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The Apocalypse
Salvia divinorum (15x extract)
by The S
Citation:   The S. "The Apocalypse: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (15x extract) (exp48060)". Dec 31, 2007.

1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


I am a very experienced tripper when it comes to the basic 1/8 of good shrooms. I have had bad trips that lasted for hours and figured out how to maintain 'good' mental status during these catatonic stages. Never in my life has something like this happened though!

I have been reading about and looking into Salvia for about 6 months now and have always been a tad skeptical about trying it. The thought of it only lasting 5-15 minutes seemed like a waste to me.

I was at my house one morning and my girlfriend had just left for work. This was my day off and my buddy comes over to show me his brand new car he got earlier that morning. We go driving around showing it off and testing its skills etc. We were in our local head-shop a couple days before and I had seen the salvia extract (15x-20x) hanging on the wall. Now easily available I figured this was a sign to try it out. So I ask him if he wants to throw in on some because it was way too expensive at that place to buy it alone, and so he agrees. We drive down to our local shop in his new car and go inside. The guy at the shop said it would blow our minds and he only had the 10x. We bought some 15x and some screens. The total was something like $40! Overly excited we dart home with this little round orange tupperware looking thing not believing that we just legally bought it at a store.

We pulled up to my house and parents were gone. We go to my room and I get my glass piece, fill a TINY bit into it and took the hit. I started to tingle and get nervous. Not bad nervouse just a little excited. It felt like people were tugging on my limbs and an uneasy feeling lingered about. I didn't find that very weird since it WAS a hallucinogenic drug. My eyes felt tight in their sockets and there were invisible breezes hitting me all over! All my clothes were still on though. I couldn't quit giggling and moving around. My buddy looked at me in disbelief. He asked me if it was working and I giggle at him. He knew it was then and packed a medium bowl for himself.

I was almost back to normal about the same time he took a pretty big hit. I have heard that people have a small tendancy of dropping the pipe on this drug and so we hovered close to the ground to hit the pipe and set it down quickly. He got up and exhaled. We were now in the 'pool room' (where my pool table is) and he was walking back and fourth looking at his arms and starting to say words but cut them off in the middle or 1/4 way through them. I asked him if he was cool. He mumbled and so I figured all good.

Evidentaly my pool table got the size of a crayon box in his point of view and along with that, he said he walked to fast back and fourth and he could see himself standing there. He said it felt like his cloths and limbs were on someone else, and he kept asking me how many people were in the room with us (touching him). Totally oblivious at this point what HE was feeling, I went into my room excited to fill another bowl for myself, and he followed right behind not saying anything now.

I sat on my black fouton and filled a bowl about 1/3 to 1/2 way with the 15x extract. Doing the 'not so smart thing' to do, I light the entire bowl and it all goes up in one hit. Before I was even done inhaling I started feeling VERY tingly and goggle-eyed. Then still holding in this large hit, it started to feel like I was trippin on about an 1/8 of good mushrooms. I exhaled still sitting there. I was happy to feel this much! Didn't expect it to be like this! I got up happily telling my friend to follow. I open my door to go out of my room, and then all I see is the corner of one of the walls. Confused, I tried to move out of it. BANG!!!

All of a sudden I had forgotten that I had even smoked any kind of drug. I was all of a sudden stuck in the structure of my own house. I look down to see only about 3/4 of my arms from hands up, and it was like my eyes had retreated about 6 inches BEHIND my face. I then could see the back of my face. I was now FREAKING out. I saw my buddy walk in front of me and he looked scared. He grabbed my hand and was pulling on it but my body was stuck in the structure of my staircase of my house. It was like the wood was built into me and every time he pulled on me I thought to myself 'If he keeps pulling on me he'll rip my body up by pulling it out of the wood' At this point the light above me was spiraling OUT of control spinning colors and structures like walls and buildings at me and around me. All I could see now was my buddie's face in front of my view and every time he tried to help me up I thought he was ripping my body apart. It was scary cause I could feel it. I thought I was going to be stuck in the staircase FOREVER!

All of a sudden The Apocalypse happened and now I could recall that I had smoked that shit. The entire world was falling apart and folding up onto me and I was being crushed in the middle of an ocean of buildings, cars, but mostly wall structures. All from different houses and rooms from all over the world. At the same time I felt the stress of MILLIONS of people getting pissed off at me for smoking that shit and causing the apocolypse. I really believed that this apocolypse was happening because I had smoked the leaf. I could no longer see anything but visuals. The visuals were all the walls and structures smashing me in the middle of all of this. All of a sudden I was outside with my buddy. He had pulled me outside for some fresh air and everything was TOTALLY nothing but vines. I could now realize that I was not dead, I had not really got stuck in the steps of my own home, I didn't get smashed in between all these different large structures, and I did NOT cause the apocolypse. I now realized I had just tripped out REAL BAD and I asked my friend if I accidentally hurt him in the process, asked him if I was alright, and asked him if anyone else new about it. Luckily the only thing that happened is that when I opened my door I just fell onto my steps.

He said my eyes rolled back into my head and I started mumbling and they quickly appeared again looking around frantically. He said when he put his hand out to help me up I twiched harder than he had ever seen anyone twich before! Even the meth heads! That's when I was stuck in the steps hurting VERY badly. He said I asked him 'Why are all these people here?' I guess that's when everyone in the world got pissed at me for creating the apocolypse. When I got up was when the apocolypse happened and when we got outside there were vines everywhere. He said the whole situation lasted about 5 minutes. I thought it had been about 5-10 seconds that all this had happened.

I remembered hearing him say 'That shit's fucked up man... thats some bad shit!' (about the salvia) after he said that he dissapeared and I started coming down to a soft zang in my head. I walked out my back door and I was going so crazy at the time, I threw the container of salvia as far away from me as possible and walked back inside. I went to look for my friend now because I had no idea what just really happened in REAL LIFE. His car was gone and so was he. I was still kinda scared from the whole experience cause nothing had ever jolted me that bad and especially while I was SO off-guard!
I drank some milk and went out in front of my house to smoke a ciggarette, calm down, and see if anyone in the neighborhood had noticed my 'episode'. I noticed no one was upset with me and the cigarette and milk helped A LOT for some reason.

After it was all over I was laughing at myself for being so scared and at the same time was concerned that I had made some kind of fool of myself in front of my friend with this shit called 'Salvia' I had to ask him what I did cause I had no idea what had REALLY happened.

Ironically later on that night I found the container behind my fence where I threw it away never to found or consumed again. One of my friends was calling me a pussy cause I freaked out, so I filled him about 3/4 a bowl knowing that it would wig him out! Hey, he was being a dick to me about it! I wanted him to understand what I felt. He took the big hit of a bowl and walked about 10 feet away. He giggled and then looked very scared, he couldn't hold himself up so we let him hold onto our arms and shoulders. I could tell he wasn't having a good time. He kept mumbling shit like usual and when he came out of it he had a blank stare on his face for the rest of the night. He couldn't even explain what had happened because he was still too frightened to talk. I left before I could get anything out of him. But I offered it to him right before I left and he said 'Naw fuck that! It ain't cool' I left with a smile on my face knowing he was wrong about the whole 'Calling me a pussy' thing.

I had little to no control over my body and I had previously considered myself a professional 'stay calm' tripper. Even if I was having a bad trip I could learn to handle it and even sometimes enjoy it. But there is no way in the world anyone can handle/control what this drug did to me. Unable to sleep, here I am at 4:37am typing this story just to get it off my mind. It has really helped me get over the whole 'nightmare'.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 48060
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 31, 2007Views: 7,511
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Bad Trips (6), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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