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Semi-Random Pattern Recognition
by Crake
Citation:   Crake. "Semi-Random Pattern Recognition: An Experience with 2C-I (exp45740)". Aug 10, 2007.

40 mg oral 2C-I (capsule)


This is not the first time that I had taken 2C-I, two previous experiences had given me a feeling of comfort and security with this substance. When I chose to dose with two friends of mine, I increased my previous doeses of 20 mg to 40. The other two split two 20mg capsules, oraly ingesting a rough 30mg.

Forgive that these times are not especially accurate.

t: +0:00 I injest 40mg of 2C-I orally.

t: +0:30 We finish our coffees and sit along the lakefront of our town. The sun is setting in good time; our eyes begin to grow sore, ultra-sensitive to the summers brightness. We compliment the ripples on the water and the forms the clouds take in silence.

t: +0:45 My friends are noticing 'very noticable' visual effects. Colous are not merely more intense, nor more beautiful but take on other strange qualities. We attach moods and feelings to them, and equate actions and ideas with visual references. The material world acts as a metaphor for the thoughts we'll soon have trouble communicating. We meet three other people, strangers, and share a breif conversation about ketamine. They claim to have done 20mg 2C-I earlier that day, and its an encouraging synchronicity; this chemical hasn't been in our town very long at all.

t: +1:15 The amphetamine like rush we have been feeling seems to subside. Effects comparable to low mushroom dosing is mentioned. Minor OED's become more prominent; shadows in our periferal vision, complexity in leaves and grass, some colour and pattern shifting in the water and clouds. Nausia is bothering us, but we have no real inclination to vomit. The feeling seems very artificial, and we guess it isn't real; some querk of 2C-I creates a fantome feeling of illness. This is true of the smell, which I describe as a sort of formaldehyde, urine, dampness, it is not noticed by those around who are not coming up on the chemical, and we agree it is impossible not to notice.

t: +1:45 The visual effects I am experiencing have exponentiated from a feeling of serenity to the sneaking suspicion I've poisoned myself. 'There's no going back I'll wait it out.' Waiting, the patterns, colour shifting, spacial/dimensional distortion becomes more intense. I try to relax and will myself into a state of pre-psychosis control. We contine walking along the lakeshore.

t: +3:00 The sun has fallen, and I'm realived because my eyes had been so sore. I sit now in a park, with my girlfriend, with her friend and try to communicate with them. I let them know that yes I am very seriously taken over by 2C-I, but that no I wont lose my head. On a picnic table we admire the growing storm which has been brooding and swelling over my head. The perfect visual metaphor of my reluctant anxiety.

The patterns I see now are extremely intense and vivid, acting as a sort of layered filter which fits over my normal senses. Vision is so overwhelmed by the interactions of streaming neons, sparking, cracking glass plates and extra dimensions that I have trouble seeing. Sometimes objects appear as though they are being seen through a heat sensor, or alternatly vibrantly neon infrared. The cracking of the glass plates is at first startling because it seems so unusal, and even more so by the blackness that seems to fill the cracks. I have the general impression that I am extremely powerful, though not invicible nor even irrationaly brave, and that I am full of raw, primeval energy and energies. I will various visual displays to unfold.

What is most interesting is the ability to focus on and understand seemingly random or chaotic patterns. One seems able to recognize the stuctured layout of blades of grass and the tediously rehersed dance birds make in flight, how the wind rustles the leaves of trees, and though I know this is not unusal, the extent it takes on 2C-I is very new to me. The mind plays games at setting parameters on chaotic systems, realizing that chaotic systems all have limits and parameters.

I am at a public library, and I've six minutes before this session expires. I'll be quick to post my next experience in more detail.


Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 45740
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 10, 2007Views: 7,690
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2C-I (172) : Mystical Experiences (9), Nature / Outdoors (23), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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