Sadness and Confusion to Clarity and Joy
DOC, Mushrooms, 2C-C & Poppies
Citation:   Psychedelic*Dreamer. "Sadness and Confusion to Clarity and Joy: An Experience with DOC, Mushrooms, 2C-C & Poppies (exp48513)". Mar 2, 2006.

T+ 0:00
5.0 mg oral DOC
  T+ 1:45 1.0 g   Mushrooms
  T+ 6:30 2.0 mg oral DOC
  T+ 6:30 2 flowers oral Poppies - Opium
  T+ 6:45 18 mg rectal 2C-C
  T+ 10:00 6 flowers oral Poppies - Opium
My weight is 270 pounds. The drug was taken on an empty stomach. I took the DOC at around 9:00AM, soon after getting out of bed. My mood was ok, I was excited about trying the DOC. I had heard good things about it and had been wanting to try it for a long time.

I have got the timing of events as close as possible but could be off by as much as an hour or maybe more. Much of the trip report is written from memory. I am also not sure how many poppies I used. I am just trying to make the best guess possible for that.

The dosing was t+0:00 - 5mg DOC t+1:45 - 1 gram mushrooms t+6:30 - 2mg DOC+2 large poppies t+6:45 - 18mg 2c-c plugged t+10:00 - 6 large poppies. I have a physical addiction to poppies so it was necessary to use some during the trip to avoid withdrawal, although I did use a larger than normal dose 10 hours into the trip.

I ate the gram of mushrooms because it seemed like the trip was going to be weak. I was wrong. Had I known it was going to get so much stronger I would not have eaten the mushroom.

I am currently taking two prescription meds, bisoprolol+ hydrochlorothiazide for hypertension and fenofibrate for cholesterol. Neither is psychoactive.

t+0:00- I ingest 5mg of DOC.

t+0:30 - I start to feel it a little, there is a slight change in mental state and brightening of colors.

t+1:00 - It has become just a little more intense but still not much is happening. I am maybe at a +1.5. There are now some OEVs, light patterns cover the wall and ceiling. My mood is neutral, no euphoria.

t+1:30 - It does not seem to be getting any stronger. I am beginning to think that this is as strong as it will get.

t+1:45 - I do not think it will get any stronger so I eat a small amount of mushrooms, about 1 gram.

t+2:00 - In the last 15 minutes the intensity has increased drastically. I have quickly shot up to a +3 and still going up. My mood is dysphoric and I am feeling a lot of confusion and mental cloudiness. Visuals have become very strong and bright. Patterns are swirling and flowing over everything. Objects look extremely distorted and corners are warped. There is music playing in my head. It is ambient, somewhat similar to some Steve Roach music.

t+2:15 - Intensity continues to increase, the dysphoria and confusion has grown stronger. I am also feeling a lot of anxiety. I am wishing that I had not taken the DOC. I feel that my mind and sanity are being shredded apart in a very unpleasant way. I am feeling slight nausea but it is insignificant and less than most other psychedelics.

t+2:45 - It seems that I have reached the peak. I am not enjoying this, I am unable to think and I feel intense sadness and despair. I am viewing some memories in my head and recalling memories from very early childhood. I am being shown how some of my negative behaviors and personality traits developed. For the next couple of hours the trip's content stays about the same. The visuals are very impressive, just as good as 8-10mg of DOI. I am not focusing on the visuals though because there is so much going on in my mind.

t+5:00 - The effects are still going strong and my mood has improved some. I am now in more of a neutral mood. My thinking is a little clearer. Visuals are still very intense, my curtains look like they are blowing in a breeze and some glass figurines I have sitting around look almost like they are alive. Faces look distorted in such a way that everyone looks like they have Down's Syndrome. I watched tv for a few minutes and sometimes extra parts grew on the faces, like extra sets of eyes and noses. The leaves of trees look like butterflies flapping their wings.

t+6:30 - Effects may be starting to slowly decrease. I am feeling slightly euphoric. Visuals have not decreased much if at all but my mind is clearer. I have a feeling of optimism. Also a slight headache. I decide to eat a couple of large poppies to get rid of the headache. I also eat another 2mg of DOC to keep the trip going a little longer.

t+6:45 - I decide to plug 18mg of 2c-c.

t+7:00 - The intensity has picked up some. Visuals have grown stronger and the character of the visuals is changed. Euphoria is increasing and I am beginning to feel the psychedelic clarity, similar to what I have felt with DOI. At times I just want to laugh.

t+7:10 - The clarity has increased and I am now also starting to feel what I think is the beginning of ego loss. I feel increasingly joyful. Visuals have picked up more. Everything is covered in colorful, quickly changing patterns. With eyes closed I can see golden palaces covered in jewels and what looks like hindu or buddhist gods or spirits.

t+7:20 - The 2c-c has peaked. There is a high level of clarity and feeling of understanding. I am having strange thoughts and feelings about who/what I am and my existence. I'm wondering if I really exist and having thoughts that my actions may have no consequences. I am still able to think logically and I know that those thoughts are drug induced. I am also starting to feel a lot of love. It feels like it is radiating from all directions. The headache is gone. The trip maintained this level for about 90 minutes before decreasing. During this time, I think a lot about the existence of myself and the universe. Typical psychedelic thoughts.

t+9:00 - The effects have started to fade slightly. Still feeling the clarity and love. The slight ego loss is coming to an end. Still feeling the euphoria and feeling very relaxed. I lie down in bed and listen to music for a while.

t+10:00 - I eat six more large poppies. Down to a low +3, still feeling some clarity and love but it is fading. The ego loss is gone.

t+11:00 - Effects have decreased further, now down to a weak+3/strong+2. The clarity has mostly faded away as has the feeling of love. I am happy and feeling very peaceful. The poppies are kicking in strong, it feels great. Visuals have decreased some, patterns still cover everything. With eyes closed I can see landscapes of forests & mountains. The colors are dark.

t+12:00 - Down to medium-strong +2. I am feeling very good. Lying in bed I feel a little like floating. Very relaxed and slightly sedated. I always find the opiate+psychedelic combos to feel very good. I wish it would last longer.

t+14:00 - Down to weak +2. Visuals are wearing off more slowly than mental effects. Still feeling very relaxed and peaceful, also a little tired.

t+16:00 - Down to a +1. Still quite a few visuals, some patterning on walls and light CEVs. I am relaxed, peaceful, and content. Still feeling the poppies quite strongly. I get something to eat and then lie down to go to sleep.

t+18:00 - I fall to sleep after lying in bed for about two hours.

t+27:00 - I wake up, feeling refreshed and with a nice afterglow. My mood is good and I feel content. There was maybe a little bit of a lingering effect when I woke up. It was barely noticeable and was gone within a few hours. There are no negative after effects.

From this experience, it seems that DOC is a good chemical. It is easy on the body and is a very intense psychedelic. It has no stimulant effects that I noticed. During the first peak it gave me some insight into how some of my negative personality traits developed.

After adding more DOC and some 2c-c there was a second peak. This one was much more fun and also gave a high level of psychedelic clarity. It also showed that DOC+2c-c is capable of producing ego loss which feels very similar to high dose mushroom trips.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 48513
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 2, 2006Views: 22,078
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