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Helpful Herb
Nutmeg & Ginkgo biloba
Citation:   Belialith. "Helpful Herb: An Experience with Nutmeg & Ginkgo biloba (exp45839)". Apr 22, 2010.

  repeated oral Nutmeg (tea)
    repeated oral Ginkgo biloba (liquid)
Aug. 29, 2005, Monday.

I grated 3 Nutmeg nuts on the grater & what I couldn't grate I crushed with a pair of small pliers into my coffee grinder & ground the rest of the nuts pieces. It came out to two nicely rounded tablespoons of fresh Nutmeg powder.

I put 2 cups water in a small saucepot, dropped the Nutmeg in & a pinch of sea salt, put it on high heat, covered & let it boil. My first time, a little while ago, I let it boil for a few minutes & it turned out perfect. During the week I tried putting it in AFTER the water boiled & letting it sit inside there for only a minute to about 5 minutes before I sipped it in a cup. But that didn't work very well. It was weak. So to make it more potent, I drop the Nutmeg in at the start with a pinch of sea salt, turn on the heat & let it boil, then simmer a while, about 3 to 5 minutes.

This time I bought whole nuts & grated them myself. I have been using the store-bought powdered Nutmeg & making tea with that. The first time I used that kind, I put 2 heaping tablespoons of it, then added chicken bouillon powder to my cup & a pinch of sea salt because I wasn't sure what flavor to expect. That turned out to be the best made batch. I had plenty of the same Nutmeg powder so all week each morning or if I preferred, in the evening, I would use that powder & not add salt to the water. Also not let it sit in the hot water for long. The result was a weak high. Even when I used the same amount or a touch more Nutmeg powder.

Therefore, I put a pinch of sea salt in with the water & 2 rounded tablespoons of freshly ground Nutmeg before I brought it to a boil. Allowed it to boil for a minute, turned it down to a simmer on low heat, turned it off after 3 or 4 minutes and let it sit for 10 minutes. I then poured it into my cup and sipped it.

Starting at 4:00 pm I began sipping the prescribed Nutmeg tea. By 4:30 pm I'm done drinking two cups of the tea. But 20 minutes after I first started sipping it, I get the exact same feelings as when I first drank this tea. My eyes just saw a rush of white light in front of them. I walked around & got a head-rush type of experience but no pain. And it occurred like a short dunk, or jab, or flash. Just click click and I'm in two different worlds for a half second. Then I sat down observing & 5 minutes later I feel a warm sensation through my left arm, a numbing-like feeling passing through it. (What was that? The Black Widow!)

Breathing is deep & excellent. For the amount of cigarrettes I smoke, this tea has opened up my breathing capacity somehow...or is that the Ginkgo Biloba? I'm drinking lots of water. I always do. And some black tea with a pinch of fresh Nutmeg in it. For flavor! I didn't drink the grinds at the bot-tombe of the cup of Nutmeg tea. I don't like them. I ate earlier, about 3:00 pm & had some delicious olives, feta cheese, pita bread, almonds, walnuts, golden raisins, & half a green onion. A very nutritious snack for sure! So yea, I'm a healthy person.

And now that I've discovered Nutmeg tea, I'm more healthy. I use to be irritable & mean much of the time. On this tea, it relaxes me & sometimes brings euphoria of the mind. Much of the time. I don't desire alcoholic drinking much too now. I usually sip on red wine but I haven't had the desire for it or any alcoholic beverage. When I do drink I have a shot or two, or a couple glasses of wine. Strange. I don't desire drinking anymore, to be bothered with too much thinking of it.

I still like it though. I've only been drinking this Nutmeg tea for a week and a half, so there you go. I'd say it's an improvement though. I usually have a bottle of wine a night three or four times a week. This week, I didn't bother. I didn't want it. Wow. Strangely enough, this is good. When I drink under the influence of Nutmeg, I sense it. Like a feeling of fullness during eating food, I sense a feeling of fullness after a couple glasses of red wine. And it's not on purpose that I feel that. Because I want to drink more and more and more, but I get bored with it when under this wonderful Nutmeg influence.

So I use this herbal Nutmeg tea for controlling bad things. Like my thoughts too for example. It's easier to observe myself under this teas influence.
I use this herbal Nutmeg tea for controlling bad things. Like my thoughts too for example. It's easier to observe myself under this teas influence.
Then I straighten my thoughts out to suit the direction in which I, me, desire my life to go in.

I did hear that it has a chemical in it which may or may not be harmful to the liver. So as a precaution I pick a small handful of fresh dandylion leaves outside & make fresh tea out of it because it has healing properties for the liver, amongst other things. So I boil a cup of water. And after it's stopped boiling, I rip the washed pieces of dandylion leaf into it and steep it for a minute. Then drink that once in a while. It tastes light & there's a touch of bitterness in the flavor. In winter, I buy dandelion leaf at my grocery store, in the lettuce department hahaha. Yea. I'm lucky I'm Canadian and we have all kinds of European Canadians who bring with them nutritional knowledge and a demand for those good things in life...even when they don't taste so good. Dandylion is a bitter tasting leaf to eat.

Last night, I stayed up late doing an art project. I didn't want to go to sleep. I wanted to finish it, but I didn't want to rush it. I knew that I couldn't finish it in that amount of time, AND get some restful sleep at the same time. So, to encourage my sleep, instead of taking Melatonin, which I'm not sure is good because it's laboratory produced, I made myself a cup of Nutmeg tea. I put 2 well-rounded tablespoonfuls into boiled water & drank it quickly & went back to work. Lost interest in 5 minutes. In 10 I put away my artwork & was in bed by 3:00 am. I woke up at 8:30 am feeling wonderful. And went back to work on the project. The difference was, that now, today, I was feeling euphoria. I think that's because I fell asleep immediately & when I woke up, haha, it was time to be happy!

And since I had run out of the powdered Nutmeg last night, I decided that this is my type of medicine & bought a pound of Nutmeg whole nuts. I paid 5 something dollars for it! Way better value than buying 155 grams for two dollars at the grocery store, already powdered. It's true the smell is much more perfumy & the taste more rich, and even smooth, when I ground them myself.

I also noticed my skin is beginning to look radiant & dewy. My attitude is the most obvious though. My family noticed how smoothed out I am now. No jagged edges. I'm able to sit around relaxed instead of fidgety & bored to do something. I'm more well humored. We were cleaning out the remaining items from my parents home after my father passed away about a year ago. And I kept cracking jokes which led to my siblings cracking jokes, & the whole night went wonderfully pleasant. No bawling from my oldest sister he he. And I even introduced Nutmeg to my two sisters, telling them of my experience with it. They didn't like the taste. I'd say that when it's made for you, then it's made for you. I consider this, my medicine.

The good thing is, I smile at myself more often in the mirror & I think I look pretty. Nutmeg tea has helped me to get through some bumps in my self-improvement regime, which I've been working at for 6 months now & having a difficult time with. Now it's much nicer. More easy. You know how a lot of people mention things about their childhood when under the Nutmeg influence? Well I didn't understand that at first, before I tried it. I thought there are lots of people out there who are stuck on the past or something. Then I tried it for the first time and have been doing it ever since, for about a week and a half now...and found that it is not what I thought. I hardly ever allow myself to even think about the past, let alone entertain it. In fact when I thought of the past, only the negative things would pop out for my attention. All the memories that have come back to me while on the Nutmeg experience are all good memories that I remember. And some of them were while I was alone in my own world, playing outside. Some of them were even the dreams I had which I found pleasant. And of course other memories are with the people around me at that time in my life, even strangers, & spirits too! And all of it happened without my ever thinking of it, or suspecting what was happening until I remembered some of the others' experiences I read and saw how my own mind was pulling out memories too.

I think that is what people mean by a fuddled mind when they drink this tea. It's because of the other side of reality that's a perfect match for this side of reality...and is working on balancing itself in our what we are 'used to' reality. This tea is unique in that it seems to open up a conscious dream state in the waking life. And it feels like a natural part of real life. If it was the part that was missing then, hello Zen, I'm on my way! And I think that's why our minds revert back to fond childhood memories, or those memories where we allowed ourselves to be whole instead of half, the way this real life of ours has been too hard on everyone. We need the softness of the spirit & the imagination, the way we use to have before reality set in. And so, it's our selves way of showing us what IT is all about. So whenever on a buzz, often be in awareness of what your mind is communicating to you, as in, your whole self, all parts of you. Some of those parts you've not ever known, like I'm finding out about myself these days. And so we all must be aware then when that part of you, ourselves, comes to fruition & needs to expand into your, our, conscious awareness of who you, we, truly are. A great gift.

I do feel tired a lot too. What I do for that is take 1ml. of Ginkgo biloba once or twice a day for energy, and drink one fourth cup Noni juice once or twice a day, or when I feel the need. The energy the clarity of mind. I find it helps me through the down times. Oh & a lot of strong black tea, & water!

I tried poppy seed tea & I didn't like it much. It made my stomach cramp & I felt nauseous on it. I lay down and fell asleep (thank-goodness). When I woke I felt bloated and tired. Just like when my friend once gave me a codene pill for the buzz, & I was playing pool with him when 20 minutes later I felt a terrible pain in the center of my chest like it seized up for a while. I also felt a chest pain when drinking poppy seed tea. I won't be doing it again, or any opium plant for that matter...well, except smoke the good stuff. When it comes around. Which it's so rare to find to begin with. But it don't bother me none.

Now. My next experiment is going to be with 'Skullcap'. This week I'll pick some up at my herb store...

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 45839
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 22, 2010Views: 14,132
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Nutmeg (41) : Not Applicable (38), Health Benefits (32), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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