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My 8 Day Binge
by J
Citation:   J. "My 8 Day Binge: An Experience with Cocaine (exp48716)". Erowid.org. Feb 24, 2008. erowid.org/exp/48716

2.0 g insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)
It all started on September 27th, my 20th birthday. I was getting bored of marijuana, of which I have done hundreds of times prior to this experience, and was curious in trying a chemical drug such as ecstasy or cocaine. So when my friend/drug supplier told me he could hook me up with some coke that night I said yes in a heartbeat. I bought 1.3g for $100 off him that night. For me, that was a lot of money to be spending on a personal stash of drugs. But since I am a small time weed dealer, I make a decent amount of cash on the side so I didnít worry about throwing my money around like that. I had a big birthday bash for that night and I was planning to have a coke session with my two good friends.

As soon as the first line was chopped up and prepared, I was euphoric from just the anticipation. I cut off the end of a drinking straw and snorted the blow. Within five minutes I felt a mellow high coming over me, and I loved it. Initially I was both scared and excited to try this new drug and when I realized that it didnít impair my senses, I no longer had any fear and just wanted more. We did lines together all night long and I felt like I was on top of the world. I felt more talkative and more open towards everyone.

However, after several hours I started saying things that I would not normally say when I am sober. I babbled non stop for almost an hour. Most of the things I said where about over-analyzing things and my other friends who were only drinking started giving me an awkward eye. And to make things worse, when one of my female friends saw us sniffing on those white lines, she started feeling depressed because she probably thought we were addicts. Seeing these two things gave me the worst paranoia Iíve ever experienced in my life. I started thinking that everyone hates me now because I was doing a hardcore drug.

When the party was over and everyone had left, I hung out with my friend Arian and I managed to calm down a bit. He was high on weed and I noticed that he kept starring at my dime bag packed with rocks of coke. So I offered him some and he accepted. We snorted a few lines together and we had a ball. We had all sorts of great conversations. The paranoia was gone but then I noticed that my heart was beating at an incredibly high rate. We clocked my heart rate at 114 beats/minute. I knew that 75 beats/minute was a healthy heart rate so I started to think that I was on the brink of overdosing. The paranoia returned and I started panicking. Arian managed to calm me down a little before I left and went home.

For the next few hours I felt so miserable and I wished I had never done it. I talked to my friend Matt on MSN and he told me to take shallow breaths to lower my heart rate. Miraculously it worked very well. He also told me that my heart was going crazy because of the paranoia so after I managed to calm myself down I felt fine. I ended up going to bed at 9am and skipping the whole school day. Another serious side effect that I noticed was a severe lack of appetite. I didnít eat anything within that whole time span because I didnít feel hungry even though I normally would if I were sober.

Later that night I did some coke by myself, and feeling guilty about missing my classes I went to the library to do some homework and hardcore studying. I noticed that I was able to concentrate more than ever, and ended up finishing a ridiculous amount of work within only a few hours. So when I was done and was heading home, I felt so happy for catching up on school even though I missed a day. I thought Iíd reward myself with some more lines. I felt so euphoric and wanted more so I just kept pounding more lines up my nose and I had so much fun. I stayed up all night and throughout the early morning. By 7am I was still feeling extremely awake so I did a few more lines and went to my 8am class.

Being in class high on coke was amazing. I participated in class more than ever because I was feeling more confident and felt eager to learn. The brutal part of the day was that I had classes till 5pm so as soon as I got home I crashed and didnít wake up till around 4am. I repeated this routine till the weekend. When I looked back at the school week I realized that my performance had soared to the top because the high I got off the coke gave me an unbelievable amount of motivation towards whatever I wanted to do. On the weekend my friend Arian joined me for some more ďdevilís dandruffĒ sessions and because the high made us so social, we got to know each other like we probably never would if we were sober or just smoking pot. It was great, because the more I did it the better the high felt. But my tolerance got ridiculously higher: on day 1, I only had to do a few tiny lines and I was set, but after a few days I found that I had to do a huge fat line just to get the high.

So after an amazing weekend, I woke up on Monday and finished off the rest of my stash which was only less than a P2. I went to class high as a mother fucker and tried not to think about buying more coke because I wanted to stop at that point. Turned out that I ended up buying a half gram later that day and shared it with Arian. I felt guilty because I knew that I do have the will power to quit but I said to myself ďWhat the hey, one more day and thatís it.Ē Tuesday morning I felt so miserable because I had gotten so used to the coke that I felt as if I couldnít make it through the day without doing more that day. So I thought that maybe I shouldnít go completely cold turkey because I didnít want to be a wreck for the whole day. I dug in my stash of cash and pulled out $40 and bought another half gram. I sold some to my friend Mac and I gave Ernesto two fat lines, and a P1 ended up going to waste because Andrew split water all over it.

So I probably did a P2 that whole day, and I spread it out throughout rather than soaking it all up in just two or three sessions. Later that night me, Andrew, Mac, and Jeff chilled till 3:30am and I saved half a line for the morning so I could keep awake and go to class. I had mad dark bags under my eyes which my friends called ďcoke eyesĒ which was probably from the way it fucked up my sleeping patterns. So I didnít get any sleep that night even though I tried and finished off the rest of the blow at 6:10am and enjoyed a smoke. At that point I had absolutely no desire to do anymore because I just got bored of it. The high I got lasted only two minutes and my esophagus felt burnt and worn out. Finally I could say goodbye to the white devil.

This experience was an awesome trip and Iíll never forget it. It made life both easier and harder, and enlightened me on so many levels. I donít plan on buying anymore for at least a month. Hopefully my tolerance will drop so Iíll be able to enjoy it again. Iím just glad that it finally stopped snowing.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 48716
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 24, 2008Views: 18,563
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