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Dancing with Dilaudid, the Devil in Dolophine
Methadone, Hydromorphone, & Soma
by Doc
Citation:   Doc. "Dancing with Dilaudid, the Devil in Dolophine: An Experience with Methadone, Hydromorphone, & Soma (exp4598)". Dec 28, 2001.

10 mg oral Methadone
  2.0 mg oral Hydromorphone
  700 mg oral Pharms - Carisoprodol
Ah the perils of pills, the temptation of tablets. It was morning, and I before going to college, decided to partake in 10mg of Methadone, 2mg of Dilaudid, and a booster of 700mg Soma. This wasnít the first time I had taken these drugs, but after a night of unrest, an empty stomach, and the forethought of college, I swiftly gulped down my mixture and trotted off to school.

Act 2: ALPHA, the beginning. - I sat as I do, before a computer, researching a supposed 'quaalude' analog, only to find that it had much less to do with a quaalude than suspected. Awash in the world of the internet, a warm sense of well-being crept first from the back of my neck, in all directions, a warm ecstasy. I felt my senses race to pleasure, the dull day had become an orgy of endorphins in my mind. The wonderful thing about opiates is the calming effect, mixed with a noble euphoria only morpheus can bring. A noble warmth swells withen me and for the moment all is right with the world. You become the sole god in a domain of delight. The Soma (carisprodol) really helps bring out the best of the opiates, but posesses a sedating quality prehaps because a small portion becomes the famous meprobamate of 'Miltown'.

Act 3: In the valley of the shadow of sweat - I begin to feel a little ill, not of the mind but of the body, it has been about 2 hours since I consumed my powdered pleasure, my mouth is noticably dry, and my skin remains cold and clammy a bit, although I am noticably sweating a bit, in my mind an apathy for danger and the focus is on the feeling, a still powerful warm 'wellness' covers me like body armor. My muscles are relaxed, my mind wanders, the world is within my grasp. Opiates can make me VERY queezy. Promethazine as a preloader helped, in 25mg, and pretentiated the opiate effects.

Act 4: This is the end Ė Itís been about 4 hours of relaxing, reading, etc. A bit of dehydration has been dealt with with crisp ice water, especially pleasant if I had a little cocaine. My queezy tummy has calmed, the warmth of the opiates are slowly melting away, I am no longer sweating and I feel more alert, although regretfully more aware. All in all this opiate experience was wonderful, and I think opiates indeed bring upon me a state of passive activity in our own internal worlds. A good tool for relaxing and just appreciating pleasure.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 4598
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 28, 2001Views: 91,586
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Pharms - Carisoprodol (186), Hydromorphone (300), Methadone (166) : School (35), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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