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A night to forget.
Hydrocodone & Inhalants: Duster
Citation:   KANDYKID. "A night to forget.: An Experience with Hydrocodone & Inhalants: Duster (exp4781)". Jan 5, 2002.

T+ 0:00
15 mg insufflated Hydrocodone
  T+ 0:10 6 hits inhaled Inhalants


It was a Saturday night, and I had just gotten off the phone with my girlfriend, who upset me quite a bit.. Because of this, and the thought of the boring night, I decided to try something new (being upset is no reason to do drugs, I am just stupid) I have never done Vicodin before, and I knew my parents had some left over from various injuries, so I went into the cabinet and got 2 7.5/750 tablets and brought them to my room. There, after reading about Hydrocodone on the web, I decided to snort one. I ground the pill up with my mortar & pestle (I am a child of chemistry), took my pen, and snorted it up into my nose. There were no really noticeable effects. After about a minute, I decided to crush up the other pill. I did, and began to inhale this into my nose. After about half of the powder was gone, my nose filled up so much that I really couldnít breathe through it that good, so I waited about 10 minutes for it to be absorbed.

During this time I became bored. This is not good because when I get bored I do stupid stuff.. Time to search for the whipped-cream can to inhale some nitrous... We were all out. I went back up to my room, sat down and started to think. I looked around my room, at my hanging Christmas lights, and at my black light.. Then my eyes saw the can of 'Enviro-Duster' and I remembered seeing 'Computer Duster' under the inhalants section in Erowid.

I have always been totally against 'huffing' and cheap highs, but despite the warnings on Erowid, I said what the hell, and gave it a shot. I put the tube in my fist, and i put my fist up to my nose.. I pulled the trigger and inhaled the chemical directly. I put it down, and began to feel extremely dizzy, then my vision became very distorted, and I felt like I was spinning around with the world.. Great. I began to go on a 'duster binge' which I named it last night. I took another hit, and it was better then the first. I stumbled to my bed, and stared at the hanging lights with awe. I needed more, I took another big hit and then over AIM I proceeded to type 'omg' to my friend because I had such a big rush. When this wore off, of course, I needed more. I took another, and then another. Before the last hit wore off, I started smelling more.. For about 15 seconds i blew it into my nose.. Then put it down, and very quickly snorted the second half of the second pill. I was f-u-c-k-e-d up.

I laid on my bed with my eyes closed, everything spinning. I began to dislike the feeling. I stood up and went to my computer. I typed to my friend 'thatís enough duster for me, I feel sick now' right as I typed enter, I got that feeling in my stomach, accompanied by the salivating of my mouth. I ran to the bathroom, put the shower on because my mom was sleeping in the next room over, and started to puke out my guts.

After splashing toilet water all over my face, and in my mouth, I flushed the toilet and washed up. I stumbled to my room and kicked the can of 'duster' off my chair. About 10 minutes went by, and again, I was in my bathroom throwing up. I was catching my breath, when the phone rang. I ran out of the bathroom into my room with vomit and toilet water on my face to get the phone so my mom wouldnít wake up.. I sounded horrible. 'Helllooo' I said.. It was my girlfriend.. She asked me what was wrong and I told her.. 'oh no why would you do that babe'.. I went to my bathroom and cleaned up.

It was about 10:15 now and I was still feeling horrible. I talked to her on the phone for about 15 minutes, laying in my bed with my eyes closed.. Then, I stood up to put some mp3's on, and I felt it again. I ran to the bathroom, put the phone on mute (by her request, heh) and vomited again, this time not that much, just heaving into the toilet). I once again picked the phone up 'Helllooo'. I was feeling a little better, so I went down stairs to get some food. I ate a little bite of left over pizza, but started feeling sick again, so I went back up stairs. I lay in my bed. I then got out of bed for some reason, and again, began to feel sick. I ran to the bathroom, put the phone on mute, and again I threw up, even less this time, with painful heaves.

I picked up the phone, and again I sounded horrible. 'Why would you do this' she asked, I replied by saying, 'I was upset.. And bored' we then talked about why I was upset and sorted it all out. I was laying down, but stood up to get my yearbook to look for somebody in it, and again I felt like I was going to 'hurl' so I ran into the bathroom and after about 30 seconds I put the phone on mute and threw up. Nothing but a mouth full came out, with more painful heaves. I ran into my room after cleaning up and lay down. I figured out that every time I stood up, I felt sick and threw up. I wouldnít get up anymore; I lay in my bed until 4:00am on the phone with her, talking.

I had a HORRIBLE night. I think it was the computer duster that made me vomit, I will never do something like that again.. As I puked I blew a lot of the white paste out of my nose.. Intentionally. My advice to anyone that huffs is, grow up, itís a stupid high that kills neurons. And as for the Vicodin, I donít know.. I will never snort it again.. Because I really didnít get any results. But maybe some day I will take them orally. Not anytime soon for that matter. Being upset is no reason to take any drugs, when I get upset I do stupid things.

Be safe and responsible.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 4781
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 5, 2002Views: 86,813
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Hydrocodone (111), Inhalants (29) : Combinations (3), Health Problems (27), Overdose (29), Alone (16)

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