This Night is Neverending
Citation:   Significant Other. "This Night is Neverending: An Experience with LSD (exp47273)". May 9, 2006.

1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
It was July, in the summer of 2004, when I first tried acid. I had been using ecstasy, shrooms and speed for about a year, though neither at the time of this trip. The town I lived in at the time is not well known, except for its weed and summer raves, one of which is where my first acid trip began.

It was Friday afternoon, and there was a rave that my boyfriend, B and I were planning on going to that night. We knew how to get in for free, which was good as we had no spending cash, but I decided I wanted to try acid, which he had done three times before and I had never tried.

Living in a small town, however, doesn't offer many ways of making money let alone in the time frame I had. So I had resigned myself to going and having fun without drugs, unless I had an opportunity to get some for free. But while I was at home, I got a phone call from a friend, C asking if I could babysit her soon-to-be-two year old, and seeing this as a way to pass the time before the party I said sure.

I got to her mom's house around noon, said goodbye to her and proceeded to watch TV while the baby slept. By the time 1 rolled around, I was bored and the baby showed no signs of waking. She had fallen asleep just before I got there, and generally took three hour long naps which made for a boring time, so I phoned B while I searched the cupboards for food.

After I had tried several times and got no answer, the baby finally woke up so I got her ready to go out for a walk. The walk turned into a journey, and we didn't get back until 2:30. Shortly after we got back, her mother phoned to ask if I could babysit until 4, which I could. Another boring hour and a half later, C finally showed up to pick the baby and I up.

I asked C to drop me off at B's house, to see if he had any luck in making some cash, she agreed and then reached into her purse and handed me a $20 for babysitting. Awesome, thanks so much. Looking back, I'm sure she knew about the rave all along and had planned this in advance. So she dropped me off at B's house, where he was sitting outside smoking a joint.

I joined him and waved my money at him, grinning ear to ear. Suddenly, the rave was looking a lot more fun. While I had been gone, B had talked to M and S and they wanted to come to the rave also. So now we needed a ride, unless we were going to split up and hitch hike in pairs. B told me not to worry about it, he would figure something out. So I went to my house just down the road to get ready.

Had a shower, did my makeup and my hair. Being the only girl in the group, I'm always the one having to think ahead so I loaded a backpack up with a couple coats (the rave was on a beach) some chips and bottles of water. Then I socialized with my parents until 6:30, when it was time for me to go to S's house and meet up with everyone.

Got to S's house a few minutes late, but it wasn't a big deal. Everyone was just sitting around smoking. Of course, I was excited about getting acid at the rave, so I asked M and S if they too were going to join in. Neither of them had any cash, but S said he might have some inside his room. He left to check it out, and knowing M had no way of getting money I told him I'd buy him a hit, assuming the acid was only $5 and as B was going to do 2 hits.

S came out shortly after with seven dollars in change, went to his mom's car and rummaged around in there, eventually coming up with another 5 bucks. M told him I was going to buy him a hit, and S said he would do the same for M, who is well over 6 feet tall and everyone assumes bigger means more drugs are needed.

S had also asked his mother to give us a ride, and she agreed, so we all piled into the car. We left at 6:50, and the rave is way out in the middle of nowhere, 'secret location' rave that nobody is supposed to know about unless they are in the know. We didn't get there until 7:30, after being stopped by the police once and told to empty backpacks, coat pockets, etc. etc. Luckily S's mom is convinced we were good kids and being in good standing with everyone in the community, was able to convince the police we were just some innocent kids out for a drugfree, harmless good time. The weed was safe.

Mothers always seem to worry, so S's mom insisted that if we hadn't found a ride home by six in the morning she would pick us up where she dropped us off. S, seeing the wisdom in her words, agreed, we said goodbye and started our trek along a cliff to get into the rave without having to pay. That took another 15 minutes, but the party had barely started.

We immediately secured ourselves a spot against some bushes, where some logs had been placed to make seats. This was to be our 'home base' during our night, as well as the logs on the opposite side of the bush facing the ocean. Now that we were inside, M and I unpacked my backpack and stuck the coats in at the bottom, the water on top and started eating from the bags of chips I had brought.

As it got later, more and more people began to arrive, and the ones we knew would come over to see what our plans were for the night. At 8:30, one of the DJ's finally started their set. Somebody had set up these cloth things beside the stage, and projectors were aimed at them with trippy visuals and the such. It wasn't bad for an outdoor rave nobody was supposed to know about. By this point in time, there were probably 300 people milling about, with a dozen or so kids under 10, most of them dancing.

Now that people had begun to arrive, we all split up to talk to different friends, agreeing to meet back at home base at 10. B had all the money and was in charge of locating the acid. I met up with S, C and J and we headed out to the beach, where people were coming in with their boats to party. We met some people who had came from Vancouver in a houseboat, which was sort of cool. We probably talked to them for about half an hour, and then the next hour was spent shuttling between groups of people, C's truck and the beach. At 10, I left to meet the people I had arrived with.

I got back to our log to find A had joined our group, but B was nowhere to be found. M informed me he was talking to P about, as he put it, 'the hookup' which A was very interested in hearing about. M filled him in on the details, and A was impressed that S, being his age, should be hanging out with kids who actually did acid. Nobody bothered to inform him that it would be our first times.

S left to go buy a hot dog from a hippie who had set up some sort of shop thing, just as B was heading back with a forlorn expression on his face. He informed us P had lost half his hits and therefore was charging twice as much as normal-$10 a hit. As S and I were the only ones with money going towards it, he wanted to know if we were still down. S came back and discussed it with B, and although we felt bad that M would be left out of the fun, we agreed to go ahead.

B went back to P, made the deal and came back with three hits of acid on tiny pieces of paper. We all sat down on the log, and B told us he had heard if one sucked on the paper for several minutes before swallowing it, the high would be 'better'. I doubt this has any truth to it, but having never done acid before I decided to try it. So B and I sat there sucking on pieces of paper, watching people dance. It has a taste, not altogether unpleasant but unlike one I have ever experienced before or since. After five or so minutes, B said 'OK, swallow,' to which S replied 'Swallow what?' 'Your paper!' S informed us he didn't know he wasn't supposed to swallow it in the first place, and that was that.

Now 10:30 has rolled around, and its dark. There is a fire going off in a corner, and a girl wearing black clothes with flames on them is dancing around. Sometimes it seems like she is on fire, which amuses M especially. We probably watched her for ten minutes, until J came over and told us he had just snorted two hits of E and was rolling, having done three more before that. B tells him he's an idiot and to leave us alone, J gets offended and leaves.

The music is starting to get better, after the DJ's have switched, and we decide to go sit on the beach and wait for our high to kick in. We bring along our water and coats, as its getting cold. B and I cuddle up next to each other, M sits down beside me. S insists on standing beside the log. We are all watching out over the water. Some boats are driving around, and one of them has blue and green lights on the front. As I watch it, in the dark, the blue and green lights seem to detach themselves from the boat and start coming towards us. Focusing in on them, I notice dark shapes in the water which seem to be climbing up out of it.

I don't feel high, but what are these shapes? I tell myself they must be rocks jutting out of the water, but they are getting closer and closer, and the blue and green light seems to be moving further away. If I am high, everyone else must be too...except for M. So I ask him if he sees what I see.

He informs me that they are aliens coming out of the water. I tell him to shut the fuck up, and he turns his voice up into an extremely high pitch and starts making odd squealing noises at me. I keep telling him to shut up, which he will not do. Its starting to scare me, I think I actually wanted to be scared and brought it on myself. But I start to cry, and B and S start to laugh hysterically at me as Michael continues his squealing noises.

I turn back to the ocean and try to tune Michael out, but the shapes are coming out of the water! I grab B and he hugs me as S laughs even harder and finally tells me, 'Its just people that were swimming. I've been watching them the whole time, they came off that boat.' Now I'm pissed off that S knew and let me be scared, but its sort of funny too. S gets up and tells us he's going back towards the fire, B asks if he's tripping and S says no. He leaves.

A few minutes later, I feel something on my hand. I freak out and jump up, and M jumps up too. B asks us what we're flailing about, and M tells him there are bugs on the log. B jumps up, and shines a light, and sure enough bugs are EVERYWHERE. Although normally I would be disgusted, I think its sort of funny, and we move around the bush to our original log.

S and A see us and come over. S sits down beside me and gives me a look I know very well, the I-think-we've-been-ripped-off look. I shoot it back at him, and we sit together on the edge of the log huffy. Anything that takes over half an hour to work, we assume will not work at all. B notices our attitudes and asks if we thought we got ripped off. Not knowing anything about acid, we're reluctant to say no, but S does say 'It sure is taking its sweet ass time to work.' B laughs and tells us to wait for three hours, and we'll be laughing at ourselves.

Thats about the time M notices there are bugs on this log too, so we move once again. We go to the dancefloor, all the kids have vacated finally. We push and shove through the people, talking to random people we don't know, until we're out of the crowd. Looking back out over the people, I start to feel claustrophobic and say, 'lets get out of here.' Everyone agrees with me, and we head to a suspended bridge, leading to the ticket booth. S leads us onto the bridge, gets halfway across and just stops.

We all stop after him. Looking around, it seems like the bridge isn't part of this rave scene...its so calm, and peaceful, there are only the original 4 of us with no outsiders. Having been kicked out of our original two locations by bug infestations, we decide this is where we want to spend our time. Of course, the bridge being just that, soon enough people are struggling to get across and around us, which makes us feel uncomfortable. We go towards the ticket booth, where nobody bothers us. But we don't like it, so we head back to the rave and hang out for a while longer.

I finally look at my watch at 11:30. M sees me looking at my watch and asks what time it is, so I tell him. S and B overhear us talking, and we exchange glances. I don't remember any words being spoken, but it seems like we all mutually agreed to start heading back home, we felt uncomfortable where we were.

We go back across the bridge, past the ticket booth. Say goodbye to the people scattered about that we know, and start the long trek uphill towards the vehicle parking area. The walk is very vertical, and its sort of muddy even though it hasn't rained in weeks. We get about halfway up and stop, listening to the music and the occasional shout from people down below. Someone wonders aloud if we should go back, but B tells us if we start that we will be wandering back and forth all night, lets just finish what we started.

Once we begin walking again, J comes flying down the hill. He sees us and comes over, and starts laughing hysterically at us for leaving so soon. He then proceeds to tell us that he's done 8 hits, he thinks his brain is fried and he just shit all over the side of the cliff we had snuck into the rave from. He goes into rather graphic detail and makes us all laugh hysterically, and then says peace.

We make it to the parking area, finally, and rest under the power lines. There are four huge thick cables above our heads, and looking up I feel as though they will snap and fall on us, there being one wire for each of us. S feels the same way, and we are leery about being under them but feel moving would be cheating somehow. The wires hum and comfort us. I'm exhausted and want to sit down, but nobody will let me. Nobody is coming, and B is telling us maybe we should go back after all, it doesn't look like we'll get a ride anytime soon.

Just as he finishes saying that, firecrackers are set off beside a truck. Somebody screams up the hill not to light firecrackers, we don't want to burn the rave down and kill everybody. Two doors slam, the truck starts up and heads our way. It stops just before us, and G pops his head out to ask if we need a ride. We say sure, but he tells us we have to sit in the back of the truck as its only a 3 seater and J and A are already in the front seats.

We all pile into the back of the truck, and start our long trek back. Its ten to twelve. Its really fun, to be in the back of his truck out in the wide open. G drives fast, and we skid around a few corners. I am watching S, and around one particularly dangerous corner I see his mouth go open wide. I start to laugh, but then realize we could have flipped the truck and the four of us would have been dead. It sobers me up, but after a few minutes doesn't seem real.

G lives a few miles away from our houses, so he drops us off at his place at 12:15. He offers to let us stay at his place, but we say we want to go home. That seems to be the most important thing right now, GOING HOME. He apologizes for not driving us home, but he too wants to be in his own bed, and we don't mind. Start walking down the road.

We probably walked for ten minutes before the first car went by, and we didn't bother to try and hitch a ride. We wanted to walk the whole way home ourselves, which would be exhausting normally but we didn't even think about it. We came to this stretch of road, where one side had been clearcutted except for a single tree. As we walked by, I stared at the tree. It looked like it was spiralling upwards, and I could clearly see something climbing it. M noticed me staring at something, asked me what and I said the tree was tripping me out. M stared as we walked along, noticed it too, and pointed it out to S and B.

After we passed the spiralling monkey tree, as we named it, we came to a yard where a banana tree was growing over the fence. I told S to grab me a leaf, which he did. By this point he was wearing my backpack, so he stuck it between the backpack and his back and ran down the road hollering like an Indian. We laughed hysterically as he ran back and forth until we got to a corner. As we walked under the third streetlight we came to (most of the road doesn't have lights) it seemed to turn blue, and then went out completely. B told us to get out from under the light before we got cancer, so we ran away from the evil light.

Around this corner is a hill, and at the bottom of the hill lays a store with a pop machine out front. We had exhausted our water supply sometime before and needed a pop, but had no change left. S said he had heard if someone unplugged a machine and plug it back in it gives them a free pop, so the three boys decided to try that. I was somehow sure it wouldn't work, and so walked off by myself heading back home. Once I got to a corner though I stopped, because I didn't want to be out of their sight.

I had been waiting a few minutes when M came running out towards me, holding a pop in his hand. He gave me the bottle and I took a huge swig, and then asked how he got it. He stuck his hand up and wiggled his fingers and I laughed. S and B came running out with another bottle of pop, both were Sprite, and we started walking chugging our two bottles. By the time we got to the preschool, which is only a three minute walk away, the pop was gone.

I wanted to go play on the preschool equipment, but nobody else would join me so we continued. Past the firehall, two minutes after the preschool is a bridge, and then a restaurant which at the time was just being built. We got to the restaurant, and there was a huge pile of bricks sitting outside of the building. We stop and stare at the bricks. B says, 'maybe we should steal those bricks.' We were all thinking the same thing, but once he voiced it aloud we realized how ridiculous that would be.

'Why would you want to take those bricks? The police station is right across the street!' I tell him. He shrugs. 'I dunno. It seemed like a good idea at the time.' S laughs at him, calls him an idiot and goes skipping along the road, singing Metallica. We pass the cop shop and a schoolbus, and a few empty buildings but feel no need to steal or defile them in any way.

There's another steep hill coming up, and S is already at the top when we are just a third of the way up. S disappears, but then comes racing back to ask B how he would get all those bricks up this steep hill. B pretends not to hear him, and the three of us make it up the hill finally. S is nowhere to be seen, so we keep walking until we get to the community hall.

As we finally get there, M wonders aloud where S is. We hear S then, at the tennis courts, climbing the fence. M goes to get him. A few minutes later, all is quiet but nobody is reappearing. B and I go to investigate, and find them standing outside of the clinic with huge smiles on their faces. I know they want to break into the clinic and steal the pills and I agree. B's already took part in that same activity several times and tells us firmly no. Three against one, we whine at him but we know we wouldn't do it anyways.

Start walking down Pine Street, towards the trail that leads to S's house. As we are walking, a streetlight at the end of the road is also flickering a strange bluish hue. As we get to it, it goes out also. We take this opportunity to run under it, remembering the last 'evil blue light' we came across, and now we are in the trail. Somehow we've lost all lighters and flashlights we had, so we take this in the dark.

B tells us to follow him and promptly walks into a tree. M, S and I walk around him and get out safely, but B is still in there tweaking. I get impatient and yell at him to get out, he yells back that he's taking a piss. As we are standing outside of S's driveway, I ask him what he's doing. He doesn't know, but wonders if he can hang out with us. Of course he can, I tell him, and M replies he is going home to bed. We say alright, we'll walk you home. Start walking, get to the corner and B comes flying out of the trail yelling for us to wait up. We don't.

Walking up O street, M's house is on the corner of C street and O street. C street is where B and I both live. M is acting really grumpy, but S and I chalk it up to the fact that we are all high on acid and he is straight. Say goodbye to M at his driveway, and B finally catches up and grabs my hand like I'm a little kid. He leads us to his house, where luckily his dad is gone for the night. He lets us in, nobody is home. We go into the kitchen, B says he has to check something and disappears into the bathroom.

I grab a bottle and fill it up with water, bring it to S and fill up another for myself. We sit down at the table facing each other, drinking water. Bill blows his nose from in the bathroom, and we start laughing hysterically and spew water all over the carpet. Bill comes out and sees us laughing like that, looks at the clock. Its 1:15. 'I told you guys you'd be laughing at yourselves in three hours,' he gloated.

B disappears. S is staring at a wall. I wait for him to say something to me, but he is entranced. I finally ask him whats up, and he tells me to look at the picture. So I do. The picture is of a girl standing in the middle of a field of poppies. The poppies are spinning and breathing, and the girl is dancing. Its really intense, and S and I both simultaneously get up to see the picture closer. We stand there together until we hear B yelling, 'get up here!' from upstairs. Its 1:23 and we go upstairs, into the dark. I get up first, and shout 'Where are you?' There are no lights anywhere. S comes up and flicks a lighter he found downstairs, and we make our way to D's room.

A blue light is coming out from under the door, and we want to know what it is. Open the door, and B is sitting on the couch, with the TV on. We're supposed to watch a movie, he tells us. So we all kneel down and look for movies. S says he wants to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I want to watch Pink Floyd's The Wall. B listens to us bicker for several minutes, then pops a movie in. S and I shut up and sit down, pull a blanket over ourselves. The movie comes on, its porn. S and I get pissed off and yell at B that we don't want to watch this gay shit, and we all argue over what to watch once again.

B finally gets pissed off at the way things are turning out and screams at us that if we are going to fight we can just watch blue. So we watch the blue TV screen for a long time. It doesn't do anything. S is finally disgusted with B's lack of letting us watch anything, and says he is leaving. B says fine like he is mad at him. I tell S we'll walk him home, S says ok. B says he isn't walking S anywhere and I can just stay there with him, cuz S will be ok. I say no, this is his first time on acid he doesn't need to be wandering around by himself. S and I leave.

Once halfway down the driveway, I realize I forgot my coat. Go back inside to get it and B grabs me, but I push him away and say I need my coat. I grab it and run back out the door to S and B yells at me that if I am going to run away and fuck S I can stay away. S laughs at that, and we go off to his place. I walk S to his corner and say goodbye, and as I am walking up the hill I see someone. For some reason I think its M, but it is B coming to walk me back to his place.

We go inside and watch more blue. Its nice to just sit there on the couch with him, and not have to talk, just enjoy what is going on. At three, we finally decide to go to bed. B no longer has a room in this house and lives at mine, but we don't want to go there so we sleep in his sister's room.

K's room has pictures everywhere, and I am amazed by them. I spend the next three hours wandering around her room, looking at everything. B is just lying in bed, I don't think he's having a good trip but I don't care about him for once. I finally go and sit with him when the sun starts to rise. He tells me he doesn't feel good, so I rub his back. For some reason, I can tell through the way his back feels how he is feeling. We lay in bed together. I'm not really high anymore, but I can't fall asleep. B is pissed off that he hasn't slept all night, he keeps on yelling about it.

Usually I don't handle staying up all night that well, but this time I know I just have to stay calm so B can get through it, that is all that matters. He keeps on saying his dad will be home soon and he can't be in the house, FUCK! That is how he says it. Somehow we fall asleep, around 7. Wake up at 9, and his dad is home so we know we are going to get in shit. B goes downstairs and talks to his dad, comes upstairs and gets me up and ready to go to my place. He says he'll be there shortly.

I go home and have a shower so I feel better. Go downstairs and get changed into PJ's, then back upstairs to get some orange juice. I sit on the couch and watch The Today Show with my parents. They ask me how the rave was, I say fine. How'd you get there, how'd you get back, where'd you stay, when did you get there. I answer all the questions in a neutral tone, normally I'd get angry at them.

As I'm sitting on the couch, I feel detached from myself. I can feel, not see myself talking to my parents like I am an outsider, watching a different family's morning. Its a different perspective, and I have this sort of detached feeling for the rest of the day. Even now to this day, over a year after the fact I still have the ability to put stuff aside and look at it like its not happening to me, which never ceases to amaze me and I give full credit to acid. Its definitely remarkable.

On a different note, a few days after this adventure I talked to S about what he did after getting home. He said he got home and went to the bathroom, and as he was standing there the tiles and walls appeared to be moving around him. This disturbed him and he went to bed right after, and fell asleep immediately. A few hours later, around 4, he woke up went to the bathroom and puked. I've never heard of this happening to anyone else, but it happened to him which was strange I thought, and he never mentioned anything other than that it was fun and he'd try it again sometime, but apparently it didn't have the same effect on him as it did me.

For me, it was an awesome experience that I'm glad I had.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 47273
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 9, 2006Views: 10,704
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