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Puking Out the Evils of the World
Morning Glory (heavenly blue)
Citation:   MuzzyFlash. "Puking Out the Evils of the World: An Experience with Morning Glory (heavenly blue) (exp47023)". Jan 10, 2008.

150 seeds oral Morning Glory (seeds)
Me and my brother got some morning glory seeds (heavenly blue) sometime last winter, deciding to eat them before our parents got home. The first effects came within an hour of ingestion. We both saw color patterns within the pattern of the countertop. They looked kinda like amoebas. This came along with some cramping. This went on for awhile.

Then our parents get home. My dad told us to go shovel snow. At this point my brother goes to lay down in my bed, feeling not too good. I tell my dad to let him rest. I have major cramps in my groin area now, and have to walk like a cowboy. My dad hardly notices. My stomach feels terrible at this point. It was a pretty cold night, and I think it affected the sick feeling in my stomach, because I don't remember feeling sick outside. The snow was very colorful, seeing all kinds of colors sparkling. The best part was my neighboor's green barn light across the street. The light came down at the end of our driveway, and it seemed to pulsate as it glowed. It would brighten and swell. This made me feel good whenever it got brighter.

Eventually I went back inside, and find my brother in a very dazed condition. He is talking about seeing a 'color matrix' in the middle of my room. I begin to feel very sick, and he tells me to throw up in this waste basket that he jus threw up in. So I manage to heave up the seeds and whatever else I'd eated recently. While doing so, I felt very light-headed, and my brother was trying to encourage me, yelling 'You're puking out the evils of the world!' This made me laugh, and helped me to get through the puking. That scene only lasts a few mintues and we realize we were being pretty loud. So we decide to watch Dazed and Confused. I see strange waves coming off of every character, and occasionally their eyes or a part of their face would get bigger and seem to come out at me. I examined these parts closely, putting my face right up to the tv. There are numbers within the waves coming off of the actors' heads and are moving loosely around.

I feel sick in waves now, and my brother is writing down things on little note pads that he folds in half twice and puts in his pockets. He looked like he was on speed trying to solve the problems of the world. There must have been a hundred note pads he wrote on, sometimes on the back. Neither of us were watching the movie at this point. We were discussing abstract subjectivism in a manner so incoherent it seemed to be an aparition of the feelings you get when you're on ecstacy. We moved from one subject to the next without haste. Eventually we landed on our band. We came up with the double-meaning, highly subjective name Everyone's Right. After that, we started to watch the movie again.

For some reason when we finished the movie, we couldn't find another movie we wanted to watch. My brother has a million movies to pick from upstairs, but neither of us wanted to make that journey. We only had my unworthy selection to pick from. Everything gave me either a bad vibe or made me nausious. From this point on Dazed and Confused becomes some kind of remedy for me, and I am convinced that we should keep watching it. So we do, but I would start the movie over one or two scenes earlier from the end every time we watched it. We watched that movie for about three hours. I felt really good every time we started it over, and really depressed every time it came near the end. I remained feeling sick in waves for most of the time.

Then my brother went to bed, and I tried to do the same. I stayed awake for awhile longer, still feeling ill. Eventually I slept, and the next day I felt surprisingly good. Especially after not having cramps anymore, that was the worst part. I would not do these again unless I could do it without the nausia and painful cramps.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 47023
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 10, 2008Views: 5,264
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Morning Glory (38) : General (1), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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