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Fireflies and Synesthesia
LSD & Cannabis
by Delysiduous
Citation:   Delysiduous. "Fireflies and Synesthesia: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp44449)". Sep 14, 2008.

T+ 0:00
2 hits oral LSD
  T+ 2:00   smoked Cannabis


Setting - Upper West Side of a bustling metropolis

Set Ė Feel great about myself and the world, enjoying my last summer before college.

Dosage - 2 hits LSD

Characters - Myself, J, Z, A, H, and K.

Everyone except for Z took their hits at ~6pm(T0) inside Jís apartment, and watched TV for ~20 minutes before going out. Once outside, we walked over to Central Park West to come up and wait for Z to get there, he took his dose on the way over to meet us. Started feeling it after about 10-20 minutes, and after ~45 minutes we were tripping lightly. The feel of this acid is so nice; itís so calm, so serene, so warm. Absolutely no speediness, just a really really good feeling, like I'm in the arms of some benevolent protector.

Once we were up a bit K started to act a little crazy. I have known and tripped with the rest of the group for a while, this was my first time meeting K though. He was really cool, and completely insane. Not just cuz he was tripping, heís actually kinda crazy, even spent a little time in a mental institution. It was cool though, he was entertaining, and he added a lot to the groupís trip. So we sat on a bench for about an hour, waiting for Z and a weed dealer, and laughing hysterically at the stuff K was doing, like having a two sided dialogue with a handball, talking about why ninjas are so cool, showing us some insane drawings he made, etc.

The weed dealer and Z showed up within 2 minutes of each other, so once we copped we walked into the park to smoke. We were all tripping pretty nicely by now (T+120), and our walk through the park was quite possibly the trippiest walk ever. The spot we were in looked like an enchanted forest, and there were literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of fireflies all over. I would look at one spot, and see dozens light up at a time, and they were ALL OVER THE PLACE. It really looked like there were little fairies flying around the enchanted forest, sooooo trippy. We got to a secluded place to smoke, and rolled up 2 blunts out of the ridiculously fat haze 20 we had just bought.

Smoking totally sent us into another dimension. I would take a hit, exhale, then like 3 seconds later it would hit me like a bat to the face, in a good way though. Colors and sounds coming out of nowhere, it was really cool. A few minutes after we finished smoking we all started peaking, and this is where the real craziness ensues. It was full dark now, and everyone but H and I had left the immediate area to go walk around or take a piss. We were talking about how hard we were tripping, how great this acid was, philosophizing, etc.

H starts talking about how he is melting into the bench. He asks me how much surface area I think he would cover if he completely melted into a 2 dimensional puddle of H. I wasnít sure, and then he told me to think about melting into the bench. I looked up at the sky, thought about it, and immediately started melting into the bench. It scared the fucking shit out of me, because for a second or two I had absolutely no control, and I thought I was gonna completely melt. Hereís the best description of the feeling that I can bring up. My mind, in its altered state, was able to do just about anything, so my consciousness started to spread out from my body into the surrounding area. However, my body obviously could not change, so it felt like I was quickly dripping out of my body, and thatís why it was really scary. I was able to snap out of it after a few seconds, and I thought about the great thrill I had just received.

At this point something weird starting happening to my fingers. At first, little tendrils sprouted out from each of my fingers, and if I looked closely, each tendril was shooting out miniscule people. ďWhoa, cool,Ē I thought, but it didnít last too long. Then, and this lasted for the duration of the peak, my fingertips started to feel like they were made of goo. What I mean by this is, if I was touching something, and lifted my hand off of it, it felt like my fingers had merged with the surface a bit, and it was pretty gooey at the merging point. I told my friends about this, and they were all jealous. The visuals were awesome, both with eyes open and eyes closed. Synesthesia started kicking in about now, and sounds, smells, and feelings all started affecting my vision in a really cool way.

The arrival of some non cool type people made us decide to leave our spot, and to the dismay of the rest, J and Z really wanted to leave the park. They wanted to go to our friendís place a few blocks away, chill inside, listen to music, trip out, etc. We eventually all agreed, because even though we wanted to stay in the park chilling inside sounded like a cool idea. On the walk out, me, A, H, and K got caught up standing around something on the ground, debating whether it was a frog, a peach, or a napkin. It was definitely not a frog or peach, so I stepped on it and squashed it. K shouted at me, ďYou killed the froggy!Ē and then we all realized it was none of the above, but a latex glove. At this point I realized we had been standing around this piece of garbage for ~2 minutes, I alerted my friends to this fact, and we high tailed it out of there.

Upon getting to our friendís apartment, we found out that he was not home. We were gonna have to wait for a while, so I sat down on a stoop, put on my headphones, turned on my trippy playlist, and enjoyed some really intense cevs. So intense that after 5-10 seconds with my eyes closed, the entire outside world would disappear. I could not feel the effects of gravity, the atmosphere, couldnít feel the steps I was sitting on, couldnít hear anything but the music, I was just lost in a psychedelic, magical world that existed on the backs of my eyelids. I kept feeling like someone was doing something right in front of my face though, and even though there was never anyone close to me when I opened my eyes, I couldnít stay like this for too long. Z started to freak out a little bit, he was getting complete ego dissolution. At one point, he popped up and said, ďIím Z? Oh god, I donít know what I am doing. I donít know who I am or what is going onÖĒ We kept him calm though, and it not too much time he was completely fine.

Hereís where the most amazing part of this trip, and possibly all my other trips, happens. I donít know if this qualifies as a real out of body experience, but it was certainly similar. The steps I was sitting on had a light at the top which was shining down onto my back. The sidewalk which my feet were on was pretty dark, so I could see my shadow on it. The way the light was, it made an exact outline of what I looked like from behind. The acid filled in the colors and details, and I was sitting there looking at myself from behind. This canít be happening, I thought, but the image was still there after I closed my eyes, turned my head, even after I stopped to talk to my friends. Looking down at my self was sooo cool, I was turning my head, checking out how my hair looked in the back, and practically crying because it was so amazing. After a little bit, it felt like I was driving a car in a video game. I held my arms out as if to grip the steering wheel, and I was driving into the sidewalk at approximately 50mph, making turns and all. I did this for approximately 5-10 minutes, till our friend E got there, and we went into his building. I donít think Iíve stressed enough how amazing this experience was, I am still in awe as I write this report.

It was really hot in Eís apartment, so we all went out to the backyard. Nothing really unusual happened here, just some trippy conversation, some smoking, lots of insanity from K, and we played with Eís really cool dog, Lika. Lika looks like a husky, except he has golden yellow fur. He is pretty big, and is a realllllllllly cool dog. I always love tripping around animals, this was no exception. He knew something was up, and chilled with us the entire time we were there. Eventually, we decided we wanted to get some food and go back to the park, so we left the apartment.

We walked to a deli, got some supplies, and went to Bellevedere Castle. We stayed there for about an hour, listening to music, talking, and admiring the view/weather. We were all coming down at this point, and we decided to go back to Eís. We smoked some weed, drank some 40s, played with the dog, and talked about the nightís events. A and I lived in different boroughs from the rest of the group, so we were staying the night at Jís. At ~3am, J said it was time to go, so we bid our friends good night (morning) and took the relatively short walk to Jís building. Once inside, we sat down for some food and TV. We got caught up in Kill Bill 2, and watched almost the whole thing. At ~4:45, we decided to go in the staircase to smoke a blunt, and then we came back for some more food and the conclusion of the movie. After Kill Bill was over, we started watching Spawn. We decided to turn off the TV at like 6:30, long after the sun had already come up.

It took a looooooong time to get to sleep, didnít happen till at least 8 am. I decided not to go in to work at 9, and I slept till almost 1pm. We ate some food and smoked the last of our weed. J was going over to the east side to see his girlfriend, so I got started on my long trip home. I was still getting cevs on my ride home, and listening to music was really cool.

This was definitely my most intense trip, and it lived up to all our expectations. I am glad we were able to pull off such an amazing experience before A goes away, these are memories that will last forever. I am left with alottt of stuff to think about after this trip, Iím gonna go do that now.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44449
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 14, 2008Views: 7,319
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LSD (2) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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