Overwhelmed by Senses
LSD & Cannabis
Citation:   StonerJunkie. "Overwhelmed by Senses: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp48836)". Erowid.org. Mar 1, 2006. erowid.org/exp/48836

T+ 0:00
1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:00 1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:30   repeated smoked Cannabis  
This was my first LSD trip. I've tried (and bought for my hard-earned money) what I was told was LSD several times before, but it was either fake or very low dosage, since I took multiple hits each previous time with only a slight bodily effect, where I noticed that my body felt slightly different. This time, however, I bought the LSD from my bud guy, who's very reliable with the shit he sells. I'll call him S. I snuck out of my house at 10 am and met him at the gas station near my house (I live in a rural area, so he drove out quite a way to deliver), and bought four hits at 10 bucks a hit. I gave him a few bucks for gas money too, since he drove out all this way.

11am: My mom being gone to work for the day, I took one hit and started doing something on my computer. I was excited to finally get some real LSD, and was looking forward to the trip, which I hoped would give me some real intense hallucinations. I was a little worried about doing more than one hit, since I'm real paranoid about trying new, powerful drugs, even if I'm looking forward to trying 'em. I didn't prepare for the trip in any way, being satisfied that I had enough cool stuff around the house to occupy me while tripping.

T+30 mins: I experienced the 'body high' feeling I described in the first paragraph. It was unusually quick in coming, which made me happy because it affirmed to me that the acid wasn't fake, and after getting ripped off twice, I was happy to get the real stuff finally.

T + 1 hour: I began experiencing a slight nausea, which was mildly uncomfortable. One of my friends came by, whom I'll call P. P came by to trip and smoke some herb, and I gave him two hits and took the last hit. I was a little paranoid about doing that, like I already said. We chilled in my room listening to some punk on the computer for about 30 mins, then we took out the bowl and packed it full (packs about a gram) of some bud. We smoked it and another bowl over the next hour and a half, so each of us ended up smoking about a gram. I was a little paranoid about smoking herb on acid as well, since I didn't want to prolong my trip or do something to f-ck it up in some way. P seemed to be cool with it, though, and since he tripped like this before, I thought I'd be alright.

T + 1 hour, 30 mins: I began feeling the first hit kick in. I was in my chair by my computer desk and P was sitting on the bed. I was already pretty high, and Dropkick Murphy's drinking songs were getting me in a festive mood. I also had this real colorful and weird Winamp visualization full screen on the computer (something like the visualizations in Windows Media Player that come on when you play music in it, though much more intricate and colorful - another reason I like Winamp), which helped kick the trip in a lot faster once we were high - you'd have to see it to fully understand why. It was really trippy. When I felt the acid kick in, I felt like a kid on top of a roller coaster, with the anticipation and all finally about to be gratified. I can't describe the feeling itself except that I felt a profound change in my body chemistry, a mild euphoric feeling that felt like I was beginning to slide on my ass down a frozen-over lake. It was bright in the room, being the middle of the day, and everything felt extremely full of light. We were laughing a lot.

T + 2 hours: (Side note - it's becoming more and more difficult to denote the time exactly, since the acid was beginning to profoundly slow my perception of time by this point. These estimates are just that - estimates.) I was feeling very euphoric and high. Me and P were laughing constantly, and were having fun with the increasing effect the acid was having on us. I felt more and more like a kid on a frozen-over lake, sliding endlessly on his ass. I also began feeling more and more out of touch with reality, as if time has frozen and we were somehow phasing out of this plane of existence. At this time, P noticed I had The Getaway for the PS2, so we moved to the living room with the bowl and the game. I remember packing another bowl in the living room, and being almost unable to do it because everything was so funny, and everything P said was somehow tripping me out even more. We began smoking and playing, and the main character somehow seemed much taller than the buildings and cars. We played for the game for a while, and I was becoming ever more aware of the time slowing down.

T + 2 hours, 30 mins: We stopped smoking and playing the game, and moved back into my room for some reason. The acid had come on pretty strong by that time, and I felt as if every minute felt like 10. We were listening to some kind of music (I don't remember what, probably punk) and laughing a lot. Everything looked real bright and blue, and time kept slowing down more and more. I began feeling real nostalgic, as if I felt something very similar to what I was experiencing as a little kid. I'm still not sure whether or not this was just from the drug; it felt, and still does, extremely real, and not just an effect of the LSD. This feeling would only get stronger as time went on and pervade most of the rest of the trip. By this time, the acid was well working in both of us, and everything began feeling as if I were falling down a long, dark tunnel in my mind. It also felt like we were going on, making kind of a 'droning' sound as we went. It was very strange, and felt alien to me. I began feeling the acid in my brain as a tangible thing I could almost grab, and began feeling as if the acid had a personality of its own, one mischievous and powerful. It's very difficult to explain exactly its personality, but one could equate it to the Norse god of mischief, Loki.

It also felt like it was hanging over us, like a cloud almost. I began writing my first note of the day, which said something like 'everything in tens, everything in 10's, everything in 8t's now...'. S also called us for the first time of several about right now, asked how we liked the trip so far. I don't remember what I said to him.

T + 2 hours, 40 something minutes: The note 'ACID KICKED' I wrote at this time explains what happened best. I think I was trying to write 'acid kicked in', but couldn't finish it. I couldn't concentrate on anything, since everything I'd try to do would trip me out more, and the trip itself would trip me out. I'd get lost in some inexplicable adventure full of color and circling psychedelic shape resulting from trying to perform a simple task, shapes very reminiscent of those colorful shapes and tie-dyed shirts so common in the 60's. I'd have to try to 'zoom out', to tear myself away from the shapes and try to grasp sanity to perform the task, only to get lost in perpetual 'zooming out' which I'd realize was only another trip my mind would take. It began to frustrate me, slowly. Time seemed to slow down to where every second felt like an hour and me and P seemed to totally melt. As he put it: 'We have no control of ourselves from this point on'. I knew at that point that 1) he was right; 2) I was tripping pretty hard; and 3) that any task undertaken while on acid would never get finished. The reality of what was happening to me was so funny and I felt great. We moved into the living room to watch tv.

T+ 3 hours: We were peaking. The walls and everything rapidly changed color from red, to green, to various shades of those two, to other colors, and it took me five minutes to find a piece of paper and write a note to myself to remind myself that I'm on acid, which was at once both terribly amusing and incredibly important that I write it. P wanted to go out, so we began to get ready for that trek, but first, there was an insane amount of cannabis leaf patterns on the walls which prevented us from leaving, since it looked so cool. I wasn't paying attention to the tv, but P was lying on the floor telling me there's all this stuff crawling on the ceiling, an everything's in a pattern.

Over the next hour, my mind constantly revolved several key thoughts or ideas in my head: 'This is too much, I can't take this', 'I want this to end', (now would come something about something which would trip me out and make me feel better about the trip), (next would come P telling me to come outside, or saying he can't stay in this house, which would freak me out, both for his safety and for how f-cked up I knew he was, and what could happen outside), leading to 'damn it, why'd I do this sh-t?' and then back to 'this is too much'. Time was slowed down too much, and the entire trip stopped being cool, and I wanted it to end. I couldn't handle all the stuff my senses were telling me, and it felt like I wanted to go to sleep, but couldn't. Sometime in this period, I went outside with P, walked all the way to the entrance of my house (which was an adventure in itself that I wish I could remember more fully), and forgot I had no money, so we went back. Then I thought I got the wrong set of keys and couldn't get in the house (which, thank the gods, I was wrong about), and this scared me, because I realized that I could potentially do something like this and really screw myself, and I decided I wouldn't leave my house just to be safe. Most of the bad feelings I described above stemmed from this experience.

T + 3 hours, 47 mins, (I was checking the time every second to see if another minute had passed) I figured out that I needed P out of my house if I was gonna calm down, so I kicked him out, which ended up being good for him too, since he had the most fun trip he ever had getting home, and actually thanked me. I kicked him out and fixed up the couch, then sat in front of the tv, watched star trek, and told myself to trip, except I couldn't. I couln't shake that feeling that I wanted the trip to stop, which was annoying me because I wanted to trip out nice, but I couldn't. All I could think of was the intense sensory overload and insanely slowed-down time. Everything was too much, basically. The droning feeeling was resonating loudly in my head and 'Acid', the character/drug that was in my head, was laughing at me and playing around with my mind, to my continued frustratrion and growing unrest. I was happy to have P out of my house, though, because I wasn't sure if we'd still be tripping by the time my mom got home, and I didn't want him here just in case we were.

T + 4 hours, S calls again, and at length, I explain to him my predicament. He tells me to drink some milk to calm down. I drink a glass or two. I slowly begin to calm down, first from freaking out so much, then, as my peak passes, the intense sensory overload I experienced subsides, and the intense droning feeling which I assume to be my senses compounded into one collossal noise subsided as well, and I began to enjoy the trippy things I was seeing as I felt my trip subside. Everything was distorted and objects would bulge out, edges change color, and it was quite fun again.

T + 7: I had half a kiwi to prolong the diminishing effects of the trip, thinking it would be over in an hour. When my trip leveled off, and didn't diminish for another three, four hours, I got worried again. I watched whatever was on scifi channel, and by 10pm, I was pissed because I was still tripping as bad as at 6pm. I thought to hell with it, and decided to watch some more tv, in the hope that the trip would subside. It finally did around 11pm-midnight, around the time my mom got home, and I was glad to meet her with regular-sized pupils, although I was still tripping kind of, and was very 'out of it'. I kept hearing my mom's voice when she wouldn't say anything, and felt very confused. I smoked what we didn't finish off the bowl once my mom went to sleep, which calmed me down, thankfully. My mind was exhausted, and I wanted to sleep.

I went to sleep around maybe two or three am, like I usually do, and slept fine with some vivid dreams (which I couldn't remember the second after I woke up). I didn't experience any inability to sleep or any negative aftereffects, however, I'd have to say that my view on LSD, drugs in general, and P is changed. Not really positively or negatively, but changed. It was definitely an experience I'd want to try again, because I realized that I freaked out because I thought I was ready for the trip, but I wasn't.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 48836
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 1, 2006Views: 34,746
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