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Vivid Inferno Dream
Valerian, Melatonin & Vitamin B-6
Citation:   Ggrowler. "Vivid Inferno Dream: An Experience with Valerian, Melatonin & Vitamin B-6 (exp48015)". Apr 18, 2006.

500 mg oral Valerian
  50 mg oral Vitamin B-6
  3.0 mg oral Melatonin
Okay so.. on the advice of my friend, I decided to give this combo a try because of lasting anxiety that's kept me awake on more than one night, and waking up unsettled. I've been using this combo for the last couple weeks I suppose, and every night I've taken it, I've had spectacular dreams. Immediately after getting up that particular morning of that particular dream, I had to share it. I mean shit, I woke up sweating and scared to death! I've never had my house burn down, but that is a fear of mine. On to my dream.

The first dream I remember was hearing about something wonderful happening...a 2nd age of life where jungles of gorgeous unknown flowers and plants were popping up everywhere. we were all admiring our lawns and gardens..just everything seemed especially beautiful. I remember seeing these red flowery bushes popping up and growing along our porch outside.

Anyways, my family and I were also watching the neigbors go crazy over their garden too. I thought I saw movement in my pool, so I ventured over and beneath the crystal-clear water were this miraculous looking fish. Sorta like the big goldfish you see, but different shapes and in vibrant colors, but they also struck me as looking mean. I pointed them out to my little sister, and for some reason she decided to go swimming with them. I started freaking out, and screamed and yelled for her to get out of the pool, especially since the gorgeous fish were starting to gain interest in their intruder. So I pulled her out with my dad's help...I was kinda upset at that point. After that, I went back to gazing at nature, when I noticed a small fire spring up between my neighbors porch and mine. Our neighbors had already went back inside their home, so my dad and I took it upon ourselves to put out the fire, rushing out an dumping water on it before it spread. Not before it was completely out, I noticed other things started to flame up... the gardens, the bushes..Not big fires, just small ones, but disturbing none the less.

Knowing something had to be done, I started grabbing big cups of water and putting out the small fires with my dad's help. My mom and sister were watching us from inside the porch, and its a good thing they were, because she yelled at us that the potted orchids on a table inside the porch were aflame. When I rushed back in, I got close and saw that the petal were burning. I doused the fire quickly, very upset because I knew my mom couldnt grow things worth shit, and this had been a big accomplishment for her. When I looked up again, my neigbors porch had become an inferno, the flames stretching from the tip of their house to the fence in their backyard. When I turned around, our other neighbors porch was also aflame.

As I watched it in terror, the flames grew and grew until it became this massive tunnel of magma and flame. I say tunnel because it looked like a tunnel.. I could see into it,and I was scared to death. I was soon distracted by the small fire that had lit up the top of our screened-in porch. It wasnt burning the screen as it would normally, but it was traveling along it, right toward the roof. I caught my dad's eye, and we both knew that if it reached the roof, we were doomed. We both hauled ass to the kitchen window, which was facing the porch, and got big cups of water and splashed them on the screen, hoping to put out the flame in time. We had done that several times, and it was drawing closer to the edge of the roof.

I put my final splash of water on it, and the flame disapeared, though I wasnt sure if it was out, or if it had just disapeared from sight. It was extremely unsettling. Almost immediately I was distracted yet again by flame, which had sprung up on the plants and chairs under the overhang. I started grabbing more cups of water from the faucet through the window, throwing them on the flame as soon as the cup was half full. twice I'd done that, and I went back for more, when I was stopped in my tracks when I saw that the base of the faucet was glowing orange as if there was a fire burning beneath it, and the faucet itself was hot. I knew it was too late..the kitchen was on fire now and the house was wood. I asked my dad if he had a hose hooked up. (my dad is notorious for taking it to work, instead of just buying a new one) My dad said he didnt have a hose hooked up. We were screwed. I felt full of dispair, watching this magma tunnel grow larger and larger, expanding and unfurling at the farthest point inside that I could see, at least a half mile in depth now. Watching this, I became so frightened I woke up.

After the inferno dream, I finally calmed myself down enough to sleep again, and the dreams came in full force yet again. The first thing I remember was driving around with my best friend Amber (I've known her since I was like 4, but havent seen her in years) and it had begun raining so hard I couldnt see out the windshield... I knew vaguely where I was by the big glowing gas station sign on the left side of the road. I was BARELY crawling along in the flooded street, and Amber was freaking out cause she couldnt evens see outside the windows. I turned left at the street before the gas station, and as I was about to turn in, my car died. Amber jumped out of the car, immediately drenched, and ran in to tell the cashier what had happened. He came out to my car, popped the hood in the rain, the flooded street above his knees, and promptly told my my car was pretty fucked up, but he might be able to fix it.

Amber was so angry she called her dad and had him pick her up, but I was more upset that my car was fucked up. I waited around for the mechanic-cashier to fix my car, and he managed to do something because I was back on the road in an hr. At that point, I had nothing to do, so I went job hunting, probably not the wisest thing to do since I was cold and wet, but oh well.. I got lost in the rain and foggy weather, so I stopped at the first place I could see, a big fenced in warehouse (I spent alot of time at my grandma's warehouse) with alot of junkie cars and a boat outside. The Boss was outside tinkering with his boat, and asked me if I was looking for a job at 10/hr to drive a vehicle back and forth between buildings. I said that I would give it some thought, and asked if there was a restroom anywhere around to dry myself off from the rain. Seconds later, a woman jumped out of nowhere, who I assumed to be the bosses wife. She led me inside their bare white office and into a small dark bathroom. Looking into the mirror, I realized I looked horrible; my clothes, hair and makeup were a mess. I tried to fix myself up best I could, and it seemed like I'd been in there quite a while, because when I came back out, my car was gone.

Before I could question its whereabouts, the boss called me over to show me something.He said he had these special fish, which he showed to me in a large bucket. They appeared to be pale silver catfish, very friendly..they even appeared like they were grinning at me. Then the boss said, 'hehe, watch this!', and he put a little solvent or liquid in the bucket. The fish changed dramatically into black fish with red glowing tints-they looked horribly evil! I jumped back; he laughed and said that I ought not to touch these fish or they'd eat me alive! I was so scared that I decided this job wasnt worth how creepy the boss was, so I resumed the search for my car.

Walking around the dump, I finally found it. It was dirty and hooked up to some sort of lift or something. While perplexing about what to do, the other employees rolled out and away in another vintage baby-blue convertible, all laughing and waving at me. The whole deal was rather unsettling, so I called up my dad and he rushed over to the place I described and helped me free my car and leave before the creepy dude with the fish showed up. I started to go back home; it had stopped raining and the traffic was becoming horrible. I felt very paranoid, thinking I was being followed, so I abandoned my car and started running along the sidewalk...forever it seemed, til I saw an open tour bus full of sad lookin kids. It seemed to me that my sister was supposed to be on that bus, but she wasnt.

I kept walking, and shortly I saw her sitting in a terminal beside a black kid, about 8 years old. She saw me and grinned, telling me that this was (young) Michael Jackson, and that he had the best black jelly beans ever! I was like wtf, well okay, my mom has hella good sour jelly beans too, so we went back to my house where my mom was already there with a bunch of angry neighbors arguing over a pallete of jelly beans in front of them. I stated that my moms blueberry and strawberry sour jellybeans were the best, but they ignored me. Young Michael was sitting in the midst of them in front of a pile of his black jellybeans, looking rather solemn as the old ladies bickered over whether or not his should even be included in the contest, since he was just a kid and black no less. I was outraged that these old fuckers were so racist, so I stood up, yelled at them to stfu and play a game of hackey sack to decide, knowing that the kid could prolly beat em. So here we were, all these old ladies and this kid, kicking around a beansack.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 48015
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 18, 2006Views: 76,576
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Valerian (48), Melatonin (94), Vitamin B-6 (160), Dreams (85) : General (1), Alone (16)

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