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Citation:   Jewfolife16. "Bubbles: An Experience with LSD (exp44878)". Sep 29, 2008.

3 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
Well I made a big mistake the other day that, luckily for me it turned out astonishingly well. I just acquired 6 hits of quite good acid that I was going to split and share with my girlfriend on a nice day. I woke up on Thursday morning and realised my mom - who was the one who could always tell I was on drugs - was in NJ and my dad was at work. We drop at 1:00 pm.

T+30 minutes: My brother, who is quite young still and I wasn't worried about, tells me that my dad is coming home at 3:00 so that he can be there when the COP comes to talk to my brother about why not to do fireworks (he was caught setting off fireworks at a school). Wow so this is awesome news to me, not only are we going to peak when my dad comes home but also we are going to be peaking with a cop in my house!!! Now the first time I did acid it literally took 2 hours to kick in and another hour to come up. Not this time though, it literally kicked in at a nice strength in under an hour. So we're like alright let's go outside! Cos it was a beautiful day outside.

T+1 hour: The walk was awesome, the clouds were swirling everywhere and everything was just beautiful. I, unfortunately had terrible anxiety and nervousness. I know though, that acid does this so I kind of disregarded it and tried to go with it. We walked around my block as the acid slowly crept up on us.

T+1.5 hours: We were already beginning to peak. At this point the clouds were thousands of swirling puffs and the sun was making everything shimmer in gold. The street was getting windy (visually) and narrower and the woods were much more accented and dense. It literally got to the intensity where I was starting to get a bit scared to walk in the street. I would get SO amazed by something that I would just wander off into the middle of the road and I sure as hell didn't want to get hit by a car. So I began walking on the grass. Naturally being in the grass of course makes it so that the hair on my arms begins to increase and I begin to acquire cat-like attributes. I am rolling in the grass very happily, yet kind of scared to go anywhere as now I am tripping balls.

T+2 hours: I touch my sunglasses as I'm holding them in my hand and close my eyes. Reality begins to unfold and I swear I was able to enter other dimensions and if I had stayed longer then experience time travel (that's what I figured out in my acid-head). Finally we realise we are kind of dehydrated as it's like 3:00 and about 95 degrees. I'm scared to go back to my house though because of my dad and the cop but we just wing it and start walking.

T+2.5 hours: This is where I really begin to lose it. I am being very over-stimulated by how bright everything is and also how hot it is and am naturally, starting to freak out a bit. The walk is very strenuous and I swear I am being pulled to the right, now entering a faster speed road by foot I am even more scared. Finally we get to my devious 300 foot long driveway surrounded by dark woods. I skeptically make it down the driveway and we go into my house. Everything is patterns and waving back and forth and nothing is how it was when I left it. Sweating like a fucking dog I slowly stumbled up the stairs into my room with my girlfriend. I am completely incoherent and can't make complete sentences or any decisions. I check the clock, it's 3:30. My dad isn't home and neither has the cop come. So I'm semi-relieved. All of a sudden, my dad knocks on the door. Now lucky for me he is a very naive man when it comes to me on drugs so he didn't even realise the fact my pupils were enormous and I was stumbling all over the place.

T+3 hours: We don't know where to go so we hide in my basement, I still feel overheated and terrified as shit. We venture back up to my room and all of a sudden I throw up in my hands. It was actually a very spiritual purge it was like throwing up my soul and then having it enter back into me again. Within about 20 minutes after I threw up things got even worse, I was not only filthy and dirty from vomit, but my dad was home and my girlfriend is freaking out too and since we were in my house she couldn't make any real decisions. We tried calling like 10 people in my phone because I really wanted to leave my house to get away from my dad, brother, and the this cop that was supposed to be here. Finally I got a hold of the girl who sold me the acid, a friend from a few towns over, I told her the story as best I could and she said she'd be right over with her girlfriend. After the phone call I actually begin to cool down and also calm down. The visuals are intense and I still am semi-incoherent but I am calm and have calmed my girlfriend down a bit, even though I give her TONS of credit for trying to calm me down the majority of the time.

T+3.5 hours: At about the time my friend and her girlfriend arrive we've actually went past the peak and plateaued at a VERY nice medium. The visuals were excellent but we were totally in control, it was as if the acid wasn't even altering are thoughts and we were just happy as hell. We chilled out in my room with my friends and she was telling the most intense stories. She was flailing her arms around and it made the most amazing tracers as anyone who's done acid knows, the tracers with your hands are just awesome. We had an awesome time with them, and we hung outside a bit later. The ants and bugs were awesome to watch as you'd see butterflys and there would be multiple ones (tracers) or ants walking with trails behind them.

T+? (at this point time was irrelevant and fairly dilated so I don't have accurate times measurement: My girlfriend and I went back to my room and just hung out and listened to the doors greatest hits really loud. I have an awesomely comfortable room with trippy posters everywhere. One of them had tons of faces in it and they all popped out at me. I have this spirally thing on my computer and if I stare at it for 30 seconds and look at something else, that something starts warping and moving. So we put that on and it literally brought the trip to a new level.

Another thing, associated with that, that I witnessed was that when I kept it on, it created a vortex around my computer in which colors from around my room and my computer wallpaper were being sucked into it and thrown out around my room. I vividly remember my girlfriend being enveloped in the colors from my wallpaper (purple, green, red, blue) being thrown across the room and changing the color of her hair. Another awesome and funny thing I witnessed was urinating. Every time I would pee I would watch as urine would come in a stream out of my belly button, penis, and knees. Urine would also flow (visually) over the sides of the toilet and down the walls. When I splashed water on everything, water started pouring down the walls.

T+?: My friend had bought us bubbles a few nights prior so we decided to play with them. The bubbles are incredibly beautiful and shine their colors and patters over everything. When one pops on me, I feel it all over my body. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Between the doors playing and my girlfriend and I so happy and having so much fun with everything it was just a marvelous experience. I was so relaxed and content and everything was just SO awesome. I wish I could have drawn what I saw but it was such an experience.

Overall: The experience turned out awesome. We even ended up going to see the new Willy Wonka movie at the tail end of our trip which brought the movie up to a new level. The only problem was our timing, it sucked, never do acid just on a whim. That was so unlike me as usually I plan out drugs very far in advance. Lucky for us the cop never showed and we calmed down fairly quick, but there was a little while where we were in pure terror. Scared shitless. I have had an experience with a hospital before so now whenever something goes awry on psychedelics death is always the first thing that comes into my mind. I was fortunate enough this time that everything worked out almost majestically but not always will I be so lucky. I just thought I'd share this experience as maybe people will be able to relate.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44878
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 29, 2008Views: 7,457
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LSD (2) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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