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Psychic Surprise
Salvia divinorum (20x extract)
by Emo Earache
Citation:   Emo Earache. "Psychic Surprise: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (20x extract) (exp45668)". Nov 26, 2007.

2 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


In my youth I've had a few experiences with acid, a few more with mushrooms, and have generally had a fairly innocent yet spiritually inclined curiosity towards the power (and weirdness) of psychedelic drugs. I think the few experiences I've had have, for the most part and to varying degrees, benefited me in exploring the complexities of reality, life, nature, humanity, and everything else that encompasses one's existence. I'm also a fairly skeptical person when it comes to topics such as psychic visions, psychic powers, or those who claim in general to be psychics. The future is an uncertain thing, that's what kind of makes life worth living in uncertain times. But it only took one overwhelmingly intense experience with Salvia Divinorum to force me to perhaps take another look at what kind of strange powers lay hidden beneath the folds of normal consciousness.

I had been experimenting with Salvia for almost a year before this incredibly strange experience occurred, and had definitely come to a conclusion that it was a pretty intense drug that shouldn't really be screwed around with too much. Mostly I had been smoking 14x quality stuff about a couple of times a month, and had been having some really interesting trips. Recently, though, I had acquired some 20x variety, and I could tell just by looking at it that it was going to create a powerful experience. Now, I'm a college student who is still living at home with his parents, and because of this situation I prefer to smoke Salvia when I am the only one in the house. It cuts back on the chance of anything really weird happening involving my fairly straight-laced parents (or so I thought, anyway). So when the perfect opportunity to smoke some of the 20x Salvia I had been saving arose, I took advantage of the moment and prepared myself.

My parents were leaving for the weekend to go camping in the nearby mountains with some of their friends, and I had the house all to myself. About twenty minutes after they left I decided to borrow my brother's ingenious homemade bong and loaded up about half a bowl of the 20x Salvia. I put on some Phish, the Providence '94 'David Bowie,' to be exact, the choice of which would directly effect my trip, and sat back and relaxed for a bit. From previous experiences I knew that what I was doing was going to be intense, so I tried my best to sit on my couch and ease my mind and my heart before taking that first hit. It had been a good day, I was in a good mood, everything was in its right place and I was ready to take the plunge. I took one huge hit, held it in, and then let it go. I took another fairly big hit, held it in, and then... LIFT OFF!

I don't know how long I held that second hit in but it didn't seem nearly as long as the first. That's because as the music grew weirder and more dissonant and the trip began, I was thrown head first into an immediate paranoia that my parent's were coming directly home. Each weird sound emanating from the speakers enhanced the mind dilemma I was experiencing on just what the fuck to do when my parent's came home. I could literally feel them coming back, as if my brain was sucking them back home, as if there was a direct pipeline from what they were doing at that very instance miles away into my brain. There was no reason for it, they had just left for the entire weekend, but in my completely immersive experience I knew, I just freakin' knew, that they were on their way back.

I stood up and tweekerishly looked out the window full of paranoia, expecting to see them pull into the driveway. Yet as I stood the feeling that I was standing on a beach somewhere immediately overwhelmed me. It wasn't like I was hallucinating a beach and sand and the ocean in front of me, I just totally felt like I was standing on a beach, quietly and by myself. It was as if my mind had tapped into that feeling you get when you are standing on a deserted beach, but yet here I was standing in my bedroom looking out the window. I was pretty much in an entirely different world.

The beach feeling calmed me somewhat, and at the same moment the music shifted from abstract dissonance to a more melodic and pretty sound. As the jamming in the song grew more and more beautiful, I sat back on my couch and was awash in a blissful feeling of enlightenment. The paranoia of my parents returning home subsided more and more. After all, I reasoned, they had just left on a vacation for the weekend. My heartbeat settled just a bit, and I just shut my eyes and became totally lost in the song. I could feel every nuance of the music in my mind, much like when I had done acid years before; it matched up perfectly with what was happening in the moment, in reality, in my experience. It had probably only been a matter of five or six minutes from the beginning of the trip, but I had already experienced extremes of fear and bliss thus far, and the trip was still running pretty strong when I heard the garage door below my bedroom opening up.

I couldn't fucking believe it! I rushed to the window and low and behold, my dad's Trooper was parked in the fucking driveway, and out pops my mom. It was true! The totally psychic feeling I had just had moments before of my parents returning home, the pipeline I had discovered between my parentís and my brain, had been for real! My mind was absolutely blown at that point; I didn't know what the hell to do. In a panicking flurry, still tripping hard from the Salvia, I shut off the music I had been blissing out too, put out the incense that was burning, grabbed the bong, flew to the closet and hid the sucker away. And then, I sat there in pure silence, heart racing.

I heard my momís footsteps coming up the stairs, and I knew that everything I had been doing up to that point would seem totally suspicious if she decided to come talk with me. Donít get me wrong, I love my mom and we have a great relationship, but this was not the right time to be speaking to her. As she was coming up the stairs though, she said something that, at the time, struck me as the most absurd fucking thing in the world: ďI forgot all my stuff,Ē i.e. she had forgot all her clothing, camping equipment, and accessories for the trip. ďHow in the hell do you forget all that stuff when you are leaving for the whole weekend?Ē I thought to myself. It was more than just coincidence, I later decided, it was directly related to the serendipitous discovery of a psychic experience in my own brain brought about by an overwhelmingly intense Salvia Divinorum trip.

My mom gathered her things and left, and I sat there in my room with a mind that was totally blown, still tripping, trying to believe that what had just happened did in fact just happen. The realization that it did in fact happen made me laugh like crazy as the rest of the effects slowly wore off, and to this day it was the craziest thing that has happened to me on Salvia. Within a span of probably ten to fifteen minutes, I literally had a psychic experience, traveled without moving to a beach somewhere in the world (I would later visit an empty beach in Santa Cruz and have the same feeling), experienced fear and bliss to extreme degrees, and had one of the most intense and strange experiences of any drug Iíve ever done. Iíve had other strange, beautiful, and / or frightening experiences with Salvia since then, but nothing has quite matched this surprise psychic Salvia trip that totally blew my mind.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 45668
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 26, 2007Views: 5,006
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