studied). I found the headspace very clearheaded practically sober except that I noticed myself looking at the 'static' on the wall. This 'static' could also be described as 50hz monitor effect, it was nothing big and I have seen it sober before especially after tripping but other then that I caught myself extremely into the music I was listening to. I tried a variety of genres Rock (A Perfect Circle, Tool) which was alright but it wasn't really the feel of the drug, then I tried out Electronica (Armand Van Heldan, Armin Van Buuren) which seemed to suite the drug alot more then I tried out Punk (Bad Religion) & Classical (Debussy, Beethoven) which both seemed to suit the drug the best. So I left it on one of Beethoven's concertos and just was speaking to a few friends about some sort of topic which I can't quite recall right now but it was alot more interesting and I was more quick to respond to what I was discussing.

At about 6 hours into the trip I was still feeling similar to my mindset before essentially extremely enhanced music. The music was not overly-intense like cannabis used to give me (I don't smoke it anymore) but rather I was able to enjoy it more in a subtle fashion. I'm not sure if that sentence really captures what I was feeling at the time but it sounded great. I was also able to analyze my thoughts alot easier and more focused on my train of thought. It was easier to speak to others I guess you could say similar to 2C-B but I havn't tried MDMA so I have no basis for comparison to that. Sometime around this time I decided to call up my friend because I wanted to go to the beach which the area is known for. We just hung out there for a little and walked down to the beach and he was explaining to me how he wish he could've tripped over this break and how he might go pick up some DXM but was still thinking it over. Eventually I proposed the idea that 2C-B would fit his time margin perfectly (6 hours) and he should still be able to get to sleep fairly easily. So we hurried to my house while he called his mom and confirmed he could stay out for most of the night.

Everything was set to go. I got out the 2C-B. I got out three caps of 25mg each. I would be taking two to account for the cross-tolerence 2C-T-7 should have invoked and my friend A would be taking one. He had some previous experience with MDMA, LSD, Cannabis, and DXM. I checked the interaction between 2C-T-7 and 2C-B to find two reports which reported nothing physically dangerous one with an extremely similar dose regime as I used except abit lower. I also felt there would not be a complication as I was already about 8 hours into the 2C-T-7 trip with no physical discomfort and I wasn't very hot. I was also careful to stay hydrated all the time. After we both took the doses we went to do our own thing for about 15 minutes only to end up back in front of the television watching Hackers which we both found hilarious as it is completely unrealistic portrayal of 'hackers'. Eventually I felt the first signs of uneasiness and realised instantly that moment that I needed hard candy so I said let's hurry before we come up and get to the store which was about 2 minutes away so we decided to take the car which probably wasn't the greatest idea but we thought he we could beat the time and how bad could it get? [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

As I arrived at the supermarket I could feel it starting to comeup as did my friend I was more disoriented then usual and having trouble finding the candy isle. The supermarket seemed as if it were some sort of airport with a bizarre number of people walking around. Eventually I found the candy aisle grabbed two bags of Jolly Ranchers. Eventually we both ended up having to use the bathroom as I was previously drinking water quite often to stay hydrated. The drug was more or less coming up faster and faster. I attempted to head to the check out to get this over with fast. First attempt was a complete failure as I laughed hysterically at the tabloids but no one seemed to be paying attention to us. So we went into some isle to compose ourselves and attempted we would somehow get through this. Eventually while standing in line I was trying to find a surface which had no connotation because almost everywhere I looked was something ridiculously fake or a marketing scheme which seemed equally as ridiculous. I somehow managed to pull it together but somehow in a five minute period A had to use the bathroom again. So we headed back to the bathroom with the receipt and bag so we had proof of our purchase. What could be worse then getting stopped while tripping by some angry store manager thinking I stole some candy?

On the way out we passed by the chips aisle and the smell of the chips was so overwhelming to me I almost puked on the spot but I somehow kept it together and then we were outside the supermarket. Luckily our memory was still working fine so we found the car and decided that since there was very few cars and if we drove slow and we both looked out we should make it back fine. This was a bad idea but we're still alive and it probably won't happen again as I'll be sure to grab the candy before I comeup.

By the time we arrived at my house we were almost fully comeup I had no visuals which was ironic as I usual get some patterning on 2C-B. I wanted to get some water but I walked into my kitchen to see the cup spilled and water pour all over the kitchen table and on the ground. I sighed to myself and attempted to cleanup a portion wondering how that happened but eventually I came to the conclusion that the cat knocked it over. During this time there was a decent amount of tracers and A was laughing hysterically. From the kitchen we moved over into the living room and attempted to try to find some sort of standardization as at the time everything seemed quite chaotic. We may have still been coming up slightly but somehow we ended up over near my desk / computer and were just sitting there chilling listening to a variety of music from a few different cultures (Japanese Rock, Indian, French Pop). To say the least music in another language while tripping is hilarious especially really upbeat stuff. From there we eventually ended up discussing religion (protestant, gnosticism, catholicism, spec.) to addiction.

During this time the 2C-B was extremely giggly and everything especially music most of all was enhanced. I had no visuals but A said he had some basic patterning. Eventually the trip slowly died down until he had to go by that time it was over but all in all it was fun. I was still slightly tripping but more or less down but still had this amphetamine edge. I ended up calling a local bluelighter and discussing a few concepts that were on my mind during the time and brought some new concepts to my attention (like the God Spot on the brain which is said to be responsible for extreme religious experiences.) After I finished that conversation up I took some nordiazepam powder, I estimate it was 20mg - 30mg and eventually went to sleep knowing I had to wake up in 4 hours to go to work.

In conclusion I don't really believe I learned anything substantial from this trip other then things I already knew like it's good to have different perspectives. I feel it was just for fun and to try out 2C-T-7 which turned out to be fantastic. I had tried it at 10mg a few weeks earlier to test for allergic reaction and hypersensativity and had previously sampled 2C-B. I feel as if I'm getting less and less out of my trips hence why I keep spacing them apart so much but we'll see next time.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 48851
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 17, 2006Views: 7,912
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2C-B (52), 2C-T-7 (54) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3)

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