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Like a Bomb Hit Me
by BAddicted
Citation:   BAddicted. "Like a Bomb Hit Me: An Experience with 2C-I (exp44172)". Dec 14, 2005.

T+ 0:00
200 mg oral DXM
  T+ 1:30 14 mg IV 2C-I
  T+ 3:10 1.0 g smoked Cannabis
  T+ 3:10 1 smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes
  T+ 4:35 0.5 g smoked Cannabis


I have dosed IV many times (at least 50) with 2c-I. between 5-15mg's. More than 15 would be an unbearable, extremely dangerous dose to 'shoot up' due to my experience on 15MG's. I would also like to state I have had no luck with 2c-I intramuscularly. Every time I dosed I was using syringes readily available at any pharmacy. I would mix the 2c-I with a very small amount of WARM/HOT tap water. It WILL NOT MIX with cool/cold.

My guidelines for IV 2C -I use:

Threshold 1 mg
Light 2 - 4 mg
Common 3 - 6 mg
Strong 6 - 9 mg
Heavy 8 - 15 mg: More than 12MG ARE NOT ADVISABLE and severe consequences (physical and mental) seem to be VERY possible at these levels.

Onset: None
Total duration: approx. 80-210 minutes
Coming up: 1-20 seconds
Plateau: 20-45 minutes
Coming down: 30-75 minutes
After Effects: 30-90 minutes

The reason I liked to use this intravenously is because I could get a good quick trip in before I had to go to sleep (when I would have to work the next day) and not be too out of it the next day. All I had to do is smoke marijuana on the comedown and I would fall right asleep. Keep in mind when I use 2c-I (or other 2c's for that matter) for a couple days in a row by the third day the visuals are at a minimum (visuals aren't very strong no matter what the dose). I try to wait at least 48 hours between trips for positive results. I don't underestimate the power of the 2c's. They can leave me in drug psychosis and very addicted just like any other hardcore drugs.

I will first describe my very first successful experience shooting up 2c-I (there had been several demoralizing attempts to shoot 2c-I up due to using a cold water mixture). I had two little containers containing 2c-I dissolved in hot/warm water. One contained 14MGs. The other contained 6MG. The contents of either would perfectly fit in the syringe. I had the 6MG set up in case the 14MG didn't do the trick.

Environment: In my basement with a pool table directly in front of me. A fluorescent light above me with no other lights on. I am sitting on a wooden chair with a wooden chess table/board to my left. My mom is upstairs.
Time: 8:00pm.

I put all the liquid containing 14MGs into the syringe. I tie a shirt around my arm (between my shoulder and my elbow) so the vein is easier to find and hit. I put the needle in the large vein on the inner side of my arm level with my elbow. I push the liquid into my vein.

+5 seconds: I quickly suck up the other 6MG's and put it to the same vein, but things fall apart too fast for me to be able to inject more, luckily...
+10 seconds: Suddenly I loose focus of the vein. All my veins are swaying back and forth. My main vein (which I had been trying to pinpoint) turned into a snake and began slithering off my arm. At this point I dropped the syringe and lay back in the chair (powerless).
+20-25 seconds: I'm motionless. The body buzz is uncomfortable and the visuals are overwhelming, yet absolutely AWESOME. I would always smoke weed when coming up on a trip (when dosing oral or soon after insuff. or IV). Thinking back the thought never even crossed my mind I was too completely messed up. It was like a bomb hit me. Not the same as a 1000mg dose of DXM but just as inhibiting (yet in a different way).

+2 minutes: The thought crosses my mind that my mom could walk down at anytime. I fall onto the floor, being experienced enough with tripping to know if I tried to walk I would infact take a BIG TRIP (fall over) I decide to crawl. I managed to somehow pick up the syringe and start crawling to the bathroom not 10 feet away. This journey seemed like a week long adventure through some uncomprehendable world. The syringe turned into a gun, and I was holding the gun as if ready to shoot; deer ran in the horizon and I almost raised my 'gun' to shoot although I have never been hunting before. I looked to a steel pole to my left (for holding the house up); It turned into African type shaman’s dances around a campfire. I look at the TV to the right of the poll; some very strange show is on (although in reality nothing is on).

+10 minutes: I somehow make it to the bathroom. The bathroom has all white tiles with weird designs in them. Its about 10x5 feet, very small. This is more potent than 35MG oral at its peak! I close to door behind me. It takes me a long time to lock the door. I keep trying to move my hand towards the lock (to lock the door so my mother doesn't intrude); It turns into quite a task. My hand literally disintegrates before it gets there a few times. Falls apart into a Persian rug. Everything is merging. Its basically impossible to decipher anything from anything else. My visual field is filled with a sea of visuals. Some time goes by in which I don't see anything that’s actually in the room, just hallucinations. Finally I remember the door again! I MUST LOCK IT! The thinking is basically as 'shamanic' as a high dose 3rd plateau of DXM; but different at the same time. The first few reaches are very unsuccessful. The way the door handle is swaying back and force is hard to make out where it really is. My hand hits around it a few times. Finally success. It's locked. I have a feeling of great accomplishment. I've had some AMAZING 'theme' LSA trips in this room, but the visuals were not nearly as constant. Everywhere I looked everything was moving, shifting, breathing. More than anything flowing. Like a river mixed with a Persian rug carpet; You would have to see it to know what I mean. Cognitive was shot.

+30 minutes: Still just as intense as the past 1/2 hour. Trails are beautiful. For brief periods when focusing was possible everything had a tint of neon to it. Everything around me turns into a forest. A forest I once knew well. I spent much of my childhood there, before big corporation started dumping waste pesticides into the lake. Which in turn killed all frogs and turtles and warped/changed all other wildlife. This hallucination isn't nearly as 'clear' as one on DXM (like dreaming while awake, vividly seeing past events etc.), its much more abstract, less clear, all over the place. I started thinking introspectively about how corporations run the U.S. and how everyone thinks we and politics do. Not in a really dreamlike world though. Thinking is all over the place.
+45 minutes: The climax has been reached and I'm just starting to come down I continue by sitting on the toilet seat and reflecting on what just happened.

*I want to add that the body load/anxiety was astronomical for the past 45 minutes. I never had crippling anxiety (not scared, just feels like I'm having a heart attack) on drugs until I used benadryl (a.k.a. Dramamine) about 100 times. I used to be able to take 25 benadryl without a problem and have great (positive) trips. Now if I take more than ten I get full blown seizures every 5-10 seconds for about 5-10 seconds. But if I smoke weed, take DXM or drink alcohol while taking these drugs it takes away most of the anxiety. Alcohol makes the trip experience less pure, as DXM and Marijuana do the opposite. Might I add also that it is absolutely impossible to get a 'Positive' experience on benadryl now. Instead of happy hallucinations I get extremely scary ones (police dogs running up on me, hearing my parents and friends screaming and crying in the room next store about how horrible I am, etc.). All my trips are not what they used to be. After about 5 years of tripping almost everyday, nothing is the same.*

+50 minutes: I get up and stagger about 5 feet into the shower. I turn the water on and sit down (white tile, 4x4 or smaller possibly, with a bright light right at the top of it). This is my old house so some of the details are shady. I'm holding my legs close to my chest with my head buried into the top of my legs. Although not quite as intense, visuals are still a very real part of my reality. I raise my head and look at my leg, the hairs are moving all over the place, expanding out beyond my leg, turning into snakes and what not.

+75 minutes: The water gets cold and I get out of the shower and dry off; almost fully mobile. I get some weed, a glass bowl, a cigarette and a lighter downstairs. I walk upstairs to get dressed. As I walk past my mom she tries to say something positive; it hits close to home because everything I'm doing is far from positive. I walk up to my room and get changed. Neon streaks and trails still fairly strong, as well as fair Persian carpet type visuals (nothing like at peak). I fall into bed for a few minutes and try to make the best of what visuals I have left.

+100 minutes: Anxiety is gone at this point. I walk past my mom once again. Her hopeful smile sends chills through my heart and my stomach turns over. I casually walk outside and crouch down behind the garage. I pack the first bowl of marijuana. Right before I take the first hit I reflect for a moment. I look up and think about what drug addiction has done to my life. It has ripped my spirit, faith and overall life out of me. I glance at my body, my arms and legs. I think to myself I may seem alive but I am dead, completely dead (spiritually, morally almost physically). I look up and realize I could change all that in an instant. God tells me in my heart I don't have to take that hit. I decide to chase all that away. I take the first hit; it feels like daggers in my lunges. I have been smoking way too much pot way too long I think to myself. I smoke about a gram. I smoke a cigarette after. The trees aren't shifting and moving all that much, just a little bit.

+120 minutes: I'm not as depressed since smoking. I walk into the living room and sit next to my mother. She smiles, that hopeful smile. I know she's praying deep down inside for me to save myself hoping it's before it's too late. I chase these thoughts out of my mind and focus on the TV. A popular game show is on. A tint of neon is all over everyone’s faces on the TV, as well as on my mom, with slight morphing going on.
+175 minutes: I go outside again and smoke about 1/2 gram of marijuana; attempting to avoid reality for long enough to go to bed since I have to wake up early for work and can't be too out of it.
+190 minutes: I lay in bed. Some visuals still present, hardly any though. I fade off quickly, fall asleep within 10 minutes.

The day after: Burnt out, as always.

Although the plateau lasted about 45 minutes. I would consider the next 30-45 minutes after that as still tripping. Even at 3MG's a decent trip can be accomplished. There is NO REASON to take more than 10, its brain frying material at that point.

My two cents: Life is too valuable to waste tripping out. I have spent more than the last 8 years of my life high. I never said I would be like this, no one ever does. Sometimes I stay sober for 2-3 months. Sometimes even 6 months. God and Alcoholics Anonymous are the keys to recovery for me. Sobriety is not possible (at least happily) without a good recovery plan set up. Stay strong, never give up and have faith. There is a better world out there, but if we live wrong in this life we will never see it. Remember: You are not alone; There is help.

One year later:
When reviewing this the other day I noticed that I hadn't included the fact that I was on DXM at the time of it. I had dosed approx. an hour and 1/2 beforehand (200mg) and was fully plateaued when I injected the 2c-I. This is what helped the trip be so transformational.

Since that summer I have not once used 2c-I intravenously. In fact I have not used any drug intravenously since that summer. I was in a horrible state of DXM/Marijuana addiction which led me to do some stupid things. I.E. Using a needle to use drugs so I could eat a ton of food because of the munchies (in turn a food addiction) and it still not take forever to come up on the 2c-I. For someone who loves to use a needle, 2c-I is a great drug to inject. Dosing orally works better and lasts longer. I still use 2c-I all the time orally. It's a miracle drug. I have no fear of overdose and such mild side/after effects. I have used it over 300 times.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44172
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 14, 2005Views: 22,615
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