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The Experiments Retrospective
Citation:   Initialised. "The Experiments Retrospective: An Experience with Modafinil (exp47073)". Aug 20, 2006.

10 mg oral Pharms - Fluoxetine (daily)
    repeated oral Modafinil (daily)
I started tking modafinil initially as an augmentation to 10mg fluoxetine (Prozac)/day. Incedentally I first read about it whilst waiting to see my doctor about the depression. I felt that the prozac lifted the 'clouds' but didn't help me get on.

Modafinil sounded ideal so I got some through an online pharmacy, I had hinted towards it with my doctor to no avail.

Initial Response:
First dose was 50mg taken about an hour after a stimulant based decongestant (phenylepherine) and a large (2 scoop coffee). Little effect at first then I just couldn't stop doing things that needed doing. Things stopped being a chore as I strove for perfection.

Subsequently 50mg did very little unless topped up with other stimulants so I moved up to 100mg, then 200.

Caffine: Very good, caffine becomes amphetamine like in higher doses. Similar effect with over-the-counter decongestant/stimulants

Seems to interfere with metabolism in a similar way to RU21. Hangover is reduced, effect of alcohol is stronger but shorter lived. I feel like I could drive much sooner after drinking. Similar to mixing weed with speed.

Much less effective, but no interaction with NSAIDs.

Made me aggressive when mixed. I stopped the prozac.

Beta Blockers:
Varied, felt very 'in the zone'/'psyched' etc but still managed to fumble things and get nervous

I managed to go without sleep for about 4 days as part of a week where I probably slept for less than 14 hours in total. Typically I would take 100-400mg every 6-10 hours. Things got weird. Initially it was just low level hallucinations on the second sleepless night, floors creeping, brighter colours, stars loked like fireworks and 'the fog' (the room looks like it's full of steam, not blurred vision, it looks like looking through fog).

Then it progressed into trance like states on day 3 where I would defocus my eyes and faces would form in patterns on windows, floors, dirt I always had control. This progresed to seeing cats dogs then people where they weren't by night 3 (closest experience to this is from LSD where I saw my face where I was expecting a mirror). This moved on to paranoia and hearing voices on day 5. To full blown paranoid delusions on day 6. I was taking a shower and 'heard' a conversation which if it really happened would have had hillarious consequences. When I left the shower I asked someone about it and quickly realised what had happened. The odd thing was that so long as I was focussed on something the worst I'd get were minor auditory and visual hallucinations (like patterns on white bits of the monitor and music in the drone of the fans)

It does seem to make me drive faster but at the same time there is a genuine increase in situational awareness so I also plan better, make better progress through traffic, remember more about alternative routes. Unlike 'classic' stimulants it doesn't do it by boosting confidence, it seems to actually boost ability. The same goes for other routine tasks.

Variable. Sometimes it makes me really chatty, other times it makes me want to get on with things by myself and not get slowed down by other people. Makes playing with my children more fun for me and them.

No sign of 'Whizz Dick' (unless mixed with lots of caffeine) but I last longer (but not stupidly long like with paroxetine (Seroxat) or E). I tend to either be more aggressive or more attentive but not normally both. Desire is less but reward is more, orgasms are better/longer (probably because of modafinil's effect on the dopamine system.

Methods of ingestion:
Pill Form:
1-3 Hours to come on long lasting (I can take 200mg at 8am and still be lively at midnight)
Liquid Suspension:
1-2 Hours to come on
Infarcation (Nasal):
Instant hit, seems to last as long
No effect.

Modafinil is a very good drug for its purpose and mixes very nicely with other stimulants, I'd like to try it with E. I've never liked cocaine because it wears off far to quickly, this is similar but more subtle and lasts all day (and all night if I let it). How it affects me is very situational but I can end up in the wrong mode if I don't take time to focus. It appears to boost ability, desire, mood and productivity without exactly getting me high. Seems to have some strange effects once I go beyond 40-60 hours but this is probably just sleep deprivation.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 47073
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 20, 2006Views: 36,971
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