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Divine Intervention
DXM, H.B. Woodrose, & Amanita pantherina
by Atomic_Revolution
Citation:   Atomic_Revolution. "Divine Intervention: An Experience with DXM, H.B. Woodrose, & Amanita pantherina (exp45866)". Nov 14, 2007.

  repeated oral DXM (capsule)
  15 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (ground / crushed)
  8 caps oral Amanitas - A. pantherina (dried)
  1500 mg oral Ginkgo biloba (capsule)
  1500 mg oral Ginseng (capsule)
  2 caps oral Amanitas - A. pantherina (dried)


Holy fuck...where to begin. I guess I should start at the logical conclusion, the moment the shit hit the fan: Saturday. I dreamt I was a sculpture artist, creating a monstrosity of artwork, an abomination of beauty. It was a massive steel tree with cords that could be played like a guitar. Flash to my mother handing me a package. With devious furiosity I tore into it with my teeth, knowing what to expect. Fuck! It was random plants. Where was my dxm? I awoke to my mother standing over me handing me a small light box. Here it was! The moment I've been waiting for. Ten grams of pure ass dextromethorphan.

I could barely wait. I darted to the store and picked up some low budget vitamins and emptied a few capsules. Little did I even step in my house before I began filling capsule after capsule with the sacred snow. Hours later and I discovered what was soon to be the beginning of my most insane psychedelic adventure yet. At roughly nine pm on Saturday, the dex was in full force, bullet to the dome, lock and load. Fresh clip. Down the hatch and whoa what the fuzzy fuck? The world was a mess of colored static and perceptual alterations. This quickly led to a comatose state in which a dreamless sleep dominated.

The next day I awoke to another full cap, roughly 500 mg after the day before's estimated 900 or more mg. Still tripping utter sack, I downed the bastard at about 1 pm. not too much later I was setting sail on yet another chemical crusade to eternity. Ringing! Am I hallucinating or is something happening? I took another cap bringing me to about 800 mg or roughly 1200 mg for the day on top of 900 mg the day before. The phone! Yes, of course. Just cuz I was dissociated from reality doesn’t mean the rest of the world was. I swiftly picked the motherfucker up. My friends were down on a vision quest. I agreed and packed my bags.

As soon as they arrived I showed them what wonders were in store. My friends were prepared also but not in the way that they should’ve been. They had some Peruvian torch and I had in my bags, a fear and loathing backpack of ethereal madness. there contained three pounds of mescal ridden Peruvian torch cacti, 500 Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, 1 oz high caliber amanita pantherina caps, 1 oz nutmeg extract, and 2 oz amanita muscaria. This is not all however. There also contained 4 oz wormwood dust, seven grams dagga flowers, and a small quantity of schwag herbal. Yes, we were ready to explore. Needless to say, we didn’t touch much but the dxm. My friends quickly downed a 500 mg cap of pure dex and I followed suit as well. This made 2200 mg for today.

Before I even left the house my other cap had begun hitting me hard and I was finding it hard to speak and socialize, but it could be carried out with little effort. We spent the next hour smoking shitty buds and making small talk. I tried to sell my homies dad some drugs to which he declined. Pussy. Dude was just drinking tequila, Satan’s water. He talked shit saying how we were insane and he was going to call the loony bin, so off we went. My buddy’s girl was left behind and we three cruised up the mountain into the dark woods. Daylight had begun to fade. We ended up taking more like an hour later. 2/3 cap was taken by me as the other two had hit me like a freight train. 2800 mg today. We all sat speechless staring at the fire for what seemed like hours before I went home to pass out in a coma style dreamless slumber.

I stirred from death at 12 pm only to take another cap. Day three and I was still fazed the fuck out from the leftovers of yesterdays. 500 mg for the day. Went to college and strained to pay attention. I noticed that it took much effort to do what was previously simple on amanitas a few days earlier. Much less harmony. I was all in my own head. But somehow I understood. Odd, I thought. My mom picked me up to eat Chinese but first we went to the bank. I packed up another capsule in the bank bathroom at about 3:00 tripping utter sack. It was a little struggle but nada mucho. Downed and chilled. I noticed the swift come on and felt like I was in a psychedelic dream. I was more in control than I ever felt before.

3:15, in the Chinese place bathroom, I retardedly filled yet ANOTHER cap, insisting that more would be better. In my daze I had not thought of my previous experiences and forgot how powerful dexxx really is. The food tasted amazing and I remember social skillz excelling. Visuals and euphoria were blatant and abundant. Conversations were profound and I thought briefly about how much smarter cookies are than me. Laugh to self.

Then it began to take a turn for the worst. I think all the dxm had finally hit me on the ride home. Talking felt like I had a dead tongue and I began to fully dissociate. It was only 4:20 and I was reaching anesthetic levels, nothing short of wondrous sigma. I couldn’t think. I sat in dead silence with my mom talking about random shit in the background. everything I was looked like those prismatic glasses you can buy at rave shops that give sober lames a twisted view into the madness a tripper may experience but this was far more fut. Distortions abound and I couldn’t think about anything but how I felt like crystal death.

The second I got home I pounded a drink and lay the fuck down on the ground to die. I placed some gems on my solar plexus and had a bizarre lucid experience of which I remember little other than leaving my body and soaring the world. I could feel pulsing from the gems and later (8:00) rose and decided to abolish my chemical abduction with a little natural medicine. 15 hbwr(India strain) seeds were ground and consumed along with 8 amanita pantherina (mad potent) caps, roughly 1 inch to 3 inches each, drier than Egypt’s sands. Bold move, which would later seal my fate.

I lay down once more and soon began to feel sober but the strange thing is my visual activity began to swirl and pulsate like nothing I had ever felt before. I perceived extreme energy and strength and soon got up. I said what’s up to my stepdad and he laughed saying something about how he couldn’t understand me. I felt sketched out, grabbed my backpack of drugs, and went back into the other room. I felt ashamed of not being able to handle my trips properly and realized this was self importance and soon my trip regained the euphoria it had earlier.

The trip intensified to magnificent levels and I soon seen visions of vivid neon color, eyes open, quickly intensifying in speed and strangeness until I believed I peaked at midnight. I lay there hearing insane noises and I thought I had lost it. I felt retarded and feared never coming back. The psychedelics were doing whatever they wanted and I had little say. I could intervene but I quickly noticed that doing so dulled the realizations. It was like going psychotic but being a genius at the same time. The trips were battling for control but merging as one spectacular entity in their warfare. I remember being disassembled and then reassembled many times that night. I did all sorts of strange things like talking repetitive words to myself, compulsively moving about and writhing in my bed, and realizing deep things about the world I lived in and myself. I remember voices saying sometimes inane things like spring-gibbledy-boing-ding to is this thing broken to things like full blown songs from grateful dead like I will survive.

At around 3 am the seeds hit harder and the shit turned dreamy and tired. I lay still hallucinating wildly until I was awakened. It was early morning, 6:30 am. I had survived the night. I felt tired but wise beyond my years and did a little yoga and ninja meditation to raise my energy. I ate 2 more pantherinas and took ginseng and ginkgo, three pills each. I felt synched up in harmony with myself and the world and was ready to rock. I got to school with little effort and made it thru class with much distraxion. A French vanilla (yum) cappuccino was slaughtered and here I sit at 11:30 am on a college computer. Weirdest and greatest fucking trip of my life. I wanted guidance and I got it. My horoscope today is this:


(Jun 23 - Jul 23)

Think of the waning moon as your friend in a helicopter - surveying the landscape of your life from a lofty height. It can see the road ahead in much greater clarity than you can - even if it isn't fully cognizant of all the immediate detail. It knows, though, where you need to go and is letting you know clearly, which way to turn - or not to turn. This is why you feel as if you are being pushed around by circumstance at the moment. You are, to some extent - but even those irritating circumstances are steering you the right way

True as fuck. I may take a little more dxm when I get home but am unsure yet. I think I have direction now and I now am certain what I am: nothing and everything. That is what I was last night and that is what I will always be. Life is meant to be lived and that’s what I'm going to do. Peace and love.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 45866
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 14, 2007Views: 11,497
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Amanitas - A. pantherina (71), H.B. Woodrose (26), DXM (22) : Various (28), Multi-Day Experience (13), Combinations (3)

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