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Puddle Dancing in a Rave Environment
Citation:   slippy. "Puddle Dancing in a Rave Environment: An Experience with 5-MeO-AMT (exp47257)". Feb 24, 2006.

T+ 0:00
3.5 mg oral 5-MeO-AMT (liquid)
  T+ 1:00 3.5 mg oral 5-MeO-AMT (liquid)
Before reading the reports, it should be noted that I disolved the substance in 95% Pure Grain Alcohol.

I thought this would be an appropiate report, given that many complain of stomach problems and headaches with 5-MEO-AMT. My first two times with this compound presented me with similar problems. The first time was my 'test' dose, in which case I ingested 2mg in orange soda pop to see how my body reacted to this substance. After a couple of hours of feeling like something was coming on, similar to the onset of MDMA, but with nothing to show for it (aside from a heightened sense of smell and hearing) I decided to dose another 2mg. Since I ate a donut right before those, I was feeling a rather unpleasant stomach cramp for a few hours after. Since I was still not feeling anything a couple of hours after this, I decided to take a 5mg dose around midnight. This led to mild-moderate visuals, perhaps a ++, with brief periods of delerium (I thought I sitting on top of a whale in the middle of the ocean for about 30 seconds).

The second time myself and a friend ingested 10mg of 5-MEO-AMT. We ingested the chemical with some Pepsi and threw it all back at once. In about 10 minutes we both began to feel extremely nauseous and my friend purged. He had been drinking some beer an hour or so beforehand so this may account to that, but as for myself, I only had a protein shake about 4 hours before. I did not really feel the need to vomit as much as I felt like I was about to jump out of my skin. I also felt some motion sickness, even though I have not ever had this happen felt as though everything was about to move...crawling images on my mind for sure. My eyes felt as though they would pop right out of my head. Around the hour and a half mark we both felt fine and started feeling as though we were on MDMA with tingling sensations all over and constant chills that would move down our spines but felt very pleasant. Visuals began around this time and reached their peak about 3-4 hours in. My friend's visuals were a lot more intense then mine.

Now we come to my most successful experience with Alpha-O. With this I think I found a way to dodge the stomach problems/headahces without the need to stick anything up the rectum. I brewed some tea and poured myself 2 cups into a large glass. I then put ~7mg of the Alpha-O (disolved in the PGA, approx 1.5 tablespoons) in the tea and added 2 tablespoons of sugar to cancel out the taste of alcohol. I drank half of it over the course of 15 minutes. Then something interesting happened...

It might have been because my body was priming itself for the effects of the alpha-o due to the fact that I have used it twice before, but I am not sure...anyhow, the euphoria of the chemical quickly hit me around 15 minutes in...very quickly for this substance. No visuals were present that I could tell...but at least I was not feeling ill. I felt great aside from the usual eyes wanting to leave my head feeling I get from the onset of this chemical. I kept feeling the effects build up stronger and stronger and thought perhaps I should not drink the other half of my tea. But this was just 3.5mg and I'm feeling the effects more strongly then I did with the 10mg! At least the positive effects, anyways. Nothing negative so far.

My plan for the evening was to go see the Crystal Method at a local club, with my girlfriend driving. The rest of my story will go by in time increments.
9.00pm: Ingest the 5-MEO-Amt, aprrox 3.5 mg, over the course of 15 minutes. Chilling in my friend's apartment waiting for everyone to arrive so we can leave for the party at 10.30.

10.00pm: I will spend the next 30 minutes sipping on the rest of my tea with the alpha-o. I am feeling VERY good right now, with tingling situations all over, minor visuals, and actions seem to occur frame-by-frame (similar to LSD for me). For example, a cat runs by and steps on my keys, causes them to jingle, then jumps on the couch behind me. I reacted to this 8 seconds after it happened, as though it happened right then..saying 'whoooaaaaa!!'. That entire action was as though it happened with a split second. The tea tingles as it goes down my throat and causes me to laugh. I am laughing at everything and in a very good mood.

10.45pm: We leave for the club with my girlfriend driving. No stomach sickness or headaches yet...I am very impressed/surprised by how pleasant I am feeling. I was worried this alpha-o might not be worth the sickness it initially induces but now that I am not feeling sick, it is a very,VERY impressive little substance. As we drive to the club, the music in the car sounds blissful. It is as though the music is swimming through me. Oh, and the car ride is like a roller coaster. Shadows are moving all over, the ground is moving, shifting and just all out coming alive.

11.00pm: We arrive near the club and park. We are to meet some of my friends out front so I can give one of them some of the alpha-o in a water bottle. I become a slight bit paranoid because I notice six police patting someone down in front of the club and then making them get on the ground and yelling. I drop the REAL bottle of water I am holding so it does not look suspicious (me walking in with 2 water bottles). My friends come outside and I hand him his alpha-o, but he saves it for another day since he is on MDMA. Smart move on his part. I don't see Alpha-O playing nice with any other chemicals, given that even drinking water too quickly can make you want to purge.

11.15pm: We get in the club. Some of my friends order drinks (those not on anything) while I am listening to the music. The Crystal Method (whom I am not overly excited about seeing, but need to support the rave scene where I can here, I see them anyhow) are not on yet, and some house DJ is on. My mood is good given the compound I am on, but seeing as how I am a Drum and Bass/Trance and other types of music BUT what is on fan, I am not too content with the music. It is fun watching the lights though, and people dancing seem to move more fluid than usual. Drinking water feels nice, and I am actually thirsty, though I feel full, which is common for this chemical.

11.45pm: We are up front on the dance floor, having a good time. I am laughing a lot, not really noticing any visuals due to everything being dark but the laser lights. My girlfriend looks especially beautiful tonight, as does everyone...I tend to find things fascinating and everything has a bit of a glimmer to it, a bit surreal, dreamy. I am feeling very awake, energized...similar to MDMA, but without the 'I don't care what I look like' aspect...which is why I don't glowstick too often tonight.

11.55pm: Decide to go outside and have a smoke. As we try to leave I notice some bad vibes coming from the crowd. It becomes obvious to me that there a good bit of mates here on meth and tweeked out. This is pretty easy for me to tell because typically when I see people on MDMA, they are friendly and apologize when they slam into me, and typically have large smiles on their faces, very tapped into the music with not a care in the world. When people are tweeked out on meth, they will bump into me and make a point to get in my way again, have zombified looks in their eyes, and will make moves on my girlfriend such as moving their groin into her back and such...just not very friendly at all. Well, sadly I was noticing a lot of the latter, and this was not my kind of environment for psychedelics. We get outside and WAM The visuals hit me like a solid punch to the nose. Shadows are moving and morphing every which way. The supposive flat ground is grooving up and down, up and down...a woman and child in a canvas painting on one of the walls are moving and playing with each other...I doubt I've ever had as intense visuals as these off any other substance...Acid, muchshrooms, 2-ci, 2ct7, etc.

12.30-3.00am: The Crystal Method comes on stage and we go in. A lot of the tweekers appeared to have left and I am in the company of a friendly crowd. The music sounds great and I am fully energized. A Radiohead remix sounds like pure bliss to my ears. Every time a beat hit, it felt as though I was a puddle being stepped on. I felt like water and the music purely guided every movement of mine. The tracers from the lights and glowsticks have NEVER been so intense. They were very full and alive, and never stopped. I would close my eyes and the CEV's were more intense than the open eye visuals! I would forget where I was, who I was...just meshing with the music. The crowd was electrified and so was I. I can only imagine what this would be like with some of the electronic dance music I actually enjoy. One of the members of the Crystal Method...the one that doesn't do anything but drink on stage and throw his hands in the air while the other one does all the work...went down to the dance floor and was standing right beside me. He was holding his hand out so everyone could hit fists with him and I just had my eyes closed most of the time dancing to the music. I was fully involved with the music and couldn't care less about anyone around me.

My girlfriend said, after the show, that the guy looked at me funny the entire time, probably wondering why the hell I was not trying to hug him or hit fists with him. Had his fellow mate come off the stage, the one that was actually spinning, I would have been all over him... but this one just made me mad.

Which brings me to another aspect of this drug. It makes me act on what I feel more easily. If I find something offensive, I will say it. If someone is in trouble, I will help. I feel like I need to do something with what I feel...even for days after. Actually ever since my first bout with 5-MEO-AMT...I have been a lot more open and active. Just a thought.

3.00am: The Crystal Method are off stage...I want to hear more music but when do I not? I am fully peaking as we leave the club. The visuals are a lot more intense then last time I went outside three hours ago. Everyone is coming down off their MDMA, alcohol, what have you...and I'm still peaking. My girlfriend drives us back and I'm feeling as good as ever. The drive back was as fun as a rollercoaster.

3.30am: We arrive back home and everyone is sleepy. My friends go to bed and I am left to trip hard with nobody around. This is not good...the euphoria is starting to fade since I have nobody around. This is definitely a social drug. The visuals get more intense with nobody around to 'ground' me. My mind wanders off. Faces are pressing out of the carpet and ceiling. Screaming, tormented faces. I am surrounded by this...everywhere I look...faces coming out in a very 3-d,very REAL way. My roommate's halloween decorations are starting to get to me. He has this little decayed vampire on the wall in the living room. I walk past grins at me, moving its mouth. I look back, it is no longer there. I walk to my room to be with my girlfriend...maybe just cuddling with her will calm my mind down a bit. The decayed head moves out of the dark from my room...and I run back to the light in my living room.

4.00am: I run down to my friend's room and grab some Nyquil so I can knock myself out. I know I am in for many hours of lonesome tripping...something I had not expected or planned for. I smell the Nyquil and almost want to vomit from this alone. I then walk to my room and get in bed with my girlfriend.

4.30-8.30am: Mind-bending tripping..though mostly pleasant. I just want my mind to slow down.

10.00am: Finally have come down a bit. Still very awake though...similar to coming down off a speedy MDMA trip. I manage to drink some Nyquil...all it does is slow my mind down a little.

1.00pm: Achive an hour of sleep. Felt like 10 hours of sleep. I feel fine the rest of the day, although a bit slow, and sleep like a baby when the evening comes. I wake up the next day feeling perfectly fine.


What I have found out: If I take half of my dose of alpha-o slowly then take the other half an hour later, slowly, I will most likely dodge all the negative aspects of the chemical. The tea may have helped to ease the stomach as well. I had not eaten for about 6 hours before taking the 5-MEO-AMT as well. I found this chemical to be a very good 'utility' drug...meaning when I wanted to dance and be in a crowd of people, I could do so easily, and when I wanted to trip intensely, I could do that.

I would not try to compare this drug to any other chemical around, as it seems to provide a unique experience. I think some people will enjoy it, others will find it ok, and others will hate it. Apparently some people have a bad reaction to it and suffer during the duration of the please take a small 1-2mg sample before you step it up. Work up slowly, as the response curve of this substance is STEEP.

Take care

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 47257
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 24, 2006Views: 20,569
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5-MeO-AMT (104) : General (1), Rave / Dance Event (18)

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