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A Journey Through Friendship, Peace, and Love
Citation:   bluedolphin. "A Journey Through Friendship, Peace, and Love: An Experience with LSD (exp46841)". Oct 20, 2005.

1.25 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)

W: A new friend and housemate, an overall well intentioned and fun guy to hang out with. W has only tripped once before, on a half 8th of shrooms. Supposedly during this trip he freaked out and ran for 6 miles down some railroad tracks. So tonight, wanting to trip again, but hoping for less of a mind-rape nonetheless he decided on about 16mg of 2C-I.

T: Another new friend. His experience with psychedelics is limited, but he takes the psychedelic experience very seriously. T had managed to get a hold of two and a half of the reputably strong 'fly' blotters that now seem to be flooding the northeast US. By my estimates these are 2 to 3 times as strong as the 'fractals' that everyone was so excited about during the summer jam band tours. T would be eating 1.25 flies.

S: My girlfriend, soul mate, and true love. After a short breakup we got back together only a few days ago. Her psychedelic experience is close to mine. She would also be taking about 16mg of 2C-I.

Me: The last two months of my life have been loveless chaos, going through the motions of everyday life. I am experienced with enough psychedelics that I don't need to list them. I have taken LSD twice before, but never anything nearly as strong as these 'flies' would turn out to be. I had very high hopes for this night, and my mindset was excellent. I was ready for anything from a trippy buzz to rebirth. I would be eating 1.25 fly blotters.

The Experience of a Lifetime

Around 7:15pm we all took our doses. While waiting to come up we chilled in my dorm room and listened to some tunes. After about 15 minutes I swallowed my blotter and could already feel the familiar tingle. We put a DVD in my computer with all the Smashing Pumpkin music videos, and we watched a few of them. By the third music video I was already paying equal attention to the vibrant and changing colors of everything in the room.

We decided we'd all had enough music videos and I went to use the bathroom. I walked out of my room and into a hallway of ever-changing pastel colors. My first attempt to open the bathroom door failed as the doorknob bent out of reach at the last second. I grabbed it and walked into a tile and glass funhouse. Rainbow patterns were sliding across the tile floor as paint was dripping down the door. Already I was amazed at how visual and vibrant the trip had become, and it was just over half an hour since I dropped.

I got back to the room and we all decided to go for a walk. I suggested we walk to the sunken gardens, an outdoor mini-ampitheater of sorts surrounded by modern art sculpture, and in a very secluded part of campus. As soon as we stepped outside I noticed that the air quality was vastly superior to the air quality in my room. I also felt like I was about 10 feet tall, and floating above the ground. I was able to walk normally, save a few times when I stopped dead in my tracks to ask 'where are we going?' On the walk to the sunken gardens S and T had begun tripping, while W was feeling the 2C-I's energy and euphoria, but not really the psychedelic effects yet. We walked down the long secluded driveway to the gardens running back and forth across the road creating a 4-person weave.

We finally got there and I had no idea that the sunken gardens could be so alive and chaotic. Light was strobing over the grass and structures like some kind of trippy spotlight. Every sound was amplified to such an extreme that I thought cars driving down a road far off through the woods were right next to me. I lay down on the grass and closed my eyes only to melt into the earth below me and witness the most complex, detailed, crisp, and colorful CEV's I've ever seen. I can't really describe it, but if you've seen some really trippy and complex art before, it might be something like that. Except imagine it being alive, and having deep meaning.

By this time S was having the most intense psychedelic experience of her life as well. She was flooded with visuals from the 2C-I and seemed to be handling the intensity of it very well. W was standing below a tree that T had climbed, and now was apparently stuck in. After some time, T got down, to his great relief. T then went behind some bushes. W asked him what was going on and T said he had become the tree, and was feeling the needs of the tree. I was observing all this from my point of view, which was laying down on the ground next to a stone wall. I saw a shadow in the stone wall turn into a man and walk away. Curiously, without even mentioning this, S said she saw a shadow turn into a man and climb a tree near the wall.

W really wanted to move on, so we decided to go down to the boat house by the lake, and maybe take a walk along the railroad tracks right next to it. In order to do this, we would likely encounter some heavy foot traffic, since we would have to walk down the main road that goes through campus for a while. Well, as long as we kept going and don't get distracted along the way, I guessed that would be allright.

Yeah right. We made it about 100 feet before we encountered the weirdest tree ever. It was shaped like a mushroom and had no leaves and weird droopy branches. It seemed to be growing, and when I walked towards it, it moved towards me as well. This surprised me and I dodged the tree just to make sure it couldn't grab me. I spent a few moments admiring the bright and growing grass next to my feet, and then noticed that T was using one of the pieces of modern art sculpture as some kind of ergonomically designed seat. We all thought this was halarious, until we realized that the art didn't seem to be holding his weight very well. Anyway, we kept moving and got up to the main road. When we passed by my house I decided it would be a good idea to carry some water and herb with us, since I planned on staying down by the tracks for a while.

We crossed it up and went inside where many of my housemates were sober and watching a movie. I went upstairs to fill up my water bottle, and then went into my room to collect myself and rest for the journey ahead. I sat down in my chair, put on some Sound Tribe Sector 9, and closed my eyes. Soon afterwards I felt another presence enter the room, and I watched our energies intertwine. I opened my eyes and said 'Wow'... T was sitting right in front of me. I hadn't heard him come in but somehow I could feel his energy there. I told him what happened and he seemed to understand. Soon enough everyone had come up to my room, and we were chilling up there listening to music for a while until we remembered that we had intended to go down to the boat house. I grabbed a Butterfinger, opened it, and stared at the shimmery butter-brittle after breaking off a piece for T. It took me about 10 minutes to take the first bite, meanwhile we had all forgotten our intentions to go down to the boathouse again. There was so much involved in the experience of taking a bite of a Butterfinger that it was pretty intense, and not something to be taken lightly.

Somehow we ended up outside behind the house, slowly getting back on our way. S was tripping hard (and looked absolutely beautiful), T thought he had broken his sweatshirt and was in tears, and W was cracking up at the halarity of it all. I still had only taken one bite of my Butterfinger. I asked S to hold it for me. After I gave it to her I said 'That Butterfinger had become a burden.' Apparently this the was the most halarious thing any of us had ever heard because the whole campus could have heard us all laughing behind the house for a solid five minutes.

We walked back up to the street, and there were some cars coming so I waited to cross. Apparently not long enough though, because I stepped out only to realize that there was one more car coming and stopped dead in my tracks in the middle of the road to let the final car pass.

Across the street, we walked along the lake and saw a couple of girls carrying a sign and a large stuffed dog. They were campaigning for the stuffed dog to be mayor, and obviously rolling so I stopped to chat with them. I ended up having an interesting chat and getting a hookup for rolls. Not bad!

Soon enough a huge crowd was heading our way down the sidewalk seemingly out of nowhere. W was finally starting to trip (the 2C-I took forever to hit him completely) and he got a little freaked out by the crowd. S and I stood there exchanging nods with the people in this huge group of party-crashers as they walked by. T got distracted talking to someone in the crowd, and we lost him for a few minutes. When we found him seemed pretty disoriented, so we walked down the path to the boathouse.

Along the path, as we passed by a few other students smoking bowls, I noticed how good I physically felt compared to just about every other psychedelic. My stomach felt a bit tight, but not to the point where it became a distraction. Otherwise, I felt like I was walking on air. We got down to the boathouse and walked out on to the floating segmented dock. We all laid down on the dock and felt the waves below us. I felt like I was melting in to the water as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the serenity of it all. With my eyes closed, complex psychedelic visual stories took place. With my eyes open, the stars above would dart about freely in the night sky. We spent a good amount of time sitting out by the boathouse enjoying the warm breeze blowing over the water. I sat there with S resting her head on my lap, and she looked absolutely beautiful. After a few moments though, her face began to morph into some frightening and contorted distortions. Inside of each of her eyes was a burning fire. I wondered what it meant, but decided not to dwell on it.

After a while we decided to go for a walk down the railroad tracks. On the way there I saw creatures with glowing eyes looking at me from the brush on the side of the tracks. I mentioned this to S, who said that the creatures were friendly. Good enough for me.

Soon we came to a fire pit between the train tracks and the lake. W stepped out into the water, holding his hands up in the air in the direction that the wind was coming from. I watched his spirit extend out from behind his body. By this point I was finally ready to smoke a bowl, now almost 6 hours after having dosed. But we realized that we didn't have a bowl to smoke out of, so we decided to head back to my room. On the way back there were lots of kids sitting out on the boat house deck. W and T are sailors, so they yelled 'Get the fuck off the boathouse!' and 'Security!', and threw a few pebbles towards the kids. Basically being dicks, but we all cracked up uncontrolably after that.

We got back to my room and smoked a bowl. After this my trip came back almost full force (although it hadn't worn down significantly anyway). T went to Erowid's art gallerys and we looked at psychedelic art for about an hour.

I have never looked at art that way before! Not only were the images coming out of my monitor in three dimensions, often levitating inches away from the screen, but every part of the art was constantly growing, pulsating, and changing with infinitely more detail than sober eyes could ever behold. In each piece of art there were thousands of stories to be told, and I could follow the progress of each living piece of art through the image. It was absolutely beautiful.

I went to use the bathroom again, and once again entered a glass and tile funhouse. I stared at my face in the mirror and watched it morph for a while. Then, somehow, the image in the mirror became another 'me'. I realized I was looking at myself in the mirror from the perspective of everyone else. Normally, I think I must seem a bit odd to other people, but I realized that I am to everyone else as they are to me.

W had decided to wander off on his own, as his trip was still going full force (since it took so long to kick in for whatever reason). T hadn't slept in two full days, and his trip seemed to be wearing down so he called it quits as well. Now it was just me and S, and we were both still tripping fairly hard.

What took place during the next two hours was the most incredible and perfect love that has ever been made between two people. Words can't describe how amazing it was, nor would I want to try. I will say it was the most passion and the best sex we've had in the almost three years that we've been together, and our bond is closer now than ever because of it.

Afterwards we laid in bed talking. I was amazed that I was still tripping, and said that if this were any other time I would love to trip like I was tripping right now, but by this point (around 4:00am) I was physically exhausted. The 2C-I was still keeping S awake. Likewise, the CEV's that consisted of complex and random chain-reaction Dali-esque machines were keeping me awake. So we stayed up talking, and generally confusing each other, cracking up frequently until finally exhaustion won the battle and I drifted off to sleep around 5:00am, almost 10 hours after having dosed.


What I experienced last night was indeed the perfect trip. I am amazed at the power of LSD to provide such a full, complex, beautiful, and important trip. I believe LSD is indeed the holy grail of psychedelics, and I can easily see why this chemical is considered by far to be the most important psychedelic in modern history. Please do not take LSD if you are looking for eye candy and a buzz; take LSD if you are ready to have your mind blown in ways you never imagined possible.

Let it flow!

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 46841
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 20, 2005Views: 20,416
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LSD (2) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Nature / Outdoors (23), Mystical Experiences (9), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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