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A First Course
Melatonin & Moclobemide
by Loki
Citation:   Loki. "A First Course: An Experience with Melatonin & Moclobemide (exp46801)". Jun 6, 2007.

T+ 0:00
150 mg oral Moclobemide (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:30 3.0 mg oral Melatonin (pill / tablet)
I've been hearing about the melatonin + MAOI combination for a while, but couldn't find any definite results. There is only one report on the subject found on Erowid, according to which the combination has potential. All other sources provide vague information, most of which suggests that melatonin has no psychedelic effect. According to the majority of research papers, melatonin seems to be a very safe substance. Even though I found no information on hazards of taking MAOI with melatonin, no research papers warn against taking MAOI in conjuction with melatonin. So I figured out that I have nothing to lose and decided to give it a go.

At 1:30am, I popped an Aurorix pill and took a bus home. Got home around 2am, just in time to take a melatonin pill. I did not have a clear idea what to do during the trip, as well as I was sleepy already without any sleeping aid. So it looked rather dull from the beginning, but I hoped psychedelic effects would keep me entertained. In the next two hours I surfed the net, played chess with computer and tried watching Miyzaki's Nausicaa anime, finding it was somewhat hard to concentrate, without any noticeble sensations except extreme sleepiness. I fought with drowsiness for an hour in hope that melatonin would start kicking, but alas it did not produce any significant effects and finally went to bed at about 4am.

It is curious that after closing my eyes I got some mild images in my head. Not exactly proper closed-eye visuals, but rather an intensified graphical version of normal train of thought, somewhat similar to effects of cannabis. In any case it lasted only a couple of minutes before I drifted into dreamless sleep. Woke up around 8.30am feeling surprisingly rested and fresh. Wondered for a little while about how four hours sleep can be THAT refreshing before I fell back to sleep. Finally woke up at 10.30 feeling even more refreshed and motivated to start a new day.

All in all, it was a pretty eventless experience. Apart from mild images, which I would not call something abnormal, the melatonin and MAOI combination seems to have no psychedelic effect. Melatonin is reported to enhance dreams, but I did not get any or at least nothing I can remember of. Then again normally I remember dreams only if I put effort into recollecting them. Considering the quality of melatonin induced sleep was excellent and I did not even try to concentrate on dreams in the morning, it is no wonder that I do not remember anything.

In the other report, harmaline instead of moclobemide was used as an MAOI. Harmaline is thought to be a more potent MAOI than moclobemide so this might be the reason for rather disappointing results. However, in my case I took six times as more melatonin as in that other report, but did not get any results. Oh well, it might be worth trying to repeat this experience with harmaline. Another curious point found in numerous discussions is smoking melatonin to obtain psychedelic effects. There is virtually no information on the subject, but this sounds interesting enough to give it a try at some point.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46801
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 6, 2007Views: 25,651
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Melatonin (94), Moclobemide (75), MAOIs (83) : Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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