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A Whole New Door
Mushrooms, Cocaine & Cannabis
by WeenHead
Citation:   WeenHead. "A Whole New Door: An Experience with Mushrooms, Cocaine & Cannabis (exp45376)". Dec 18, 2008.

T+ 0:00
3.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 6:00 1.0 g insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)


So recently I had been waiting to get some mushrooms. I had shroomed them 6 times before this experience and I thought that I was well experienced with them. I have also been smoking weed for the past 4 years and I felt very comfortable with that “scene” (if that’s even a way to put it). Many attempts to get a hold of some LSD, but all failed. It seems hard to get around here.

So, some friends and I called up our dealer and bought a half-ounce of some kit grown mushrooms. We knew they were kit grown because pieces of the vermiculite were embedded in the stems. I had no doubt that these were the real deal. They had the intense mushroom aroma, very pungent. So anyways we split up the mushrooms and wait until it gets a little later before we eat them. I got very antsy with my mushrooms, so I decided to eat mine before everyone else. So by the time they started to eat theirs, I was already in another world.

I will provide a detailed timeline of the night.

5:00pm - dipped one 2g cap and 1.5g of stems into some honey and ate them in a few chomps. Honey works very well to hide the mushroom flavor.

5:10pm - Already feeling the onset of these mushrooms, I can already tell that they are very, very potent. Suddenly everything has a shimmer to it, the mushroom vision has set in.

5:30pm - I am now starting to see small things out of the corner of my eyes. I had a different perception of everything, and I am enjoying myself completely. The high from mushrooms is one of my favorites; the whole body is being stimulated.

5:45pm - I realized that I took more mushrooms then everyone else that I am with. This scares me a little, but I hold myself together. The high is getting very intense, it comes in waves and every time it comes, I go farther and farther away from where I once was.

6:00pm - I am sitting outside in the wilderness with some friends listening to Ween, a very good band to trip out to. I notice that my friends are now eating their shrooms. I feel very happy about this because I felt I was embarrassing myself in front of them, because I can't control myself that well on mushrooms. I start to think very weird thoughts, they all make sense to me, but now that I think back, those ideas were insane.

6:20pm - I have an idea to go outside on the street and see what's going on. I make it to the street, open the gate, and look out. But the concept of cars was way too much to handle and I laugh and run back down to the porch.

6:25pm - I am now down on the porch, but I can't think straight. I can't grasp hold or reality; I am in a place that I have never been before. I can't even remember if I ate something, I think, 'maybe I was poisoned.' I sit down on the porch and try to figure out my dilemma. Everything I try to think of just goes in the completely wrong direction and I get very frustrated. I suddenly realize that everything around me is moving up and down, in and out, slithering around like it was alive. Up in the distant mountain ridge, I see the trees, well, they kind of looked like tongues that were alive and thriving, and they were lapping each other like a dog laps water. I decide to calm down and enjoy the visuals.

7:00pm - I am still tripping hard as ever, but I have an underlying uncomfortable feeling in me. I don't know what it is, but all I understand is that I need to fix it. I think hard for a while and then I realize that I need to pee, but is that possible I think? Is that the right thing to do in an intense situation such as this?! I debate whether to search for a safe place to pee, or to tough it out until I am back to normal. I don't know the exact details, but the step father of my friend came down to ask what we did with the wood he had on the porch, and I was able to say very easily that we had moved it. I was very surprised to be able to talk, and even talk with ease and proper pronunciation.

7:45pm - After 45 minutes of tripping balls and figuring out how to pee, I make a major effort and stand up from my comfy chair. My motor skills are adversely affected; I walk like I've had 20 beers, yet I am still able to get up stairs. I almost got to the bathroom when a mirror on the wall catches my eye. I look at the devilish fiend looking back at me; the grin on my face is so big, I look out of my mind.

8:00pm - Everyone in the house is tripping hard, there are about 6 of us all together. Most take about 1.5-2.4g of the shrooms, myself taking an eighth, not aware of the potency of them. So I suspect I am the most out of it, but I could be wrong since everyone reacts differently. Visuals are going on strong, and it starts to get dark, very fast. I wonder why, thinking I am going blind because the darkness keeps me from seeing the distant trees.

8:30pm - I am very relaxed, enjoying the trip immensely. Everything looks alive, the music is transforming into visuals and I grab for them. The thing with mushrooms though, is that mushrooms only distort reality and objects. I find mushrooms are now not full-filling my urge to go to new and exciting places, in my head that is.

8:40pm - All of a sudden, my best bud kind of freaks out. He lies down on his couch and just wants us to leave him alone. He then yells at us because we are all wearing shorts. These insane-ish accusations are expected to come with the mushroom trip. We leave him alone for about 30 minutes, and then he comes around and joins the group outside.

9:00pm - We are all engaged in a very spiritual and emotional talk. Everyone seems to relate to everyone else, we feel like we could figure out any problems. Sometimes, mushrooms kinda make me spill my guts towards the end of the trip. What I mean by that is, they make me get in touch with myself, figure out introspective dilemmas and issues. I always trip with people that are friends that I have known since pre-school. We all have a tight knit group. Shrooming together only reinforces that. I consider the end of the trip to be an ayahuasca-like experience, to a lesser degree. Intrapersonal trips are what mushrooms were originally used for, so I feel a special connection to the old timers who did them for that reason.

9:45pm - Everyone is still feeling the shrooms in high gear. One person thought they wanted to stop tripping, so I gave him some yogurt and a Valium. Valium is an anti-anxiety medication, it can help calm down a person who is having an unpleasant experience. But after the first scoop of yogurt, he changes his mind and wanna keep tripping, waste of a Valium. It makes me angry but I push those feelings aside easily and go back to looking at my hand, which looks like a pulsing honeycomb.

10:00pm - These mushrooms are way potent, they show no sign of slowing down. I am getting a little agitated; I think I may want to stop tripping. I know they won't stop until another 2-2.5 hours pass. The worst thing is to be on a hallucinogenic drug, and wanting it to stop, but it won't. I decided that I had had enough of these extremely strong shrooms.

10:30pm - After many searches through the house for my backpack (which was right by me the whole time), I open it up and go into my secret pocket. Inside I find my baggy of coke. Now I never really do coke all that much, but my dealer had just gotten in some of the pure stuff, no cut or bad chemicals in it, almost completely plant matter, that had just been broken down into powder. I open up the bag, dump out the 2g, and start chopping it up. It is very, very soft, a card won't work, so I get a razor blade. I chop it very small, and then rack up 2 good-sized lines. I am about to snort both when I feel that I should wait just a little bit more, see some things before I got back to baseline.

10:45pm - I went to some places in town (now able to handle everyday things). It is late out and no one is around, I had borrowed a paint maker from my friend, who's a graffiti artist. I write some stupid stuff on the walls of the local strip mall; inside jokes, a picture of a mushroom, and some random quotes from HST (Hunter S. Thompson).

11:00pm - Everyone is tired and sleepy, but they are all still tripping. I get my plate of coke and take a line. I wait a few minutes; I feel nothing of a coke high. So I take another after the first one, and an additional 2 after that. Not until the 4th-5th line do I start to get the euphoric sensation. The blurriness in my eyesight starts to vanish, my pupils return to normal, and I feel very content. I take one more line, then offer to the rest of the crowd, they all decline. Being occasional cocaine users, they are unsure of mixing coke with any other drug, but myself being experienced, knew I would be just fine.

11:15pm - Almost all mushroom effects are gone, I still see very saturated colors in everything, a red cup is extremely red and the color seems to jump at me. I take another line of the cocaine, since I felt the high going away, and not wanting to end to session yet. I wait a few more minutes and then take one last rail and put the coke away.

11:45pm - I have mixed coke and alcohol before, which is quite fun. The coke high over powers the alcohol, but when coming down from the yayo high, I am greeted with a warm alcohol buzz. Essentially, it makes the crash more tolerable. I figured it would be the same for mushrooms and cocaine, when the cocaine high drifted away, I would come down onto a nice, comfortable, relaxing mushroom high, which I still felt in my legs.

12:00am - The coke is still going on strong, and my friends are all totally out of it. I decided to go outside and keep watch over them. I would normally not give a shit what they were doing, but the coke was pure motivation for me, I felt hospitable, so I went outside and kept watch. Luckily, I stopped two attempts of stupid acts, one that consisted of two cooking pans. He attempts to boil the mushrooms in water with the pans, using only a lighter to heat the water. Which doesn't work, of course. While tripping hard, I find fire extremely dangerous. I always vaporize when I am tripping, less chance of an accident (plus, vaporizing bud while trippin tweaks your head, for me at least).

1:00am - I am very sleepy, the coke effects are long gone. I am in a mellow mood, everything is perfect, and I am sleeping outside on wood, with just one blanket, no pillow, no pads. Yet I am happy and enjoying the stars and the full moon, which was a strange thing to see.

1:15am - I wake up feeling like I've been sleeping for years, though when I get up, I see it's still dark. I think I may have slept through the whole day and then woke up the following night. I check my cell phone (which takes some thinking) for the date and time. I realize it's only been like 20 minutes since I lay down. I feel fully alert and awake, but I go back to my spot and pass out in minutes.

The next day I felt kinda groggy, and later in the day I had a bad headache, but I kind of expected to have some kind of hang over from the combo of intense mushrooms and doing a lot of yayo on top of them. Nothing a small palm full of Advil couldn't fix.

All in all, I would (and have already since this experience) do those particular mushrooms again. I bought my own ounce to keep for future times. I don't really do yayo anymore; it's too expensive, even when I get a good deal. Plus I hate the nose problems.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 45376
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 18, 2008Views: 14,286
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Mushrooms (39), Cocaine (13) : General (1), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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