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Finally a Breakthrough
Anadenanthera peregrina
by Windchild
Citation:   Windchild. "Finally a Breakthrough: An Experience with Anadenanthera peregrina (exp45351)". May 30, 2006.

5 seeds insufflated Anadenanthera peregrina (ground / crushed)


After some disappointing trials with 4..6 seeds Anadenanthera Columbrina I decided that instead of changing the method and assisting chemicals, I'd change species.

So I took 5 seeds of Anadenanthera P., popped them in a microwave, ground them up in a mortar together with some limestone (about 1/3..1/2 the volume) and a tiny bit of baking soda, which makes my nose runny. I removed the shells, which was convenient at one point during the grinding. Only a few specks of the shells remained. I wettened the mixture some, figuring it would help if the good stuff could dissolve a bit before I snuffed it with the seeds gunk.

I proceeded to insuffulate the stuff, split into 8 'lines' (4 for each nostril). I wettened my nose by insuffulating some very dilute saline (approximate 0.5% salt -> tastes like spit, not like water or salty water) before and during the sniffing. I noticed that this would be lots more potent than 4..6 Columbrina seeds while still sniffing.

I started pink floyd's 'momentary lapse of reason', armed myself with a handkerchief and sat down on the couch. I quickly noticed I would not want to wear my glasses and hairband, so i put them off. I laid down.

In that instance, I was already quite intoxicated, which took me somewhat off guard.

Before the first track ended, I was hallucinating with closed eyes. The visions were mostly 'Op-Art' patterns, extremely colorful and had a certain 'vibrant' quality, changing and morphing all the time.

I was a bit scared then, like, 'oh man this is nuts.' It's not getting any worse is it? even though, rationally, I knew nothing would happen to me. Quite overwhelming uptrip though. I decided to get rid of the stuff (I blew it into the handkerchief).

A few moments later, my body had the same thought. Ineffective, but probably had some evolutionary advantage, a few million years ago. So I just went puking. No big deal. Even while doing that, I saw those crazy flickering patterns.

I noticed some open eyed visuals too, but I felt more comfortable with eyes closed.

Back on the couch, I was still hallucinating pretty much. In some layer of my mind, I was still clear in a bizarre way (unlike on 'shrooms, which have a quite noticeable stoning/inebriating effect) but the rest of me was tripping balls. I remained on the couch an indeterminable time.

I had to puke a second time. After that, I laid down on the bathroom floor, not without smearing vomit that I had on my fingers everywhere. The clear goo that comes after most of my stomach contents was gone. YUCK. But I just wiped it off and laid down again. Still trippin. I brushed my teeth.

I wanted to lay myself down then, so I went to bed. I put an alarm on +1h, and rested some. I didn't sleep, but the trip gradually took a comfortable, sedating quality, and I just enjoyed.

I was feeling very grounded then. Catharsis. No big insights, just plain relaxing. Very very comfortable, nyup, the alarm sounded after the hour passed. I felt very good then, excited and full of energy. I was still tripping a little (and I am still having a faint bit of afterglow now, 3 hours after) and continued the day more or less like a normal day.

So this was a mixed (but positive in retrospect) experience with Yopo.

- The 'whoops this is coming QUICKLY' feeling is about as strong as with ketamine. Which means something to me.
- The general character was not as 'mellow' as mushrooms (rather mood-neutral), rather 'wow!' and much clearer.
- For the experienced 'depth' of trip, the visuals were extremely vivid.
- I think I will go the MAOI/oral path the next time. Snuffing this is not for me.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 45351
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 30, 2006Views: 17,348
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