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Never Tripped Before
by psycho-b
Citation:   psycho-b. "Never Tripped Before: An Experience with 5-MeO-DiPT (exp4591)". Dec 28, 2001.

T+ 0:00
8.0 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT (capsule)
  T+ 0:45 8.0 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT (capsule)


First, I've never tripped before, or written a report like this, so bear with me.

I received 250 mg of foxy in the mail. I read that dosage was important, so I bought a scale. Unfortunately, it only read to the nearest 1/10 of a gram, so it was useless for measuring out doses of foxy. From what I had read, I was thinking 8 mg. would have been a good amount for a first try for me and my g/f.

We really wanted to try it without waiting till I could buy a better scale, so I hit on an idea: If I divided the 250 mg into 30 equal size piles, each pile would have 8 1/3 mgs. Well, it wasn't easy with such small amounts, but I finally got 30 tiny piles that all looked about the same size. I was confident that the largest pile was NOT twice as large as the smallest pile--that made me confident that no pile was over 10 mgs or under 6 mgs.

Anyway, I put the piles into capsules and set aside 4 of the capsules that seemed to have smaller amounts, though that was hard to tell and I'm not going to assume those 4 capsules had less than 8 mgs. My g/f and I took our 4 capsules, each holding 6-10 mgs of foxy, to a club.

Midnight: We each take 1 capsule with water.

12:30: Not really noticing effects, but the music was so loud and there were so many flashing lights, we might not have noticed. I tried dancing liquid and I think I did it a little better than I do when sober.

12:45: Still not really noticing effects. We each take a second pill with water.

1:00: I notice I am warm, sweating a little, feeling a little speedy. I'm not really comfortable in any part of the club. I drag my g/f from place to place trying to find a relaxing environment, but I can't. Then my favorite techno song comes on (well, funky house to be exact) and I start dancing like a madman, very loose. I even throw in a little popping which I've never done before, but have seen, and I think I did okay at it. After the song ended, I didn't like the next one and the urge to dance left me.

1:30: Sitting down with my g/f in my lap. The music starts sending some ticklish shivers through me that arrive at the genital area with a not entirely pleasant feeling (like being very softly kicked in the balls). Overall, it was a pleasant feeling. Around this time my g/f started tripping. She looked at me and the sweat on my face looked like grooves in my face. That made her want to leave.

Note: We both agreed that it seemed like we'd been at the club all night, but it had been less than 2 hours. This time-stretching had started about 30 minutes after the first caspule.

1:45: I was thinking that the foxy was just starting to kick in with the shivers and all, but I agreed to leave. On the walk out, we left the techno room and entered a hip hop room. The lights and music were much less intense and that really helped me feel the effects of the foxy. I started to feel euphoric. I laughed a couple times at things that struck me funny as I walked through the room. I was a little disappointed to be leaving the club just when I was starting to feel this way, but oh well.

The walk to the car seemed to take a long time, but I enjoyed it. The cold air felt good. The quieter the surroundings got, the more the noises stood out as something really special. Note: I think a place with too much stimulus, like the techno room I started out in, might be wrong for this stuff. Simple music in a peaceful environment brought the sensations of the drug on much harder.

2:00 Driving home probably was not safe. I tried to pay extra attention, but the music from my radio was hitting me like a wave and I still felt euphoric. I had a Doors cd in, but that seemed too intense, then I switched to Pink Floyd and it was the same. Then I switched to Tom Petty and it was perfect. At one point, there seemed to be an amazing amount of red in front of me from all the brake lights and stop lights. Anyway, I made it home safe.

2:15 Back at my apartment, I lit a candle and put on the Tom Petty cd I'd taken from my car (Wildflowers) because it had sounded so good. The candle stood out strong, like a beacon. I was a little unsteady and forgetful, as I lumbered around the apartment putting on music, undressing, lighting the candle, etc. My g/f just laid on the bed in the fetal position fully dressed. I laid next to her.

2:25 The music was still sending somewhat sensual waves through me when the guitars would sound grungy. My g/f complained that she didn't like tripping like this and wasn't happy. I told her I'd read that some people on foxy felt disturbed by the sensations, but threw themselves into sex to distract themselves. She said she was tripping too hard for that (she only weighs about 130lbs, so she was surely tripping harder than me).

Anyway, she told me to get myself off if I felt excited. Note: none of these sensual feelings made me hard, it was more like I felt I was getting erotic stimulation from the music to my spine. I wanted to see how far I could take this, so I mentally threw myself into the sensuality, moaning and writhing a little and rubbing up on my g/f a little. At this time, the song Honey Bee started and from the first chord, it seemed to be purely sexual for me and my g/f. We both started writhing to the music and then having sex. With my eyes open, we were both sweaty and a little stinky (b.o.) in a dark, dank bedroom. But with my eyes shut, we were in an ideal rainbow environment and the sex was perfect. Anyway, the music swept us along until the next song came on. It had a less sexual vibe, so I found the remote (right beside the bed) and skipped back to Honey Bee and we were right back at it. After the third time through Honey Bee, I came with lots of writhing and moaning. The orgasm itself didn't seem particularly intense, though it did make me lose control much more than usual. It was like I had been so close to orgasm so long that the actual orgasm wasn't much more than what I was already feeling, except that it added a sense of release.

Anyway, I rolled off my g/f and repeated Honeybee twice more while I manually stimulated her. I was still feeling very sensual, too, but not capable of more intercourse. She was writhing uncontrollably for the entire time, and later said it was like she was having an orgasm during the whole song.

3:00 I let the cd proceed to the next song. My g/f was fetal again and back to being unhappy she was tripping. She was just waiting for the tripping to end so she could sleep. Her visuals weren't bad, but she just didn't like the lack of control and the inability to shut her mind off. I had fractal, kaleidescope visuals of teeth, skulls, flowers, whatever, one thing melting into the next. Sometimes I was seeing really violent imagery and I wondered if I were a bad person for not feeling bad or shocked or grossed out by this stuff, but then I told myself it was just the drug. Throughout the night, if I didn't like the visuals, I opened my eyes and I was back in my bedroom. Then I could shut my eyes again and see what new visions started, like turning the channel.

At some point I felt like I was in the middle of the perfect club atmosphere with rainbow lights and no ceiling. I got the feeling I wanted to control the lights, so I opened my eyes, found some photon lights I have, sat up in bed and started playing with them to the music. I felt more fluid than I ever had and I was going VERY fast and liquid (this was still to Tom Petty!). For a while I stood up to do the lights, then sat down again. The colors looked great.

A little later, food sounded fabulous, so I got some chocolate ice cream from the freezer. It tasted very intense, but not particularly delicious, so I put it back. Then I changed CD's to something slower and laid down again. Laying in the dark listening to music, we really had no choice but to see the closed eye visuals. It was like turning on the TV every time I shut my eyes. I think that if I had kept my eyes open--like to watch real TV or something--that might have been better because I was starting to get a little tired of the closed eye visuals.

Around 4:30am, we both drifted off to sleep. We slept about 5 hours and woke a little fuzzy headed and sore.

Some general observations: My closed eye visuals were of two types: First, fractal, kaleidescope images melting into new images (fairly two dimensional). Second, a perfect surrounding, like virtual reality (three dimensional). The second type of visual was especially nice, closing my eyes and being in the perfect bedroom, the perfect romantic scene or the perfect nightclub.

Drinking and eating anything was somewhat nauseating or uncomfortable throughout the night. From my perspective, it was like I could feel things in my stomach that I normally should not feel--not painful, just unusual and a little disturbing. There were times when I flipped over time and again in bed trying to get comfortable, but a heightened sense of my organs and joints made it difficult to be entirely comfortable. At some point, my g/f's leg touching mine felt like a huge weight and I had to move away from it. I was alternatingly too hot, too cold or just right--sometimes just right when I should have been too hot or too cold.

Even the erotic waves that came over me with the music carried a little queasiness with them, though overall I enjoyed it. At times, I thought I could hold onto the sensual aspects of the music and focus on it and possible bring myself to orgasm from it, but I could never hold that concentration long enough.

I think the period when I could not get comfortable would have been better if I were watching TV or interacting with my g/f (sex or otherwise), but she was trying to zone everything out, so I had no choice but lay beside her in the dark room.

Overall, it is not a purely fun drug like Ecstasy, but the pleasure outweighed the less comfortable aspects of the drug. And it did create some intense sex. My g/f says she won't do it again--she doesn't like any kind of visuals (ala acid, shrooms, etc.)--despite the great sex.

Next time, I am going to stick with one capsule and see what 8 mgs (est) will do. From what I've read, I think maybe I can get some of the sensual aspects without the tripping from a lower dose. I really can't see the point in trying a higher dose than 16 mgs. I can't imagine wanting to trip harder or longer than I did.

Oh, with the changes in my body temperature and the sweating, I think avoiding alcohol and drinking water or juice (despite the slightly nauseous feeling they may cause) would be wise to replenish the liquids the body is surely losing.

The time distortion was nice--with Ecstasy, sometimes it seems like the evening is over in a flash, but with this stuff, the evening would seem to last and last. (Guess that is only good if you are having a good time.)

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 4591
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 28, 2001Views: 22,665
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5-MeO-DiPT (57) : Various (28), First Times (2), Sex Discussion (14)

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