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Kicked In an Acid Trip in Ten Minutes
LSD & Nitrous Oxide
by SB
Citation:   SB. "Kicked In an Acid Trip in Ten Minutes: An Experience with LSD & Nitrous Oxide (exp4459)". Dec 18, 2001.

5 hits oral LSD (liquid)
  3 hits inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)


It was the first day of summer, and I was just sitting around at home wishing I had something to do. Then I remembered that I had 5 hits sitting in my freezer that were a little over a week old. I considered myself to be an experienced tripper, and at the time I had done acid about 30 or so times before and had taken 3 hits of very strong acid and peaked in front of my mom without her knowing. So I figured I could handle 5 hits of week-old acid.

I let the sweettarts (that's what the liquid was dropped on) sit in my mouth and I layed down on my bed to relax and enjoy the rest of my trip. Before the hits had even started to melt, I remembered that I had a whippet in my room that I had just gotten the day before and I was really interested in seeing the effects of a trip with nitrous oxide. After the hits dissolved, I got a cracker my friend let me borrow. I punctured the cartridge and filled up a big purple balloon until it seemed like it was going to pop.
I took in 3 of the biggest, deepest inhales that I could manage and held them in for about 15 or so seconds each. After the first two inhales I felt really buzzed and lightheaded. I was holding in the third hit of nitrous about ten minutes after the acid had dissolved.

I hadn't really been concentrating on anything while breathing in the whippet except sucking in and holding. But before I had started to exhale I closed my eyes and got the feeling that I was moving forward slowly. Less than a second later I seemed to be shooting through space fast enough to break the sound barrier. I didn't recognize myself as a being or something that lived and breathed oxygen. I just vaguely had the idea that I was some object in some form of existence soaring through the galaxy. This was a very extreme state of being fucked up, but it was not at all unpleasant or frightening. After about a minute of this (probably a few seconds) I didn't seem to slow down; I just sort of seemed to fall back down to earth really quickly and come back into my body and return to reality.

The second this happened, I opened my eyes and I was tripping the hardest I had ever been in my life. Trails would hang in the air for what seemed like a good five minutes. And everything had energy waves flowing off of it. The waves were either good or bad, kind of like an aura around everything. I don't know why they were good or bad waves, they just were and it just kind of made sense.

The rest of the trip was pretty much just a VERY HARD acid trip and I was feeling effects of it well into the next day. One point of the trip that sticks out the most to me was when the walls of my room zoomed up to about a foot away from my body, then as quickly as they shrunk they went to towering over my head and then returned to normal size. I have never heard of anything like that and it was definitely the best visual I have ever seen on any hallucinogenic.

Now that I think back on the trip I realize that it was a pretty stupid thing to do considering that I was home alone during the deepest part of the trip and what trip. Not to mention, this was my first time using nitrous oxide and I had no idea what was in store for me. But I have developed much better judgement now from such times, so I consider it a valuable experience.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 4459
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 18, 2001Views: 22,060
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LSD (2), Nitrous Oxide (40) : Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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