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Beano Makes it Better
Morning Glory
by Frankenstein Jones
Citation:   Frankenstein Jones. "Beano Makes it Better: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp45667)". Aug 8, 2009.

  oral Morning Glory (extract)


I have had about 10 experiences with MG seeds now and I have settled on an easy method that works every time for me. I have a wonderful trip with NO uncomfortable side effects.

The main problems I see with MG seeds is that they are SEEDS. Ingesting seeds of any kind causes intestinal gas-just like beans or cabbage. The worst side effect I have experienced in the past is stomach cramps and nausea and almost constant burping/gas. As an experiment I bought a small bottle of Beano and have taken some the last couple of times I have done the seeds. The result was that I had NO gas. NO stomach cramps. Almost no nausea (which was cleared up with a few tokes of MJ). It seems pretty obvious to me that these seeds can cause so much gas that it basically bloats the stomach and causes the cramps and other uncomfortable side effects.

My last trip on MG seeds was intense and beautiful. The last three times I have done this I have taken the exact same amount and used the exact same extraction method and a swear it gets better each time!

Here is my method:

1. Grind up 300 seeds (Heavenly Blue) in the coffee grinder till they are dust.
2. Pour dust in a glass and cover with water, enough to slosh it around.
3. Eat 2-4 Beano pills.
4. Wait about 15 seconds and drink the cloudy water off, slowly. The black parts of the seed matter will sink to the bottom of the glass while the lighter color stuff tends to float in the water. I like to add a little Tang drink mix powder to make it taste better. Basically I keep adding a little water at a time, swirling it around and drinking the cloudy water off, letting the black stuff settle to the bottom. When water starts being clearer and I don't see much white in the bottom of the glass, I figure that I've got enough of the good stuff and I toss the left-over stuff. It takes me about 20 minutes to drink the glass, as if I drink it too fast it will cause nausea.

My last trip was the absolute best I have had yet of any MG trip and better than a number of LSD trips I have had. It was very positive and fun, I had tons of revelations and great visions, CEVs/OEVs, slight synesthesia, auditory hallucinations, lots of giggling (which is generally not common in 35 year old dudes like myself!).

I have only done MG seeds with another person once, and have decided it is more of a personal experience for me, I enjoy it more by myself. Something I have noticed about the way that MG seeds effect me is that I can kind of 'shake off' the trip if I need to. Moving around and doing things in general lessen the depth of the trip for me. I can be trippin 'balls to the wall' as people say, get up and do some things like walk around in the yard and the trip will just about disappear, but within a few minutes of sitting down and just letting go.... Off I go back into the trip again. I really like this as one problem I have had in the past with psychedelics is that they take over for 12 hours or longer and I have to wait for it to wear off to do anything else.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 45667
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 8, 2009Views: 12,319
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