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Love is Reality
Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & M. tenuiflora)
by Sean
Citation:   Sean. "Love is Reality: An Experience with Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & M. tenuiflora) (exp48417)". Erowid.org. May 15, 2006. erowid.org/exp/48417

T+ 0:00
9 capsls oral Syrian Rue (ground / crushed)
  T+ 0:45 11 g oral Mimosa tenuiflora (tea)


First of all I must say that engaging in an ayahuasca experience was the most logical thing I've ever done.

My experience took place November 19th/20th 2005. This was my 4th ayahuasca experience. It was quite spontaneous. A friend and I quickly decided to take a camping trip in what we call the La Quinta cove. We hiked for two hours and found a spot that was perfect (too perfect!). By the time we got there the sun started to go down.

While we set up camp we popped our ground up syrian rue seed pills. I took 9 and my friend took 6 or 7. On this experience I took alot more than I ever had previously because I had handle my past experiences very well and figured I was ready for more. About 45 minutes after taking the pills we began to drink our mimosa hostilis tea. I had brewed about 20 grams or so for the both of us. We started out with two big gulps. Five minutes later I had 2 more big gulps, and 15 minutes after that I had 2 more big gulps.

Before the brew kicked in I had walked around the whole camp site burning a sage bundle and uttering short prayers I guess you could say. Everything I said was very positive and I was welcoming positive energy to us and keeping away all the bad energy you could say. I think this had alot to do with why our experience was so peaceful and profound.

After burning the sage bundle I began to meditate in my Asana position that I always meditate in. Almost immediately after meditation I entered into a deep peaceful trance. I began to see very fimiliar beautiful things that I have seen before on ayahuasca. The paterns and shapes and other things remind me of Alex Grey's art work. My trance became deeper and more intense with time. I began hearing these intense frequencies. I sensed these emanating from the earth in some way. In the state that I was in it was the most atmospheric and beautiful thing I've ever heard. I smiled during this thinking that if someone were to hear this in their regular state they would probably freak out. It was quite amusing to me. As these frequencies began to intensify more I began hearing other things with it. I began to hear someone or something talking in a language I could not understand. It almost sounded like the primitive 'bushman' language with the clicks they make with their mouth. It was somehow more harmonic though I must say. The frequencies began evolving in much different ways at this time. They took on a 3 dimensional 'shape' is the only way I can describe it. They began interweaving in such independent ways you cannot imagine. Throughout this time LOVE was the overpowering sense I had.

While I continued the experience kept evolving in so many ways there were moments that stick out more than others now that I look back. One of them was a flow of emotions and feelings that I could visually see were coming up that I had supressed from my childhood. I also meet with myself. Came to terms I guess you could say. I conciously acknowledge every emotion that came out, and every single one became a body part. Pretty soon there was this crazy looking thing with many arms and legs and mouths and all other body parts you can think of, and they were are squiggling and moving independently. I sensed this was a very stubborn mass and I needed to approach it. As I moved towards it I sensed its unwillingness to comply. I didn't give up though, I approached this stubborn thing and gave It the love and acknowledgement it has so been longing for. When I did this I felt like I had literally taken 1000 pounds of my shoulders. I was now free to take one whatever I wanted to FOREVER!

As it went on evolving I began to hear voices again. This time it was a universal voice of the universe is what I sensed. This voice consisted of the Male, Female, Young girl and boys voices all wrapped in a unified way. It was pleading. It is in need now. It needs our acknowledgement. It is feeling the only pain that is real. Its ear piercing screams shook me to my core and I could sense its pain. A pain so real its undeniable. After this I had the sense that soon it was going to do something drastic to change what is happening in this world. I didn't pick up any certain time when this is going to happen but it felt kinda like what people are talking about is going to happen in 2012. Something that will change the way we live forever.

After this the most intense rush came over me. I now sensed the presence of something. There were 2 entities, angels, spirits, daemons or whatever you want to consider it, they were here with me. I even heard their foot steps but I could tell that they didn't really need to walk! hehe funny huh. A part of me knew exactly what was going on, and a part of me was quite frightened. We conciously acknowledged each other. I felt their intense love for me and they felt the love I had for them. They were here for something. I never saw a physical appearance but what i felt was more assuring than anything I can see I can tell you that. At this moment I could see everything around me. I could sense that my friend was o.k. I could sense that we are all connected in this web of life. We all only have deep love for one another at this fundamental level. Everything was so peaceful and perfect.

Than I began to feel the strangest sensations on many levels all at once. I knew what these entities were doing. They were taking me from my body. Began to feel shifting in a way I cannot put in words. It went one way then another kind of like how a flat thing floats up to the surface of water. It doesn't just go straight up it slowly goes back and forth. While this was happening I felt myself literally prying from my body. A part of me was kind of freaking out but these entities and my higher self worked that out. They comforted and reassured me this was nothing but the most positive thing that could ever happen to me. When I left my body I cannot describe to you what I was feeling seeing and sensing. Its like all those things were one. Feeling seeing and sensing were not individual senses I had only one. Information was coming to me so rapidly all at one time and I acknowledged it all, all at once. I was showed something that makes all the 'gods' that people enslave themselves over and preach about look like a grain of sand. People need to understand what I am talking about is what we all are! We are all a part of something so profound and holy and pure just as they say Jesus was. So in a sense we are all what people of all these religions are praying to. We are the gods! When I was out of my body it was like time was not relevant. It was like I was gone for eternity but only gone for a flash of a second.

When I returned I knew that everything was going to be different now. I am now seeing things totally different than anyone could ever imagine if they didn't take dmt. One of the first things that came to mind when I came back was how cold I was. I then made myself warm, just like that. This was when my friend and I began to talk about what just happened. We were both amazed about the heat emenating from my body! It was probably forty degrees and here we were feeling like we were in a jacuzzi, because we wanted to! It felt exactly how the monks do it. They call it karma burning or something of that sort. [?]

My friend told me that he felt that energy wave go by in the middle of his experience. He didn't leave his body but he sensed something of the sort had happened to me. As we talked about what just happened I looked around in this beautiful place in the desert we were in. It was so perfect. I realized that we were led to this place by what I was just connected with. It is trying to connect with all of us. We are all connected on a certain level, this force is trying to get us to see it on the level that you and I are at this moment. I than realized my main 'mission' I must try to inform people. People have to be open to things like this to realize them. I think my job now is to try to open people. My Love goes out to all!

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 48417
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 15, 2006Views: 9,008
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Huasca Combo (269), Mimosa tenuiflora (74), Syrian Rue (45) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), General (1)

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