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A Summer Bender and Crash
Dimenhydrinate (after Methamphetamine)
by HaremGirl
Citation:   HaremGirl. "A Summer Bender and Crash: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate (after Methamphetamine) (exp46885)". Aug 9, 2018.

  repeated   Methamphetamine
  500 mg oral Dimenhydrinate


Crashing from Meth & Dramamine

I have been on a summer meth bender to drop some weight... Over the weekend I was hitting the shit pretty frequent. I decided to take a break from the meth. I was crashing soo hard... I was fucken exhausted.

I was waiting on a few friends to come over. Sometime within the hours and I thought it would be a good idea to try out the dramamine. I figured I would be peaking on my dramamine high when they get here and we can have some laughs. Cus I hear the hallucinations are insane and fantastical. Hard tripps. Mumbling. Making no sense. Hehe. Sounded like it would have made a good laugh. Had I known they would never show up I wouldnt have taken it. My friend knew I was going to try it. and yet. Left me alone. Hmm. I really should reevaluate my 'friends'. I was totally blown off and left alone.

I just woke up. I was like 'WOW. I'm glad nothing bad happened to me.' My memory is very foggy. But I'm remembering bits and peices. Now... I have heard of this but I never encountered anything like this before. Nor did I know anyone that has. I took 10 dramamine at 50mg each totalled 500mg 3:30am I washed it down with about 40 oz of water. I was told u need to keep hydrated cus of the cotton mouth and your toungue swells up. Plus I knew I was a bit dehydrated from my weekend meth bender. I hadnt eaten in 2 or 3 days.

355 am I started to feel floaty and everything was nice and good. I began to smile and thought oh yeah. Starting to hit me. I tried to keep a log. But I cant make any sense of what I wrote or what most of this says. Next time I should just take video footage. At some point I texted a friend (cellphone) 4:40 am 'I'm ndd basqiat stealth'. I have no idea what the fuck I meant by that. But I do remember trying realy hard to text someone and it seemed soo vital and important at THAT time.

My log reads like this:
44:44 'tok aboot a horu' 'you yust yours' 'fuck' ( long blank space ) 'system' Then it started getting illegible about here 'FOMAT and PUNTED POPRTA' 'SUW DEP FIRE' 'HELP ME!' was written big on the log Man. I dont remember anything that would make me write any of this shit.

I remember hearing my friends (but I was alone) And the sounds would dissapear. A girl was at the computer typing when I was in my bathroom playing with glitter. The walls the floor seem to be melting all around me.

I went to use the restroom. I sat down and I dont know how long it was. But I was watching my walls pull away. While I was sitting on my toilet the mirror in front of me ( my reflection) I was lecturing myself saying ' why arent you checking your email' Dont take your hands off the walls. When I looked at myself and asked 'WHY NOT'? I snapped back and realized the mirror and the walls... everything was fucken crazy.

This girl I know was sitting at my desk on the computer. She spoke to me but I cant remember what she said. But the moment I responded (I dont remember what I said. But I remember it was just 1 word) I turned to look at her. She just Dissapeared. But I SWEAR she was here. I was like 'FUCK! Why is everyone leaving me.' I kept hearing voices. But its after 5 and I was alone.

My friend Lu was smoking on the patio. Talking to me through the balcony window. I was sittng at my desk by this time. Trying to listen to music. As I opened my eyes to answer him he dissapeared but I smelled cigarettes. Soo weird.

I dont know how long I was losing my mind over my computer, trying to find music. Turns out my mouse needed to recharge. I have a wireless mouse. The batteries died. So NOW I had to get up to put them to recharge. This simple task felt like the most difficult thing in the world and I was so overwhlemed by desperation and yet I couldnt stop laughing. I was saying shit like 'shit always happens to me' why did it have to die' ( yeah. I dont know what the fuck all that self pitty was about).

I staggered and crawled to my kitchen. I was fucken wasted. Literally floored. I needed help and I looked up and asked my friend to help me up. But he dissapeared. Sucks too cus I had tried soo damn hard to get my arm high enough for him to grab it.

I sat on the kitchen floor. I was dozing off. I was soo damn sleepy. And thought I should go to bed I fell on my way to my bedroom in the dining room and next thing I know I am in my bed. I dont remember when I had to crawld into my bedroom or how I got in bed. I said THANK YOU. And then my melting bedroom stopped melting.

I notice the moment I opened my mouth to speak. My dreamstate hallucinations would fade. I would be snapped back into a reality chec. But just for an instant. Cus I would go right back into tripping. Once I heard my voice. As if for a breif moment I realized I was hallucinating and the people or the mind trip would fade away. So I went to bed and then I wound up sitting on my desk chair listening to benny benassi. Watching the Itunes visuals.

But then I wondered. Did I really go to the kitchen. Did I sit in bed. Where is my mouse? I was soo confused and lost and soo OUT of it. It was fucken tripping me out.
I was soo confused and lost and soo OUT of it. It was fucken tripping me out.
I was in this marmalade vortex of music and colors. I didnt want to open my eyes. Cus I liked it. But my eyes were open. and I would occassionally say 'NO.' or 'Product.' I then realised I fell out of my chair and I was laying on the floor. I couldnt fight my sleep anymore. I crawled into bed and pressed PLAY to watch the stewei griffin movie.

As I sat in bed I noticed I was sitting in a big empty room. With just this big screen tv in it. My friend Lu was talking. When 'I asked Wheres the bed, I'm soo soo tired I want to sleep' He looked at me and said 'NO you cant go to sleep, DOnt' Then he dissapeared and my bedroom was back to normal.

I woke up 1230pm. I am still tripping a bit. But I slept through the peak of it. I cant remember what I was dreaming. and I usually always remembr my dreams. Fucken crazy. I liked the experience.

Hehe. I'm going to go eat something and pop some vitamines and drink more water.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46885
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 9, 2018Views: 2,415
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Methamphetamine (37), Dimenhydrinate (17) : Combinations (3), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Entities / Beings (37), Hangover / Days After (46), Multi-Day Experience (13), General (1), Alone (16)

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