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One Too Many
Ecstasy & LSD
Citation:   English Nick. "One Too Many: An Experience with Ecstasy & LSD (exp444)". Jul 2, 2000.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 3:00 1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 4:30 1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 5:20 0.5 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:59 2 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:59 0.5 tablets insufflated MDMA (powder / crystals)
The weekend just passed (Feb 18th/19th) was a weird one for me, even weirder than the last couple I've had. The reason? It was an acid weekend, a REAL acid weekend.

When I arrived at the fortnightly 24hour club I do volunteer work for, I immediately found out what the Psychoactive situation was like. There was some good skunk (MJ), some excellent pills and a lot of acid was expected to arrive later on. I bought a pill, and took it just after the club opened, at 11 pm on Friday. I took a while to come up, but at about 12 pm I started rushing hard and spent a good few hours enjoying one of the cleanest ecstasy highs I had had for a long time. They were big pills, and would not let you down for more than a minute or so. Then you were back up again, waving your arms to whatever thumping beat you could lay your ears on. I took another 'millenium' pill at 2 pm, and then at about 3.30 the acid came into the club. The first two I bought where called 'sheevas', marked red and green and apparently exported from India. We sat down in the psychedelic café (it seemed like the best place to be), I took the first trip, and at about 4.20 split the second with a friend (who had also consumed one already).

It took a while to start kicking, but by 5.00 I was seeing some isolated visuals, which were perhaps exaggerated by the use of a violently green lamp. One image that was particularly striking was that of a man sitting, propped up against the wall with his head in one hand. Instead of the fingers resting on the surface of his skin, they went into the face through deep, black holes that obscured any features the man may have had. I squinted, but the image remained and I knew the acid had started. The usual warping face phenomenon appeared around me and although it was mild, I was sure that this was only the beginning. My friend X......, however, was getting rather irritable, claiming that all he could feel was a weak preliminary mushroom sensation, and that his level of visual disturbance was very low. So I decided, under pressure from X...... to get two more trips.

We left the cafe we had been sitting in and went upstairs to a room in which a visual DJ was performing to hoards of tripped out acid-freaks. He was showing footage of the N30 demonstration in Seattle and London, but fucking around with the image, colour and sound to such an extent that it became an insane, warped acid experiment, with L.S.D-fuelled clubbers freaking out, or losing themselves in the consuming, often terrifying atmosphere of the place.

Sitting at a table at the far end of this room was another acid dealer, but much older than the one who had sold me the 'sheevas' (that one could have only been in his early twenties, perhaps not even that). This dealer looked like a middle-aged business man, except that his eyes gave away the fact that he was an acid freak. He charged me £3 ($4.5 roughly) per trip, which is the usual price, and then turned to me and warned:

'This is strong acid; be careful!'

I dropped the piece of card instantly, unable to work out what was printed on it (the design, whatever it was, kept tripping me out). It could have been a Batman, as other friends of mine had bought that, but I cannot be sure. We then returned to the cafe to begin tripping hardcore.

The madness started almost instantly and I knew I had gone too far. I had only tripped with mushrooms at this type of event before, and I knew how far the clients and staff go to make your time (or absense of time) as fucked up as possible. The whole experience is about seeing and feeling things that you could never ever feel anywhere else. To be there is enough. To trip there is beyond enough. I expected a crazy time, but not as crazy as it turned out to be.

Most of my time was spent in the cafe. Once the wall started to move properly and intensely, I realised I was not going to be able to move very easily, and certainly would not want to for a good deal of time. The classics appeared, colours (not much red, a lot of green (caused by green lighting)), patterns, lines marking people's faces moving, exaggerating and stretching, electronicy closed-eye visuals etc. There was constant movement, but I could not really see any of the things that were causing it. The air around was shirling, moving, shifting with music that was playing from somewhere within the body of the cafe. Friendly faces I knew and others I didn't passed, sometimes stopping to have a conversation with me, sometimes drifting away. Everyone was tripping, and most were tripping on the same acid. It is one of the only places were hundreds of people can be seen tripping at the same time.

Some people were there to play with your mind; one particular man who I discovered sitting in another cubicle with his head lifted up so it was next to mine. Much of what he said came out as nonsense, the syllables seemed to mix and match without any assitance from me, but when I closed my eyes, instead of hearing his voice, I heard his breath, softly moving in and out. I knew that he was in my head, but I wasn't really concerned. He was trying to soothe me, and it was working. When I opened my eyes, he lifted, from somewhere beneath him, a techy-looking camera and with typically jerky acid movements got up and began to act as if he was filming another of the trippers sitting in the cubicle just behind mine. That really freaked me out. What was going on! He left after that and floated off into the madness elsewhere.

People appeared like that for many hours, playing games, freaking us out, soothing our spirits, trying to lift us out of bad patches, of which I had many. For a long time I felt that I was unwelcome, that I was an outsider because I was too into my trip to talk. I began to feel guilty that I was not doing more to become more a part of the whole thing. Those came on and off, and I was still able to enjoy periods of level 5 whenever I closed my eyes for more than a few minutes, and constant, relentless, often incredibly real and hard-hitting visuals. Sometimes I had to turn away from what I was seeing, because more often than not it would be so inexplicable and so beyond human understanding that I worried whether or not I would ever be able to understand anything ever again.

About 8 hours into the trip, I crushed one pill, separated it into two lines, and gave one to X...... We snorted our lines, and instantly the visuals became very happy and pill-orientated. It seemed like the whole room hd just done some MDMA and were experiencing the whirring eye/grating teeth effects that are so common with E. The reason why the trip had gone very dark was probably because it coincided for a while with the MDMA come down. Taking more E brought us back up into full CandyFlipping.

Unfortunately we got some bad vibes from people around us who thought we were doing lines of Ketamine, but once that was cleared up, things started to go well again. I was still tripping my nuts off, and having real trouble stringing any interesting sentences togethers, so I lay back in my seat and closed my eyes, ready to go flying into my mind:

Energy. That's all I really remember. I could almost control the flow of my mind, the flow of its energy. I would whirl round, producing patterns, leaving marks, changing perspective and colour. Everything was perfectly mathematical, but so complicated that my basic maths could not even attempt to explain it. It doesn't need explaining. You know what it means when you experience it. It cannot be put into words.

Two of my companions went up to the bar and returned with two plates of food, claiming they were going to eat vegetarian sausage rolls. The objects did not look like sausage rolls. They were utterly repulsive, and looked like they were almost alive, moving and pulsating as each piece was lifted up to a hungry open mouth. My two friends had come down, but me and X....... was still peaking after eight or so hours. We realised then that we had been excessive; the last trip we had taken was certainly unnecessary.

Sometime later I was back in the graphics DJ room. They were playing 'Maria' by Blondie, but in a fucked-up acid style. It sounded like it was being played on a 'My first Radio' tape-deck with some crazy sounds instead of the usual instruments. This was the most horrible part of my trip. It's not that I don't like Blondie, but her voice sounded so shrill and horrible at that moment. It conjured up terrible images of my past that I wanted to forget. This was followed by a psychedelic trance version of Cher 'Do you Believe'. It was a really weird and really intelligent mix, but I just couldn't stay in that room so I went down to the basement where there was a pagan/mystical/trippy play being performed with pixie-band performers, mandolins and tribal stomping (crazy huh!) . I went very tribal for a while, and joined the other dancers in their strange, round-the-fire dance routine that was so strange and so beautiful.

I left the club at around 2.30 pm. I was still tripping, and the sunlight really hurt my still furiously dilated pupils. They still ache a little now from that. As I walked up to the bus stop, it seemed like everybody walking down the street (this is a huge, busy London street) was tripping as well. I looked at as many eyes as I could, and I was sure that they were moving in a way that was half ectasy whirring and half acid manic jumping around. I got on the bus and tripped off the patterned plastic wall until I got home, and went to bed with a very sore-head that was still full of crazy visions. I had a lot to sleep over, but now I feel better than I ever had. Trips are the best form of therapy for me, and the harder and more intense they are, the more I learn about myself. This one has to be the most astral, mind-blowing trip I've ever had. I going back for another one as soon as I can.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 444
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 2, 2000Views: 12,996
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LSD (2), MDMA (3) : Festival / Lg. Crowd (24), Combinations (3), General (1)

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