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Bad Time
by misterman
Citation:   misterman. "Bad Time: An Experience with MDMA (exp46442)". Jan 21, 2021.

1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)


This was my first time trying it, and never really did any other substances besides pot, which I had pretty much quit several months before (after use maybe 1-4 times a week for a year). I was with several other friends who have done this substance a few times with no adverse effects besides being slightly moody the next day. I took 1 early in the night and one more when the effect was at its peak. These turned out to be much stronger than what my friends thought and the experience lasted about 5 hours and then a long comedown. I drank plenty of water the entire time, not sure if it was too much or not. By the time the sun rose, I could barely function. My face felt like it was stuck in a dopey contortion and was completely drained of energy. I tried to sleep for a couple of hours and went home and tried to sleep the rest of the day, but it didn't work out. Every time I tried to stand up after lying down, I almost immediately fell over and at one point completely lost it and knocked my head onto the floor after spacing out about a second after trying to use the restroom.

This was 3 weeks and a day ago and have suffered immense problems since. The first week and half I barely slept at all. The 2nd week I felt a little better but was still very emotional, had bad vision, and could not handle any sort of stress at all. Even still I feel like I have the worst ADD ever, and cannot focus.

This is currently the 3rd week. I'm very depressed because I haven't been able to completely relax, am still very emotional and can't focus at all. Sound is still very loud, and zoning out is a constant problem. Even typing this is a task. I tried smoking pot just once to try to relax and it made things a million times worse for about an hour. I am to the point where I have to see a doctor, this is taking a very large toll on me. I am a completely different person now and all I want is to snap back to normal. Never have I felt so completely horrible in my life.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46442
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 21, 2021Views: 597
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MDMA (3) : General (1), First Times (2), Difficult Experiences (5), Health Problems (27), Depression (15), Hangover / Days After (46), Post Trip Problems (8), Not Applicable (38)

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