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Quite a Surprise
Hydrocodone with Acetaminophen
by TFS
Citation:   TFS. "Quite a Surprise: An Experience with Hydrocodone with Acetaminophen (exp45049)". Oct 31, 2007.

T+ 0:00
10 mg oral Hydrocodone (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:35 5.0 mg oral Hydrocodone (pill / tablet)


Having had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled 3 days before, the dentist prescribed me some vicodin. My eyes lit up when I heard these words, and I decided to try it out recreationally for myself when my mom went over to our neighbors'.

T+ 0:00
Popped in two 5-500 mg Vicodin pills.

T+ 0:10
No effects yet, though time is passing very fast. Very heavy feeling in head. Jumpy vision is making it hard to concentrate on the webpage I was reading.

T+ 0:20
Rather euphoric I suppose but it still seems like there has been no effects. Iím finding myself smiling and giggling at the fact Iím smiling.

T+ 0:35
Took one more 5-500 mg pill of Vicodin, making my total consumption 15 mg of hydrocodone now.

T+ 0:45
Set myself down and turned on some Jack Off Jill, who always prove nice, soothing, and comforting through hard drug trips. Turned my room light off and lava lamp on and my pupils are very small and constricted now. Very warm, tingly sensations pass in and out of my body with no warning.

T+ 0:48
Holy shit timeís passing slow. I Could have sworn at least 10 minutes had passed. What a difference from after taking my first two! Talking to family is pleasant for once and I am finding great enjoyment in listening to what they say. Very hot feeling through-out me, as if Iím about to break into a heavy sweat at any given moment. Heavy feeling in chest.

T+ 1:00
Getting up and walking causes a very dizzy and disoriented feeling. Bright lights and sudden loud sounds are very irritable. After getting some chocolate pudding out of the fridge and dropping a container, I jumped and my eyeballs widened. Parents are eyeing me funny, meaning my change in behavior must be rather obvious. Once again, I canít stress how slow time seems to be passing. I really canít describe this, it still doesnít feel like anything has really changed since before I popped my first two pills. Although I am somewhat euphoric, nothing has changed all that much. I feel like dancing to music, which I never do, but any emphasized movement causes dizzyness. I went out to talk to my mom a moment ago and found myself talking rather loudly, forgetting what we were talking about throughout conversation.

T+ 1:10
Changing of webpages seems very sudden and unexpected, very unpleasant visually. I would not recommend going online while on hydrocodone. Iím assuming this is the coming down starting. Dizzyness is coming hard yet passing through euphoria on and off, with a hot feeling on my neck. Going to go get a cloth to let cold water drip down my faceÖ And the water feels wonderful. Itís interesting how the dizzyness comes so hard the second I get up and walk around, and leaves just as suddenly when I remain put, sitting. This dizzyness can be compared to the coming down headaches of DXM, yet not near as intense. Sorry that's not very graphic, but this really is hard to describe.

Anyway, I am experiencing a very pleasant tingling sensation through any spot the cold water drips over. Mild closed eye visuals, Iím finding myself smiling without meaning to. Things I would normally be completely bored doing, arenít boring. Laying in my bed staring at the bottom mattress above leaves me feeling content. Stomach seems to be tossing and turning, though it is not bothersome. Time may be passing a bit faster. It seems this would be more enjoyable had I done the ďcold water extraction methodĒ spoken about in other experience stories Iíve read.

Although it is hard to focus Iím very determined on whatever Iím doing. I went out of my room to find my cat and although on my way, about 10 feet from my room, I forgot what I was doing, I kept walking with purpose as if I wasnít even in my body, and ended up feeding my cat. This was rather interesting to me. As I type this, it is hard to remember what words I was going to use from sentence to sentence.

T+ 1:35
Sitting in my room with my light off, laying in my top bunk with a wet paper towel over my eyes and my eyes closed. Very pleasant, mild closed-eye visualizations. Very pleasurable to just lay there, without moving a muscle. Stomach is jumping, and Iím loving it. I feel like Iím floating slowly on and off earth, listening to Lollirot by Jack Off Jill. I feel as if Iím about to fall asleep any moment, yet I stay awake. Once again, not moving at all is a wonderful feeling as my body just goes crazy on the inside. Even sitting perfectly still aside from typing with just my fingers is a completely different feeling from just laying there. Iím thinking maybe this is the coming up, and it just took a while for me. I'm no longer getting dizzy from doing things like swaying to the movement, and it's actually a very nice feeling.

Kittie, a rather loud metal band, has just came on my playlist, and I guess loud sounds are no longer bother some as I am enjoying theyre music despite the screaming and loud cymbals. Singing (not screaming) along is enlightening and connecting. I feel like talking to someone, so I will be back when things change and am going to go talk to my family and maybe drink some water. A new feeling of cottonmouth has created itself, similar to what it feels like after smoking a bowl or two and sipping on water, a little less intense. Mouth feels hollowed out. Loud music is very enticing and powerful. 'Brackish' by Kittie is making me want to close my eyes and skank (similar to a mosh pit, to those of you not familiar with the music).

My cat is rubbing up against my arm as I type and the furry feeling is very enjoyable to the senses. And, as you can see, I forgot I was going to go out to talk with my family. The music is far too nice and although not the way it's supposed to make you feel, I'm extremely euphoric from it! This is great, it's too bad no one important is online, I feel I could have a great conversation with anyone. Putting pressure on my feet inspires a strong tingly sensation through my body. I'm very surprised this is still going out about an hour after my second dosage. I feel very tall as I walk and I'm stumbling slightly, similar to an alcohol buzz. Not taking anything in sexually, I've heard opiates can do that to you. Typing and getting out my thoughts is great weight off my shoulders. Lava lamp is finally warmed up and it is very nice to just watch the slow-moving colorful contents of the glass swim about. Once again, ready to fall asleep at any moment is the overall state of things. Very pleasurable.

T+ 2:00 Itís almost as if I went from coming down to coming up. I am fast moving now and this high is amazing! Itís like everything is good in the world. Iím smiling. My mom just started bitching at me for no reason and it didnít bother me at all and I happily did all the things she told me too, with speed and good intentions. Then my dad asked if I had done what she said, and rather than get mad and irritated that he questioned it in such a tone of voice, I happily answered. I hiccupped once and it made me laugh.

Music is very intense now. I can move to it and the feeling intensifies, rather than ruins it and makes me dizzy and lightheadedly unhappy. What a difference from the first hour! I was almost becoming worried I had done something wrong or used it in combination with too many other pain pills earlier in the day. I guess this is why itís so addicting. Mom just opened my door and it made me jump. Scared the shit out of me for a moment, heart pumping, and the thrill of that is so intense. Itís like everything bad makes me feel good, boy this is great!

T+ 4:00
Boy was I wrong about thinking I was coming down the first time. Now, 4 hours after taking my first dose I am feeling very nauseus, very hot, still not irritable but overall is very unpleasant. Similar to a DXM come-down, but worse because of the nausea. Headache like a madwoman. Cold sweat. Still not irritable. Choking on nothing. Shaking.

My first experience with this stuff was a good one, overall. I had not a care in the world throughout my trip and nothing offended me. While washing a dish I visualized blood splattering from my arm against the white sides of the kitchen sink, and a minute later I snapped back into reality. I also had trouble asking my father something tonight, which may not seem too out of the ordinary, but if you know me is a big difference from my personality. This means I was actually thinking before I spoke, something I never do. Crunching or banging noises were very uncomfortable to have to listen to. This seems like a drug to do home alone and bored, or when I want to feel good about a person. Having good conversations with them or the like.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 45049
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 31, 2007Views: 84,842
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Hydrocodone (111) : General (1), First Times (2), Music Discussion (22), Alone (16)

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