Very Scary
Citation:   Landle. "Very Scary: An Experience with 5-MeO-AMT (exp48433)". Feb 28, 2006.

4.0 mg insufflated 5-MeO-AMT (powder / crystals)
A friend of mine, M, told me he had acquired about 500 mg of 5-MeO-AMT. After studying it extensively, I and two of my friends, H and G, decided to give it a go.

M had tried it twice, once ingested and once snorted. He claimed that nobody who snorted it experienced the initial nausea that ingesting produced and that the come-up was about five minutes as opposed to two hours. Since we didn't want to be tripping too late into the next day, and because M claimed that the nausea was the bad part of the experience, we decided to snort it around 8 PM.

Almost instantly, things seemed different. It felt like there was a pressure inside my head, almost like a head cold, but not as uncomfortable. By five minutes, the speedy effects of the drugs were causing me and the others to jitter our hands in order to release what felt like excess energy. This was sort of like Ecstasy, but there was nothing rhythmic about our movements, and they were done less for pleasure and more as an annoying necessity.

As the visuals began to come in, G and H started to experience bad nausea. I was able to enjoy the visuals for a while, but eventually diarrhea kicked in instead of nausea. All three of us had difficulty finding a comfortable temperature. I couldn't tell whether I was too hot or too cold, and H felt he was so uncomfortably warm that he gradually stripped down to just boxers. These negative effects, as well as the need to jitter, subsided after about an hour. I relaxed by laying in a dark room on my couch watching the ceiling morph and crawl and the horizontal blinds shake silently yet violently. This was the best part of my night as far as how I experienced the drug; I tripped with eyes opened or closed, and often felt I was part of the patterns I was seeing. After an hour and ten minutes, G was past the nausea and joined me in taking in the experience. However, H never made it past the nausea and slowly began to lose grip with reality.

Over the next few hours, H's condition worsened. He was immobile and clearly having a terrible time. We managed to move him into the back bedroom where it was dark and quiet, but no change in his environment helped. H asked me to call his girlfriend over, stating that he might feel better with her there. It was probably about 11:30 PM when she arrived with a few concerned friends. Unfortunately, this was when the nightmare reached its peak.

Busy taking care of H, I was no longer able to enjoy the visuals and had even managed to snap out of them to the point that they weren't there anymore so that my mind could be clearer and more able to deal with the situation. H felt absolutely terrible and began to report problems breathing, although besides sporadic panicked gasps he was breathing normally. Before I knew it, my friend C, who had arrived with H's girlfriend, told me that G was driving home because he could no longer deal with the situation. I asked myself, 'Why would he do that?', but thank god G later called me to tell me he was home safe. H's condition continued to degrade. He said that something was wrong, that something was wrong with the way he was reacting to the drug. I tried to calm him, but he was in a panicked state for over three hours, during which we moved him back into the living room on the couch. At one point, he was slipping in and out of consciousness and still taking panicked gasps of air. C, who had some medical knowledge under his belt, continually monitored H's condition.

By 3 AM, H was conscious and breathing normally, but dead to the world. He simply looked around with a blank face and sleepy eyes. Though he was still not himself and not having fun, we felt that the worse had subsided and began to have normal conversation (or as normal as it could have been that night). Every now and then, H would speak only to tell us, 'Stop,' or 'That's terrible,' in reference to what we had been talking about. Eventually we decided to try to go to sleep. H and his girlfriend shared one bed, C slept in our extra bed, and I in my own bed, all in the same room. Nobody fell asleep until C and H's girl drifted off around about 4:45 AM. Before that we all had very pleasant but sometimes odd conversations, and even H was feeling a little better but still uncomfortable from the visuals. My visuals had completely faded, and the only remaining effects were the ones that kept H and I from sleep. However, this was the best part of the night, and much of the conversation revolved around how we all loved each other. When C and H's girlfriend conked out, H and I spent until 8 AM watching each hour pass very slowly and having conversation sporadically broken by periods of silence. H was finally able to enjoy the visuals, and I helped him by waving my arm as a silhouette in front of a window. H was simply amazed, and we were both glad that he managed to finally enjoy it.

I eventually fell asleep and didn't wake up until around 7 PM. H had taken a four hour nap after he said the visuals persisted until 3 PM, totaling the time of his experience to be 19 hours of hell and bliss.

We agreed never to try 5-MeO-AMT again. That night H and I both decided to stop using Ecstasy altogether, because despite that we had managed to moderate our usage, we were tired of seeing some of our friends fall into heavy mental addiction, popping multiple pills between rest periods of less than a week. We had seen people completely changed, brains and once-colorful personalities fried into simple machines of survival. We also decided to stay sober for the coming weekend; no drinking, no smoking, just sobriety and time to reflect. I do not recommend 5-MeO-AMT to anyone; even were it not for H's moments on the brink, the initial effects it has on the digestive system were not worth the trip, especially for H's and G's nausea. The duration is also a little unwieldy. H might never trip again. From now on I will limit my trips to the more well-known psychedelics, and I and the other two who joined the experience urge others to do the same.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 48433
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 28, 2006Views: 18,587
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