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Vibrating Positivity
Citation:   PippUK. "Vibrating Positivity: An Experience with DPT (exp45503)". Sep 22, 2005.

115 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)
Mindset and Setting

Iím a 31 year old postman from Yorkshire with a range of psychedelic experiences of both synthetic and natural sources. I was cautiously interested in DPT thanks to Daniel Pinchbecks book, but a little perturbed by the drift of his account and its sinister aspects. However, the mixed reviews combined with my recklessness which I can give no excuse for, persuaded me in the end. I tidied my house and lit incense in the sun-filled front room of my Victorian terrace. It was warm, and I had some CDs set up. A mix by Lemon Jelly, Mahavishnu Orchestras Inner Mounting Flame and an old favourite - KLFís Chill Out. I had bought a morning paper from the corner shop. Reading the paper seems a good gauge of effect prior to onset. I was anxious about being sick and the body shaking which Iíd heard reported along with nasal discomfort due to insufflation. I didnít want to have a fit as I was in the house alone having seen my Mrs off to work at 8.30 am. I was reassured by the knowledge that however far out of my normal experience I found myself, Shulginís estimate was four to six hours.

Dosage and Timing

I suspected I might be in for surprises, so I had left myself all day until she returned at 4.30pm. I arranged an approximate 100mg dose into two lines 2/3 followed by 1/3.

The impact on my unfortunate left nostril was unpleasant but nowhere as bad as I had imagined. I left the kitchen table and swigged a mouthful of orange juice. Then I sat on the back doorstep and began to read about the build up to the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the West Bank. Within twenty minutes I began to detect the glistening edges of the forms on the page before me. I had begun to smoke some of my home-grown to calm my nerves during this period.

I decided to take the remaining line in the other nostril since there would obviously be no more transactions through my left. As I did so it seemed to come to grief much shorter up the cavity , at which point seemed to all but close. Experiencing some discomfort now in my nose I determined to ignore it and continued to read and smoke. My buttocks were beginning to vibrate in a unique way that I had not experienced. I seemed quite benign at that point. This was suddenly interrupted by nausea which had me leaping for the WC. Most of my projectile was well aimed but a little wasnít and it was this breakfast orange and yellow bile I then began to feebly wipe with toilet roll. I soon realised that I was causing myself needless distress. I washed my face and hands and stumbled into the kitchen where I held on to the work surface holding my body firm to gauge where it was going. I became more aware of the tremors working through the strong muscles of my thighs, calves and over my shoulders. I was now quite amused by these. The joy of something happening exactly as predicted was tempered by the strangeness of the vibrations. I held myself firm applying tension to each limb in turn. Each whole limb trembled with this mechanical energy.

I was having fun applying and testing these sensations. My visual status was not unlike the disintegratory images I once beheld from smoked 5MeO-DMT, the physical sensations were also akin but more defined and obvious. Unlike 5MeO-DMT the mental inner world was somewhat more distracting with detail. It was a function of the body vibrations and the music I had on. I had moved from Mahavishnu Orchestra to a Lemon Jelly Mix. Sadly I donít know the name of the track, but a laid back easy listening orchestral track had begun which had a dated yet modern feel to it. It was about the pace where sneaky break beats kept nuzzling into the verses. So subtle I might have been imagining. The effect built thus as the tune progressed.

As this played I vibrated and began to play with the concept in my mind. I pictured the vibration as a gift to a young man who had learned a deep secret there and then a portentous visit from the emissaries of a mysterious secret industry, who seemed very pleased with the young man. I then imagined a vast factory of 60ís style modernist utilitarian architecture where the greatest minds in industry were busy finding ways to utilise this energy and apply it to various processes. The building was, incidentally staffed by earnest 1960ís BBC presenter types in tweed suits or lab coats, often sporting National Health style specs from the period. There were shelves and racks of rounded cod futuristic looking devices, whose forms resembled mass produced consumer items from the 50ís and 60ís and whose shapes aspired to an as yet unrealised future technology. My reality of the situation in my mind was that all these things were mechanical electric, perhaps like the interpretation I had of the vibrations in my body. They were old tech.

This vision and the vibrations had been building now for sometime, an I began to wonder how much of the mountain remained to climb. I had been attempting to draw my nasal contents brainwards since onset, but now I was beginning to sense a little panic. The whole vibration industry angle had become a little intense and oppressive owing to my perceived raised body temperature and the intensity of the vibrations. I was beginning to wonder if the young lad really wanted to sell his soul to this secret vibration brotherhood. I decided to see if I could slow it down. I washed my face in cold water and tried to vent my nostrils into the sink. This, I soon realised was a complete waste of time, and frustrating. I also was horrified to see yellow mucous amongst the debris. This is a peculiarity, it seems, of DPT.

I retired to the lounge and began to smoke again just accepting what would follow. My mind was relaxing a little now that the tremors were being a little more manageable. I now continued on a different mental journey , since the music had moved on. I imagined vast ranks of overweight (Iím sorry) Americans plugging into Saline drip with a therapeutic DPT dose measured out over the whole day. As they placed their heads on a supportive pillow their huge bodies began to vibrate. They stood on platforms which converted their tremors into useful energy.

I was musing on KLFís Chill Out, which seemed to evolve with a comforting steadiness, while I continued my smokes . The single chord which pulses and oscillates through the track conjured up Yorkshire Dale images for me, as I had often carried it with me when hiking there. As I developed the theme I pictured a sports walking boot, with a single lens like a periscope sticking out where the ankle hole would be. I saw this as some kind of solemn watcher over the great outdoors. It changed in my minds eye being variously hooded, monocled and other things. Finally I put my Dads head on it and had a bit of a chuckle. He had always been a bearded outdoor type.

I was far straighter by now and had begun to try and classify what had gone on. I felt that to have taken a higher dose would have been to risk physically overheating and muscle over activity , but I had not experienced an intensity of visual hallucination that I had expected on that dose. I had imagined perhaps an Ayahuasca like state where I might have forgotten about my body momentarily. But, it was always there, vibrating away in some fascinating way which I felt I could master by holding my body rigid and feeling the energy.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 45503
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 22, 2005Views: 21,640
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DPT (21) : Alone (16), Mystical Experiences (9), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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