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My Trip To Hell
Citation:   A.J.H.. "My Trip To Hell: An Experience with LSD (exp446)". Jul 30, 2000.

1.75 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
I will never forget my first and only experience with LSD. One night after work my ex-friend called me. He asked if I wanted to come over and go on a trip. I was very excited and I rushed over. When I got there my friends (we will call D.B. and J.K. were there along with a boy who I did not know. D.B. pulled out six hits of an acid called Dancing Condoms, it was a puzzle with little dancing condoms on it. It was me and the other boy's first time so we only took a half of a hit. I waited about 45 minutes and nothing was happening. I noticed that the other boy was acting very weird. I thought maybe the acid was fake so I took the rest of the dancing condom and 3/4 of a hit of white blotter.

A little later D.B. went to get some bud. When he got back we smoked 1 good sized bowl. About a minute after the bowl I was feeling very fucked up. At first I felt very high and started to laugh at evrything. D.B. and I went back to his room to get another bowl. I was sitting on his bed and I dazed off I had thoughts of life and death without even trying to think about it. Suddenly the whole room caved in on me and I came out of the daze. D.B. kept talking to me but I didn't even know where I was. I could not comprehend why I was this fucked up. I looked at the pot and all I saw was pine needles. I asked D.B. if that was what we smoked and he asked me what I was talking about. I looked again and It was regular marijuana.

We went in the living room and sat down. I kept dazing off and suddenly the room went dark ond colors of neon green and pink were everywhere. I felt like I was all alone and nobody else realy existed but they were all just images. I was looking at my arms and they turned into clay and crumbled to the ground. Everybodies hair was changing color and everyones faces were scrambling around. I was feeling very scared. D.B. took me in the other room and he kept yelling at me. He told that the demons were coming and I was going to go to hell. Suddenly I saw a flash of light and D.B. became a demond. The vains were popping out of his head and his eyes were dripping blood and hirns came out of his head. I started talking to J.K. and he calmed me down he told me it was from the acid and D.B. was just trying to scare me. In the middle of our talk his face formed into another demon and he was screaming at me. I was looking at the walls and it was covered with huge pentagrams. After a few hours of running through the house screaming I finally came down.

After that, ever time I smoked weed I saw designs on the walls. I started to trip one time after 2 gravity bong hits. The room was melting and I was extremely paranoid. If I didn't have a bad trip my first time I would probably do it again, but out of fear I will never take it again.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 446
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 30, 2000Views: 7,447
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LSD (2) : First Times (2), Bad Trips (6), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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