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Chronicles of My Experiences...
Salvia divinorum
Citation:   WiSe_OnE. "Chronicles of My Experiences...: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp45937)". Oct 9, 2006.

  oral Salvia divinorum (liquid)
    smoked Salvia divinorum (plant material)
The following are the chronicles of several of my experiences with Salvia Divinorum taken from my journal. .5 to 1 gram per dose


First let me say that my friend is 6'2' 350 lbs, and I am 5'10' 250 lbs. Each time we tried it we were relaxed, calm, and in a serious prepared state of mind (at least I thought). I also have *never* tried any type of drug before (Besides doc prescriptions), salvia being my first. I have never even puffed a cigarrette or been in the same room as weed. I have *never* even tried any type of hallucinigenics or anything of the sort. My friend on the other hand has tried weed once. The setting is usually us seated on a nice comfortable couch in a reclining position. My friend sometimes chooses to lay down I usually just sit comofortably. We also have not tried it with music yet, as we have yet to find a good sound track.

The first time I tried salvia I had my friend sit me, I used 4 dropper fulls of the tincture and held it like its talked about on here (under tongue/back of throat) for about 20 minutes. I felt 'heavy' and when I closed my eyes, I *think* I sorta saw the blood vessels on the back of my eyelids even though it was very dim in the room. My friend tried it after me and had no effect and didn't feel anything.

The second time we tried to smoke a 5x sample we received via a water pipe. it was about 48 hours later. I only sitted as my friend tried it. He loaded up the 'bowl' approximately 3 times, and took a total of 9 hits, each held for approximately 30-45 seconds each. There was still no effect he could feel except for the harshness of the smoke on his lungs. We used a normal lighter and kept it lit on the salvia the entire time while inhaling.

The third time we again tried the tincture, it was about a week after the previous trial. I felt the same 'heavy' feeling and he had no effect. I tried 5 dropper fulls this time, and he tried 7 dropper fulls with no effect. Both of us sat quieting in a very dim room for our attempts.

The fourth time was last night. Which was almost 3 weeks after the last attempt. Although I must say I have *never* smoked anything before but I have heard that salvia is something that deserves to be smoked. My friend tried it with a water pipe, loaded up a couple bowls, took 6 hits total, holding each as instructed and felt nothing. I tried, and after my initial intense coughing on my first few attempts I was able to start to hold the smoke on the 2nd bowl. Although I could barely even hold it 20 seconds each time.

I felt VERY heavy, much heavier then with the tincture. I also felt a very hard pull to my right side which made it even difficult for me to light the bowl for a hit. I took this to mean maybe I should lay off, and I sat there quiet. I didn't see anything, I just felt very calm, and very heavy, and pulled intensely to the right with a very very slight twist to the pull. When I closed my eyes I didn't see anything, but it felt almost like in my mind's eye I felt a red line of lights, pulling my body to the side, but i didn't really see it, its hard to explain. A thought also came into my head, not sure if it was me or not, that pretty much said that my level of consciousness was constantly in a 'salvia space' level, so it is hard to experience. My friend though, after taking another 6 hits still felt nothing.

My friend is very discouraged since he has felt nothing, except last night he did feel a slight 'calming' effect but he wasn't sure if it was from holding his breath so much or if it was from the salvia. I am also slightly discouraged as I have had a very little experiences on all of my trials.


I tried Salvia yesterday with a friend, one of whom I trust. Previously I tried before but the person I was with did not respect salvia and was actually upset at it for not giving him an experience the first few times he tried. So I decided to seek another sitter to help me with my experiences.

He has a very gentle spirit and helped me smoke it via a water pipe. It is the plain leaf that I posted about previously in another thread with pics (The one on how to tell if its good salvia or not). The first 2 hits were easy, and I held them in for a long time. The third hit was very harsh (not sure if this is normal) and I had a hard time holding it in, coughing hard but I managed to hold it all in. I held it for as long as I could, and I didn't really feel nothing.

Next thing I knew my head was back/I was looking up with my eyes closed and I didn't recall ever dropping the pipe or even putting my head back. I didn't 'see' anything, or 'hear' anything, but I just felt like I was in a deep meditative state, almost like I was asleep and part way dreaming. I saw in my minds eyes, a thought, much like a veiny centipede crawling around. Now I didn't see it in any way, nor did I have any visualizations. I also noticed that during it I didn't even remember that my friend was in the room with me and it felt like it only lasted for about 30 seconds. I recall a few times remembering my friend next to me and trying to lift my head to talk to him but I either couldn't or I didn't have the motivation to when I did try.

When I opened my eyes it almost felt like I was waking up from a really nice power nap. But when I tried to move I was almost shaky and weak. I also noticed I had sweat pouring down my face.

When I asked my friend what happened he just said that he helped carry the pipe away and I just let my head slowly fall back and I was like that, totally quiet for about 3 or 4 minutes. He also said that I held the smoke in I didn't let it out until my head was back and I had held it in for almost 2 minutes.


I had my third experience last night with my friend, both of us being very serious about it all. We turned off the lights, turned the AC low (to keep it from kicking on/off during the experience), removed all ticking clocks, and overall set a very dark, very quiet environment. We both used the restroom and spent about 30 minutes relaxing/meditating prior to usage. Last time my friend went first, but this time I went first.

I got comfortable, sitting on a cushion, with one behind my back pressed against a wall on the floor. My friend loaded a bowl in the water pipe, and I held a normal Bic lighter to the salvia in the bowl and I filled the pipe with a lot of smoke and then inhaled quickly. The first time my lungs hurt and I almost lost the smoke but was able to hold it. The 2nd time I inhaled much slower and it was easier on my lungs. The third time he loaded it again for me, handed it to me, and I was unable to light it as I had the lighter backwards. He helped place it correctly in my hand but for some reason I was disoriented at this point and I began giggling but I made myself stop laughing and I took the third hit.

I closed my eyes and relaxed but then I felt my friend hand it to me again and I subconsciously grabbed it, and lit it and took the forth hit. I would like to say that between each hit I DID NOT BREATHE, I held the smoke until he gave me the pipe again, it was only then that I exhaled to only inhale more smoke, holding each hit about 30 seconds. I've never smoked prior to Salvia, so I'm still getting use to it.

During the forth hit it was strange, I got lost in the flame sorta and I had all these emotions rise up and memories of a camping trip I took with my father when I was younger, and I felt I was sitting around a fire with my friend on a camping trip, thinking of a lake to the east of us, and there being a light breeze, all in my mind. I then realized that I wasn't and my thought was nonsense. I took the fourth hit, barely conscious of that which was around me except for the flame.

I don't remember putting the water pipe down. I didn't have any 'visualizations' I believe like seeing things as real as I see during my waking world. But I had a VERY vivid thought vision where my friend which was the last thing I saw on my left, and my legs stretched out on the floor, became melded and began repeating over and over again stretching extremely far to my left right and directly ahead. In this vivid thought vision I saw a red plant-like object spring from it and shoot up high and it curled upon itself and then it seemed an infinite amount of the same red plant sprouted from it and and so forth, it looked exactly like the pictures I have seen with fractals. The plant was pulsating and twitching and seeing alive. I then found myself trying to reach out to touch them and push them aside and even with my eyes closed this entire time, my mind showed me my arms in front of me and my hand was waving back and forth moving the fracteled vision.

I then was sitting there, wondering why I could only have this 'thought visualization' and how I wanted a real visualization, I wanted to see it as real, or if not more real then reality itself. I found myself asking her, saying 'Why can I not see it with my eyes open, or as real as my waking life?' I asked that the vision be made cleared. I literally thought I said it outloud, and could almost hear it echoing in my head.

It was then that the fractals changed, although the visualizations didn't get any more real, they suddenly shifted to a green color in my mind and rushed to my right side, going behind me, and I felt it almost grabbing my face and pulling it to my right. At this point I didn't recall my friend there sitting with me for most of the experience but then I suddenly wanted to tell him about it, but I couldn't really move, I felt paralyzed, but I didn't have any fear and I thought to myself 'Well, Salvia is taking care of me, I'm fine, I guess she wants me to be with her for a little while longer.' The visualizations in my mind continued for a little bit until I finally 'woke up' and I looked hard at my friend, and said 'Am I back!?!?' in a very urgent tone. I then touched the carpet and my legs, almost involuntarily. Although I don't know why I would say or do that as the experience wasn't that 'wild' or 'crazy' that I could remember.

When I did come through I could barely lift my arms, although it was strange. This time I had VERY little sweat on my head/face/body but my eyes were POURING water! I had thick streams of water coming from the corners of my eye down the sides of my face, down my neck, and I could feel it on my shoulders, soaking my shirt on my shoulders/chest.

I asked my friend what had happened and he said I was dead quiet for a minute, then I started reaching in front of me and then I just stopped suddenly and dropped my hands back onto my lap and then a minute after that he saw my head turn to the right. But I was dead quiet during the entire experience. I asked if I had said anything and he said I hadn't, that I was out.

I will also say that I had an intense headache after the experience and even today I still have a slight headache.

Like I said, these all were decently VIVID thought visions, and I don't recall actually seeing any of it. It was all like a 'blurry' dream during the experience. The visualizations in my thought were not that clear, it was like I knew what thought visions I was having, it seemed somewhat clear, yet, I couldn't accurately visialize them. I have heard that you typically 'cry' when the visions you are experiences are so beautiful.

I have yet to feel any presence of Sally, or anyone or anything whatsoever. The space feels somewhat 'empty' in a way right now. I'm guessing that will change as the experiences continue.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 45937
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 9, 2006Views: 16,783
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