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Chameleon People
Salvia divinorum (leaves & 5x extract)
by Arzachel
Citation:   Arzachel. "Chameleon People: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (leaves & 5x extract) (exp44512)". Erowid.org. Oct 17, 2007. erowid.org/exp/44512

  repeated smoked Salvia divinorum (leaves)
    repeated smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)


Before I start talking about the experience I recently had, I'd like to describe my situation and my background. First of all, I'm in my mid-twenties and have been an experienced drug user since the age of 16. Psychedelics have always been my thing; I sort of consider other drugs (including marijuana) a bit of a waste of time and energy and the people that habitually use them have, in my experience, come away with little or no insight into themselves or the world around them and only hinder developments therein. However, in the same breath I have to admit that I drink like a fish, so take that statement as you will. I consider myself a student of chemistry and physics, thus I have little interest in things of 'religious' or 'spiritual' leanings. I believe that there are many things out there that cannot be explained, but that is only because of inadequate evidence. In other words, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, and any scientist who tells you otherwise is either an idiot or an engineer. I take no prescription drugs, no anti-depressants, and am quite familiar with LSD, mushrooms, 2C-B, salvia, opiates, etc.

So, my tale begins about 2 years ago when I first purchased some salvia from an internet source. I got a deal, 1oz of leaf and 5g of 5x for some cheap price which I don't presently recall. Some of my friends and I tested it out trying to figure out the best way to smoke it to get maximum effect without waste. What we came up with was making a gravity bong out of a 1L soda bottle and using foil as the bowl (gasp! says the chemist in me). Usually two bowls of the leaf followed by a bowl of the extract is enough to send me into hyperspace, of course dosage changes as the night wears on. I had many, many trips this way, each time getting seemingly further and further into the salvia world.

Eventually, I got bored or busy, or both and I kind of put salvia on the back burner. The last experience that I had prior to this most recent one was amazing. I saw the actual material of matter, as though my eyes were STM microscopes and I slowly drew back from sub-atomic structure to see an object as it was in waking life. Everything began as a, for lack of a better example, string of christmas lights, each bulb a different color and very small. As I zoomed out I could see that the strings were interlaced into what looked like the skin of a beachball rolled in multicolored grains of rice. At the time I had the immense feeling that I was looking at a DeBroglie wave, and actual matter wave. The wave resonated with the sound of Miles Davis' trumpet ('Panthalassa' check it out) and flexed and moved. It was almost like synesthesia, I could hear color and see sound--very hard to describe. Another person's report I read said 'weird with a capital W', this doesn't even begin to describe it. I came away feeling refreshed and thankful that I was shown a glimpse of reality and that it fit with all the theoretical mumbo-jumbo that I deal with everyday. Perhaps this is only because I wanted it that way, but who knows.

Having had this experience I never really felt the need to have another until just the other day when a friend asked if I still had some salvia. He had never experienced salvia before, so I let him have a few journeys before he finally convinced me to take some as well. As I drew in the second bowl and held it I began to feel the familiar gravity pulling me to the left. I was already out of it as I loaded the third, I mumbled something about the salvia 'not letting me get away without another' as I took in the smoke.

I stumbled into the other room and flopped down onto the couch, the same couch from a year before. I sat with my eyes closed and as I exhaled, the gravity reversed, and I was floating above the couch, not quite in my material body, but not way up in the air either. Just kind of juxtaposed, like double exposed film. When I opened my eyes I saw the world sort of faded and pixelated and I knew I was right back where I had left off. I laughed at this proposition because it felt so right and it had been so long ago. That's when I saw the chameleons. I have seen them before. They have that same sort of 'christmas light' skin and the just look at me. They have a presence, not especially powerful or intimidating, but I know that they know that I am there. They seem to bubble out of the matter in this world, like blowing a bubble with gum, they expand from an existing object. They are always there, I just cannot see them except when the salvia puts me in their world. One of them was talking to me but I couldn't understand it, I was starting to come back to myself. I just started spouting at all the people in the room so that I couldn't forget about the chameleons again. As I was talking, my friend that had smoked before me said that he was going on a 'mission from God and he would be right back'. I laughed hysterically at this thinking 'Okay, what is that supposed to mean? God isn't here right now.' The chameleons' presence was still very strong to me although I couldn't see them. They seemed to agree with me. A few minutes later I sobered up and my friend returned with his ipod that he had left at his girlfriend's house. I guess God really wanted him to hear some tunes.

This experience was extremely validating and amazing because of the familiarity of it all and the encounter with the intelligent beings from the other side of the membrane. Multidimensionality has to be a reality--if it were not why do people have these encounters? There is still much to be explored and much to be done in reference to psychedelics and humans, and more strong minds are needed to take up the challenges ahead. I am convinced that psychedelics are the key to evolution and even existence itself, and it is only a matter of time before the door is unlocked.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44512
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 17, 2007Views: 6,068
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