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Be Beher BeHereNow ow w
by yaesutom
Citation:   yaesutom. "Be Beher BeHereNow ow w: An Experience with DOC (exp46802)". Erowid.org. Oct 4, 2005. erowid.org/exp/46802

T+ 0:00
4.0 mg oral DOC (liquid)
  T+ 12:00   oral GBL (liquid)


There was some fake 'DOC' that was going around that wasn't really DOC at all, so at least one real batch somehow flew by in a balloon and landed in my front yard and well.. ya know I just had to eat some. I started typing all this right after I drank the liquid with the DOC so only thing I edited were adding the T +'s.

3:22pm / T + 0:00 -- I take 4mg DOC orally, almost empty stomach.

T + 0:44 -- Definitely coming up! So far I like it. There are some awesome visuals happening already, typing this the screen is morphing all around, twisting, bending, shit this is great so far! If its this strong already I wonder if I'm in for quite a ride! Its 4:11 now.

T + 1:11 -- This shizznit be awesome, awesome like out there way out what am I doing so far out where did I come from now oh yeah that one and so here's where I'll go now if I want what do I want well a beautiful lady here right now as long as the computer doesnt crash and quit playing the music I'd blast up some marvin gaye and get rite on that shit yo

I know can't say yet I guess til the end of this trip but DOC ranks at #1 above the DOI being #2 and DOB #3 DOB sucks ass like I programmed that robot to go up my boss' ass crack so fast he couldnt eat the god damn next cheeseburger.

Visuals are BEAUTIFUL, very LONG clear trails behind anything that moves, and well 'everything' trails, long clear sensory trailing, only thing that has beaten this might be 4 hits of some potent acid. On the screen typing this I'm seeing all kinds of things just in white space, symbols, faces, eyes, math..geometry... this stuff is GREAT!

How can I really describe how utterly fucking awesome this stuff is, I'm very suprised to say the least. Its like as though I have the depth of a lot of acid in my brain available, and I do mean a LOT, but I'm still totally calm and relaxed.. chill..

Its T + 1:50 now, what I am able to do with my mind... SO INCREDIBLE...I *really* can't type in 0.00000% percent of these awesome visuals, if I cross my eyes and look down at my hands well **DaYum** there's now about 8 handlike creatures with a huge one in the center and..

I might as well stop typing this and use it for something creative go walk around explore yada yada he he

T + 3:25 - I wouldnt say this about many things..or..anything? but really nothing I've taken besides LSD has this depth. This reminds me most of the one time I mixed a couple hits of acid with a low dose of mescaline extract, only... much bigger acid dose. On the body - everything's fine I could fall asleep on this stuff no problem, no stimulation no nothing, except a mild buzz, its up in the head where all the action is going on, a lot of fucking GOOD ACTION. I've got this cosmic.. opening, of the mind to all that is, but not like mushrooms... not like this or that.. but.. more like acid. a.. LOT like acid.. I guess I'm more 'grounded' though..or something.

doc is doc cod is doc backwards but means cash on delivery, cash on delivery is when you COD someone and somehow you get your money but some fee charged or whatever, whatever whoever what with what if? with who? did I just do her? who's her? how what where and why is her?

a a a aw aw aw awe awe awee awee aweeesssooOOMEE OMEE OMEE MEE MEE E E sensory information com come ome me mes messsin in in in..<--me--> action then takes place, and where that action taking the place, where that sensory processing is going on, is right in the Here & Now, I am the action. I am the taking place. I am the sensory information. I am the everything.

Be Be Ber Ber Bere Bere Beher Behere BeHere BeHereNow Now Now ow ow ow w w w

Why not be here, right here and now, not stuck in old past thoughts about the stupid drama thats pointless to..be pointless about. In the Here and Now, all that there is, is whats Here and Now... Now what? What do EYE do?? Well wow! all the misery that one girlfriend put me through.. or how I had to grow up in school, or this.. that.. whatever... it.. it can be just...TRASHED away, just like that huh?


Its not that those experiences didn't happen, but thinking about them not in a pro pro proo proogressing ssingg kind of way, kind of keeps me from living, kind of makes it hard to just be right here, right now, living in the only thing that is, THE NOW.

Well! my anxiety problems or depression caused by this or that, I can just toss them all out and say SEE YA! .. could have the power to do that all the time, anytime, well cool!

BUT WHAT NOW? I guess thats up to you. Its up to you more than you KNOW its up to you. Isn't that just cool?

Isn't LIFE just fucking..cool? I think so.

I'm sitting here right Here and Now tripping my ballz off on DOC, and well if all there is, is right here & now.. well I really like this here and now state I'm in. Its pretty fucking cool yo. Yo dogg, dis state of consciousness be one of the many, but its dayum fine, or how did that line go, in that one.. or.. what was I talk talk alk alk lk lkki ki king about?

why I just don't remember, damn it, oh well, what now.. oh yeah, so it looks like its about T + 5:00 now.

I got this bad ass programming job a week ago, and I think I'm gonna spend some DOC time writing some more kick ass programs and shizzles for these robots, these are some fucking cool robots.

T + 5:50 now, seems like its just on this plateau thats on its way down but its got a while to go.

T + 6:30 - Definitely on the way down!! Wow.. this is by far the best out of the DOx series that I've tasted, here's DOC at number one, and waaaaaaaay down down dow oww wn nnderr is number two! DOI, then waay further down DOB which is just really pure shit in my opinion now having tried these three, wee wee!

Well I know during the next 5-6 hours some friends first came by for a short time, I found it really quite hard to keep a normal conversation with sober people - I was 'OUT THERE' - like I ate a lotta acid. A question would be asked, and my mind was 10,000x faster than my mouth could move, so I was just everywhere. Then they left, I spent some time just reading some programming stuff (which for some reason wasn't that hard compared to talking to people) and drawing a lot of trippy shit among other things.

T + 12hrs still going on its way down, getting a little tired at this time so I attempt to fall asleep.. find the visuals are too much so I take some GBL.

Here's some more stuff I ended up posting on the net during various times during the trip...

Well a swimers friend who dipped into the wrong pond on a shitty day made it all happy again when he dipped into a well known pure pod full of DOC,

I ate 4mg, and well, its fucking SWEET! Wow... I'll be posting a trip report after this but shit... um.. here's my new LSD replacement whilst there is no LSD available? Or all the depth of high dose LSD but I'm still here on the ground looking up at it in amazement? Or some shit like that, but now the whole streen turned into a croud full of colored people (colors everyfuckinwhere) looking up at something there.. or..here...and .here too...and..here too here's to too tooo oo o o

b b b b be be be be be be ber bere berer behere beherenownownownownow ow ow ow ow
Oh man...

This stuff is GOLD!

I took it at 3:22pm, its about 10:10pm, so 7 hours later and I'm on the way down, AWESOME! I mean not 'coming down' just.. a nice pillow of a kick ass plateau slowly letting away .. or something like that, what?

>>>(quote from someone) How does the real DOC compare to DOI?>>>

BWHAHAHAHA. Well I will never ever be taking DOI again! Um... well shit, I'm not in the mindset to say but, there's not many things I'll be taking instead of DOC in the future unless its some good acid, mushrooms, another tryptamine etc, or something else that comes along even more kick-ass than this...or that...or this.. its like that and like this and like that and like whoa!

DOC made me find god today, that god stands for ghb and dmt, I could go into the math of how the universe codes DMT = G0D but well thats a penny in my massive 20 year jar collection of misc. coins tossed in over the years ears earss arsseernnsnnsn.. SNOOP D-O double G in the motherfuckin' house, BIAATCH!

(Here's some stuff I posted after I attempted to sleep (around T + 12-13 hours after dosing) while fucked on some GBL...):

laying down I do not know if I've EVER seen visuals THIS good on ANYTHING - including DMT! so far this is kicking LSD's ass bigtime, wow...!! this has taught me so much, this is like a big cosmic opening of the mind, as I type this I can see consciousness itself, ahh... creation. Its time to chop the trees.. go get milk.. . something something something, all together now.. look at me..!..!..!.!!!/!-....!..........!

1..2..3..4 can I help you a little more ...5...6..7.8910 .. I love you

What was happening when I tried to sleep, the visuals and everything were still going good at t + 12hrs, and when I laid down (after taking some GBL) I would stare off into a corner of the wall, cross my eyes a little and well I was playing with these visuals.

OEV's and CEV's were just *beautiful*, staring into that corner of the room I was watching billions of fractal universes being created, billions of images, I guess it was like watching my mind create whole scenes like a dream but much clearer, everything was fractal based, I was seeing my mind 'create reality' as clear as anything else really. I could control this or just lay off it and watch it go on its own, for a while I was creating beautiful women - whatever basic type I wanted to see, there she was, or many of them, I could control it as much as I wanted to or the more 'basic' I controlled it (like ok I want to see a cute young blonde girl) it would take that basic information and whip up everything required in the 'basic information' I gave it and fill in the rest of the details, down to .. well everything looked so REAL.

I'd find myself relaxed (and GBL buzzed) and would let it run completely on its own creating billions of 3d fractal universes, and then all of a sudden I'd see something just suddenly come right out, like an old guy with a cane walking around outside somewhere - some fully 3d 'snapshot' that looked suddenly so real it would snap me out of my relaxed/sleepy state, which would then 'jog' the whole snapshot to pieces of course.. I'd find myself in a sleep paralysis state (but this is not abnormal for me happens regularly), not realising it still watching these visions, and find myself... holding a lit cigaratte, but with invisible hands/arms/etc, it was definitely most 'intense' while in the sleep paralysis state, several times merging one with the universe/all that is.

So uh, yeah, it was kinda hard to sleep for a while... couple hours later about T + 14:00 (although it seemed a LOT longer) I was able to sleep as it was dying down enough. So it lasted longer than I thought it would.

The visuals, really nothing has ever beaten this, closed eyes it was like.. wow, guess it was like a 3d kick ass winamp milkdrop show only 100x better. (whats better than Winamp Milkdrop at 70+fps? I haven't seen anything on the computer better..)

Mentally, I was quite 'OUT THERE', acid like out there, faaarr out. It was very hard to keep a normal conversation going with a sober person, my mind would just...go off, faaar out, cosmic out there, mind blowing. Really no other psychedelic besides a good dose of LSD gets me 'out there' so much. I could take most any 2c-x and still act relatively normal. Or DOI/DOB. This one.. at this dose anyway, wow, not something to take (at this dose anyway) and go out and do 'normal' stuff.


Some comments about body load, duration, peak, other effects, etc:

Well this stuff is SO EASY on the body, reminds me of 2C-C in that way, there was a light euphoria but really in the background - much less of a 'body load' than LSD really, no physical stimulation etc., DOC is really mostly up in the mind where all the action takes place.

It came on suprisingly fast.. faster than DOB (which I can feel somewhat in the hour but doesn't build up for a long while after that) way way faster than DOI. After about 6 hours it did seem like it was on its way down, seems like the main plateau was around T + 2hrs - 6-7hrs, then a real slow drop off after that. At T + 14 hours I went to sleep fine, and woke up sober (not sure what time).

One of the first things I noticed besides some visuals starting was its effect on sound/music. Really.. it was like LSD - kind of reminded me of the first few times that I've tripped. Every little bit of sound came out that I wouldn't normally hear, but just way more 'psychedelic' than any PEA or even most tryptamines except a strong dose of acid.

I found myself so deeply 'open' it reminded me of when I read the middle brown part of the book Ram Dass - Be Here Now, on about 3.5-4 hits of good acid. That book, gotta advertise it here again (in the now bwhaha) has changed my life, the way I think, the way I live, reading that middle brown part on ACID specifically .. well there are no words to describe it. I think DOC could definitely replace LSD reading this book.. for sure..

Well, really this trip was incredible, only a lotta acid can do this, but it was way more visual. Things sometimes looked more roundish/cartoonish, colors everywhere and spirals, the whole 'passin' through the time/space dimension' clearly visible which only LSD can do for me. Next time I'll probably try snorting just a tiny dose - because it works with DOB and DOI, cuts the come up time (not like there is much of one on here.) but definitely reduces the duration - also just want to see how a lower dose of this compares to this experience. The stuff seems QUITE a bit more potent than DOB and DOI - which doesn't follow the phenethylamine side (I had guessed/assumed DOC would be like 2C-C, needing a higher dose, or like DOM and 2C-D). This is DEFINITELY one of my all time favorite psychedelics, I guess before I rank it I'll have to give it some more tries at lower doses, and also would like to try it in a group setting with other people, I can't imagine what it would be like - all people being on a high dose of this stuff in the same room.. figuring out the universe or making up a new language in 5 minutes.. etc.

.... its good stuff, but I was taken a bit back.. suprised.. totally totally awesome. Happy stuff, out there stuff. Be Here Now stuff..

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46802
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 4, 2005Views: 14,842
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