Experiencing Life Beforehand
by C-4
Citation:   C-4. "Experiencing Life Beforehand: An Experience with DXM (exp4718)". Erowid.org. Jan 1, 2002. erowid.org/exp/4718

16 tablets oral DXM (pill / tablet)


Let me start this by saying that DXM is THE drug. Nothing compares to the experiences you have while tripping on DXM. I've taken many different drugs with many different effects, but DXM is so much more than a drug and, in my opinion (and others I trip with), shouldn't be referred to as a 'drug` for it is so much more than that to which it is referred as. Anyway, onto the major reason of writing this: to share my experiences with DXM.

It was a while ago, while I was only into drugs like weed and shrooms and shit like that. My friend told me about Dextromethophan, or DXM, and about it's effects. After I heard about this 'drug`, we went up to Walmart and got a few boxes of Coricidin Cough and Cold, which is what we take to trip when we don't have straight DXM capsules. The only bad part about tripping off Coricidin Cough and Cold is the sick stage in which you feel nauseous, which occurs about 15 to 20 minutes before the DXM starts to kick in. This is the only side-effect I've experienced.

Anyway, we took a box each, which is exactly 16 tabs each. After about an hour, the sick stage came in effect, but went away after about 15 minutes and then my trip began. I saw my life from many different points of view. Looking over my life, I saw many things I did wrong and should've avoided doing. After looking over myself many times over, I gained a certain knowledge and wisdom from my mistakes, as well as shit I did right.

Then the trip went in a totally opposite direction: I was witnessing my future, rather my futures. I saw multiple futures of what was to become of me, and what had caused each of them. I gained even more knowledge about myself and about my future. Through DXM I was able to see what would become of me depending on the path I chose. My trip hit full force about an hour later, and I was aware of everything around me and everything not. I felt people's emotions just by speaking with them. It was like I gained a bond with everything and everyone around me.

I also knew most of what people were going to say before they spoke a word. I proved this as I sat there by my cousin speaking exactly what he spoke in precise unison with him. He didn't buy into this phenomenon at first, but as I kept speaking his words with him, he was amazed. I should've been amazed as well, but I knew that was just scratching the surface of what was possible while tripping.

Dextromethorphan put my whole life in perspective and allowed me to gain knowledge of myself and my role in life. I have acquired much wisdom and insight on many things I would've never been able to if I hadn't of tripped on DXM. DXM may be considered just a drug, but to those who have been matured and reconfigured by DXM, it is a gateway to a total personal awakening and a reconstruction of your mind and the way you react to things that may have seemed meaningless before, but could potentially be key items during your life.

If you are one of those like us who have been recreated and reborn through DXM, you will understand why I wrote this and why others like me wrote and will write about DXM in the same fashion I have.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 4718
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 1, 2002Views: 11,619
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