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Suffering the Consequences
Morning Glory
by Me
Citation:   Me. "Suffering the Consequences: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp48701)". Erowid.org. Oct 6, 2007. erowid.org/exp/48701

6.0 g oral Morning Glory (seeds)


I am a frequent cannabis smoker and have dabbled in other drugs, but have had no experience with hallucinogens until now. Recently I have had a growing interest in hallucinogens and made up my mind to see what insights I could gain from them. I had a very naive and foolish interest in them and would pay the price. I wanted to try shrooms to start out and move on to the supposedly more intense acid trip. All my conjectures are based on what I've heard from others. But I could not get my hands on any shrooms. I had heard that morning glory seeds could be obtained easily and made for a relatively intense trip so I decided to try them instead.

I always try to do my research before I experiment with any drug and I thought that I had done so in this case, but I made the mistake of reading only about positive experiences, not even bothering to read a single bad experience. Rather than validly researching I was really just looking to confirm what I hoped for, leaving myself completely unprepared for any bad experience, bad move.

I went to home depot and obtained 4 packs of heavenly blue seeds each containing 1.5 grams. I brought them home and washed them using water and detergent and then let them dry. I had read that it was best to grind the seeds to extract the LSA but had also read of people tripping after simply chewing the seeds, so being impatient and having no reliable means of grinding the seeds handy, I decided to just pop em and chew. After about 15 minutes I had chewed and swallowed all the seeds (roughly 200) and washed them down with some juice. Then came the waiting period.

I got on the internet at first and talked to a like-minded friend for a bit but soon grew restless and decided to take a warm bath to relax and hopefully spark a pleasant experience. By this point I was beginning to feel slightly nauseous. I had not worried too much about the nausea of which I had read because I usually have a very strong stomach and figured I could handle any nausea that I did experience. Man was I wrong. By the time I got out of the bath, about an hour after ingestion, I was beginning to feel a little off but nothing intense. The only really noticeable effects were that my limbs felt heavy and of course the nausea. Another hour later I wasn't feeling any different and decided that the nausea was probably interfering with the trip. I tried to induce vomiting unsuccessfully and then gave up and took an ibuprofen as I didn't have any nausea medicine and decided to just try and sleep it off.

This was when the hell began. I could not get comfortable. I eventually dosed off into a dreamless sleep (as far as I can remember) for what felt like a full night, only to look at my clock upon waking and see to my despair that only 10 minutes had passed. I spent about another hour tossing and turning. My thought patterns began to get pretty fucked up, although I hardly realized it. It seemed normal to me. I also was getting very mild closed eye visuals. Just slight sensations of movement, the only one I can remember was what I remember describing to myself as sort of like the motion of a row of dominos toppling over.

Anyways, I realized that sleep was not happening and got up and wandered out into my basement (I live in the basement of my parents' house). After standing up and entering a lighted room I felt much better. The nausea became much milder and my frantic, choppy thought pattern ended. I thought it was over and became ecstatic and decided to try and call my friend and talk to him about my experience. I dialed his number, no answer. I dialed again, and again, and all of the sudden it hit me again harder than ever. No visuals, purely mental. An overwhelming feeling of hopelessness and despair overcame me. I had revelations that I can no longer remember and were probably completely irrational. All I remember is that they had something to do with the idea of God and religion.

I became frantic with fear and depression. It became horrifyingly clear to me that life is meaningless for some reason and I felt that I would never again be content with life because I had come to whatever realization I came to. I needed to talk to my friend. I knew he could talk me out of it. I was fully aware that this was all induced by the drug, but he was not answering his phone and I grew desperate. I went to my dad's computer hoping to find someone to talk to on the internet but he had logged off and had his computer password protected. I was horrified at the realization that I was cut off from all human contact unless I wanted to go wake up my parents, so I did. I literally felt like I had no other option, even though I was aware that it would probably pass within the next hour.

I worked out everything that I was going to say to my parents, and it was all perfectly clear and coherent in my head. I walked up the stairs, turned on my parents' light, and could not vocalize my thoughts. This was when I truly realized to what extent I was fucked up. The only words I could force out were 'It was locked for a reason.' My dad asked what was locked and I just tapped my head with my forefinger. I eventually managed to tell my parents I had eaten morning glory seeds and no sooner than the words had left my mouth I felt an upsurge in my stomach and ran into their bathroom and puked my brains out. My stomach was pretty much empty so I was mostly puking up stomach acid, violently, out my mouth and nose. I walked back into my parents' room and my nose was burning violently from the acid that had passed through it. My dad did an excellent job of talking me back to reality and calming me down and after spending about a half hour in their room I went to my room and finally fell asleep on my bed. This was at about 12:30 AM, 5 hours later I woke up and went to school.

By the morning I felt relatively normal although I had a headache that fluctuated from barely there to a quite noticeable ache. Throughout the day things seemed slightly off and my thought pattern was not completely normal but was normal enough for me to take an AP Physics test first period and get about the same score as I usually do.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 48701
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 6, 2007Views: 14,642
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Morning Glory (38) : Difficult Experiences (5), Bad Trips (6), Mystical Experiences (9), Families (41), Depression (15), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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