The Best-Laid Plans...
by bevz
Citation:   bevz. "The Best-Laid Plans...: An Experience with 4-Acetoxy-DET (exp46091)". Mar 7, 2006.

15 mg oral 4-AcO-DET (liquid)
(second participant: 190 lb male, same doses)

Every now and then, I am reminded that drugs are unpredictable little buggers. Luckily, these reminders have always managed to be gentle, but they still serve to re-instill respect for a substance that I was otherwise starting to feel rather cavalier about.

In this case, the substance in question was 4-Acetoxy-DET. I'd taken a 'museum dose' (~14 mg) about a month prior with some friends to go see 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,' an experience that was giggly and delightful (and probably worth its own report). It also reminded me of the sensual side of the substance, and inspired me to ask my lover to take it with me some time. He enthusiastically agreed, and we planned our indulgence as a kick-off for a long weekend of hedonism and decadence. Based on my prior experience, I planned to give us both low-ish doses that would keep us fairly functional but allow us to enjoy what I have found to be the immersive, boundary-blurring nature of the drug.

We started our day with a workout at the pool - one last bit of fitness before we devolved into decadence - followed by a moderate brunch around noon. We planned to drop around 4 so this would give us plenty of time to digest. We then shopped for food and other supplies, and spent some time setting up playlists for the evening.

Finally around 5 we were ready to begin. I measured a 14-16mg dose for myself, dumped it into some juice, and chugged it. The taste was bitter but not awful (then again, I have no problem insufflating this stuff - YMMV). S decided he wanted his in a capsule instead, as he wanted to avoid any queasiness that might be induced by the taste. I again measured a 14-16 mg dose, re-measured because the scale seemed to be acting up, then encapsulated it for him. We went into the living room to listen to music and settle in.


T+20 min - I start to feel alerts already. Visuals are shifting, and I'm feeling giggly. My temperature regulation is off, and I need to get a jacket. This is faster than I expected given the mode of ingestion. Hmm.

T+30 min - I am really feeling quite high at this point, and I'm getting worried. S is feeling very little, which makes sense given that he's got a capsule to digest first. (In retrospect, we should both have gone the capsule route - though it actually worked out fine to have us on different trip schedules.) My anxiousness grows, and I give him instructions for what to do if reality goes away for me (1. call J, who knows how to deal with that situation, and 2. get me a Xanax). He and I have not done a lot of psychedelics together, and while I trust him completely, I feel bad putting him in a position of having to take care of me. I've seen people go very far away on this drug, and while I cannot imagine that the dose I gave myself could cause that sort of reality breach, I continue wondering if the scale was way off, or if I had somehow miscalculated, or if the gods just wanted me to get really super high this time. I see our sexy evening slipping away from me.

He, however, being the prince among men that he is, simply takes me into his lap, wraps his arms around me, and tells me that everything is fine and that I should just relax and be where I am. And I do...I let the music wash over me, and feel his love and acceptance, and suddently it's OK to be that high.

T+60ish min - I seem to have leveled off but am in no way coming down. He is maybe a little bit high but not feeling very much. Which is good, since I need him to work the music devices and make sure I can get from one room to another. We move to the basement so that he can have a hit or two of nitrous in hopes that it will kick things off more for him, and so that we can enjoy the visuals on the computer down there.

T+90 min - The nitrous has indeed potentiated the drug for him, but I'm still way ahead of him. The downstairs computer is proving to be troublesome to operate, so we decide to head all the way upstairs, where we know we can make the playlist go.

T+120 min - We start to fool around...or rather, I lie back and writhe while S strokes me in delightful ways. It's almost too much, but...not quite. After some amount of time - I have lost track at this point - he tells me he may not be able to continue much longer...and suddenly he has to lie down. Whether from the nitrous, the contact high, or the capsule finally digesting, he is now suddenly as high as I was earlier - and I just as suddenly have passed the peak and am coming down. I am actually delighted to have the chance to do for him as he had for me earlier - it is just rather bizarre the way the high has shifted between us, like some weird zero-sum game.

T+~ 3 hrs - The trip shifts into deep heart-space, and we spend a long time in intimate conversation...which turns out to be just what we needed. It was quite wonderful, and felt like the earlier rollercoaster of the trip happened exactly as it had to in order to put us into the right space to have that connection.


Some time around 4-5 hours in, we felt down enough to go back to the basement and have a few more nitrous hits. There was a little repotentiation but we had waited long enough that it was mostly just a pleasant nitrous high.

By around 10:30 pm we were both ravenous. We scrounged together a meal, took lots of vitamins, and headed to bed around midnight. We both slept very well and felt surprisingly fine the next day.

The moral of the story, boys and girls, is that you really can't ever predict where the drugs are going to take you, even if you've done them a bunch of times. Whether it was the exercise we'd had earlier in the day, the minimal food beforehand, some inaccuracies in the measurements, or simply the whim of the drug gods, we got much higher than I'd anticipated. It worked out fine for us, and in fact we both felt like we got a lot out of the experience, but it was an excellent reminder to expect the unexpected, especially with a drug with such a limited track record.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46091
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 7, 2006Views: 16,719
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