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A Beautiful Anti-Depressant
Nutmeg (extract) & Alcohol (wine)
Citation:   Belialith. "A Beautiful Anti-Depressant: An Experience with Nutmeg (extract) & Alcohol (wine) (exp45647)". Nov 27, 2007.

2 Tbsp oral Nutmeg (extract)
    oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
I read about it last week and planned to do it when I had time to experience it. I was up at about 6pm Saturday. I don't usually get tired until the next morning. So I decided to do it on Sunday morning. At 5:00 am I put two heaping tablespoons of store bought powdered nutmeg into a small stickfree saucepan with a lid. I poured approximately 2 cups of water into it and set it on 7, with 10 being max heat. Stood there and waited for it to boil then removed it and turned the heat down to 3, set it back on and thought it was still too much heat for a little amount so I put it on 2, to simmer for about 2 or 3 minutes.

I took it off the heat and let it sit there with the lid on because when I lifted the lid the steam came out with a blast, and I didn't want to lose any of the volatile oils. In the meantime I was trying to figure out what to put into it because they said it tasted too bitter. So I opted for chicken bouillon in powder form. I took my cup to the pot, lifted the lid and looked at it. The surface was covered with specks of oil. So I thought it would be best to skim the surface instead of pour or strain, since straining may take the oils. I used a metal ladel and gently skimmed the surface putting it into my cup a little at a time until it was almost at the top. Then I dropped into it a level half teaspoon of chicken broth powder. It was aired enough now for me to sip it comfortably. Still quite warm. I took small sips and noticed that the flavor was not as bad as I've read it to be. Quite pleasant actually.

It was about 5:30 am Sunday morning when I took the first sip. I made sure to not allow it to cool down too much. I sipped all the way to the bottom of the cup because I made sure not to get any grains, and there were only about three small grains that I took out of my mouth when they went onto my tongue. Oh and I must mention that before I left the stove to go sip the first cup, I tilted the pan up against something very carfully so as not to stir the mixture around, and let it sit at an angle so it would be easier to come back and skim the rest of it into my cup.

Which I did. I rinsed my cup from the first mixture because I desired to try it all by itself. And the second time around I noticed besides the oil on top I saw a white-ish mixture like a swirl in the watery form. I had read that that was good, so I made sure to scoop it into the ladel as best I could without getting the grains. But there was not much liquid left. Out of two cups I'd say that I got a cup and a quarter of liquid. The grains seemed to have expanded greatly in the process of heating. It's no wonder some people would get sick, if this expanded in their belly. Anyway, there was only one fourth cup of the liquid left and I decided to take the tiny cup sized screen strainer to pour as much of the liquid into my cup as possible. Then I dumped the grains into the sink, cleaned the saucepan and went to go sip the remainder of the liquid.

I had been drinking red wine all night. That's my drink of choice and I enjoy it. So I was sipping my red wine, a glass of water, which I always have by me, and drink it regularly, and the Nutmeg Tea. I felt almost right from the start a feeling of numbness at my top front teeth. I had never felt this feeling before except from cocaine or the dentists office when they do their stuff. I also noticed that this tea is not as horrible as I've read. I drank worse tasting tea, the most horrifically bitter...and I found that sipping it gets it down easier, even though it still is not easy to force yourself to sip it. Well this one was easy to sip. Oh and I prefer it all by itself better.

I finished sipping all of the 1 cup and a quarter of Nutmeg Tea at 6:00 am, and this feeling was at my teeth from the beginning. I began seeing like a white-ish cloudiness through my eyes here and there, and wondered if it was because I was getting tired or if these were in fact the results of the Nutmeg Tea. It was around 7:00 am when I felt/experienced this. I really did not begin to sense anything really out of the ordinary until about 9, 10 and 11:00 am. Wow haha, it sure was a surprise since I didn't know if I would experience anything! Oh but I like it! It is so wonderful! Those doctors of old were right! It IS a euphoric feeling. At the same time, if I was to do it on a regular basis to forget depression ever existed, I would probably use 1 teaspoon Nutmeg powder per 2 cups water to boil, skim, and sip it early in the morning for a normal day of lightness and loveliness. I'm going to do this the coming week and see how it goes.

It does resemble the marijuanna high, but it's better. Much cleaner. At first my worse mean side was out, which no one thankfully or not knows much about. Then later as the time progressed I became more playful and light, like the muesh that's inside of you first has to be shoved out before the good stuff can come out and air itself. It truly is enlightening too! I noticed how my inner and outer were more connected, yet distanced from myself. I could actually look at myself and love who I am. I was able to face myself in other words. And I was able to enjoy the me who God made me to be. How fascinating it was, and still is. Because as I write this, I had some really peak experiences earlier.

My boyfriend had come over and I noticed a whole new aspect to our relationship. It improved our communications, on a spiritual level. He didn't know I had done anything. And I didn't tell him. It was all quite natural. Yet the beauty of it all was Divine! When I looked at him standing there with the window in the background shining the greenery of the garden from outside into the room, and the light of the sun flickering golden then soft golden from the motion of the clouds outside, it was so dreamlike and took me back to the very moment when I had met him and that is the reason why we were together because that is how I felt when we first met. And I had never done Nutmeg ANYTHING before. So this was fascinating!

Also I noticed that when he touched my back, it was very sensitive. I could feel all the nerves through my skin like soft electricity sizzling through my back area. I had also noticed the flush in the face in the very beginning at around 7am, and this too seems to come and go depending on the situation. The circulation was good through my legs I felt a warmth like now I noticed I had legs! Before he came over I was in bed trying to get some sleep because this is my sleep time when I'm a night person. So the whole time I was in bed, from around 8 or 9 to 11, I'm not quite sure now, but for that whole time I could not feel tired. I was listening to all the sounds in my head. I heard from the airconditioner a noise which turned into the sound of an orchestra playing, which I couldn't quite make out the music. The sounds from the outside were like the sounds from the inside, and I was working at trying to understand the phenomena, etcetrall...lots of things that were going on.

I did notice how the light was QUITE a bit stronger than normal, to my eyes. I also noticed how hungry I was when my boyfriend came, I got out of bed, and we went to the local market to pick up some food. I wore black sunglasses and a hat because my skin is sensitive to the sun. It was about 11:00am and hot out there. Nevertheless, it was handlable. In fact, very pleasant. I was glad I didn't do any more Nutmeg Tea, like say 3 tablespoons because this was pretty strong, and I'm a sensitive to begin with. All went so prettily well. Lest I mention, the best lovemaking we ever made. And it's staying a secret because that is too strange to go into with him and I at any other time. I'll have to see what it's like when I'm normal again. To see if it caught on and helped my life overall. Nevertheless, I'm going to do it again at a smaller dosage to see how I could fit this into my life schedule so when I get depressed it could help me through it. I don't do any medication of any kind, and I eat healthy. I'm an artist and have up and down feelings a lot of the time. So this really put a pleasant balance into my life this Sunday.

After he left I went to bed again, and tried to go to sleep because I knew I was tired from the amount of time I spent up. So even though I was in this special influence, I knew I had to work at getting some sleep. I must have fallen asleep at about 3, I don't know for sure. But I woke up at 6:00 pm Sunday afternoon and the feelings were still with me. So beautiful. Everything is so wonderfully beautiful. There is a softness about life, and I sure do like living it. It's just so normal, and natural, and thanks be to God for the bounty of all His creations. This Nutmeg Tea was a huge eye-opener for me. I shall be experimenting further on it! Love and Regards to All!

August 21, 2005 Sunday, 9:30 pm.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 45647
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 27, 2007Views: 32,870
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