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Setting, Setting, and Setting
by Scrim
Citation:   Scrim. "Setting, Setting, and Setting: An Experience with LSD (exp44070)". Dec 25, 2006.

2 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)


Some friends and I had just moved into an apartment straight outta high school and were reaping the rewards of an independent and free lifestyle. We had dropped acid twice before, but on the third trip of our apartment, it was all about the setting.

A friend brought 10 hits of acid over to the apartment around 5:00 pm and the three of us cut out a few doses to eat. I ate 2 and sat back to let it soak. After we had all finished, we put the rest in the freezer and walked up to the store. Effects first began as we bought our food and walked back to the apartment. There were some odd body sensations coupled with the excitement of the onset of our trip. We got back, took some bong rips and watched the tell-tale tracers begin with the burning ends of smoked cigarettes. We decided to take a walk...

Our apartment is located right near a University campus, giving us plenty to walk to. There is a specific science building that is structurally insane to look at, even completely straight. All the walls are unparallel, with brick side bulging out, seemingly defying all sorts of natural laws. Facing this building is a park of sorts, with large grassy hills, a fountain, winding paths and artwork scattered throughout.

We laid at a 45 degree angle on a grassy hill and stared into the enormity of the white, cloudless sky above us. Almost immediately the colors began to swirl and pattern on the gigantic clear canvas of the sky like a Windows Media Player design. The trees began with their own swirls of color and the city light began to come on with the fading of nightfall. The moon had light halos dancing around it as it became visible. We quickly realized that unless we really focused, we would never leave this place, and so with our combined force, we began walking back. As we did this, we discovered a whole other side of this park with diagonal trails through flowers and the such. It took all the willpower we could muster to turn away and head back.

Upon arrival at the apartment, several other roommates had made their way back from their daily activities, and joined in the trip by eating the rest of the acid. It was by now 10:30 pm and we got comfortable in our living room. Another bong was packed and the marijuana went down smooth as ever. Whenever I smoked any marijuana at all during this trip, it seemed to kick the trip into overdrive. We turned out the lights and set candles under a houseplant on the table. The light from the candles flickered the leaves' shadows across the ceiling, making a show that danced with the music and could be manipulated by someone's movement. But the fun was being able to travel from room to room to explore endless environments for the trip.

I spend a good portion of the evening sitting on a couch in my room and staring at the sharp, stucco textured walls. Small paths of electrical color were shooting between each ridge on the wall and the texture became very pronounced and then receded back, almost like breathing. A pattern that looked very much like a snowflake or frost would wallpaper across my entire vision, on the ground, on the walls, on my arm or anywhere I looked. My hand had gotten a circuit board look to it and upon looking at my face in a mirror, I saw my features would distort and melt around my face. I experienced countless other visuals that I could describe forever, but another good part of the trip were the mentals, the ideas that crossed my mind. I have been reading The Electric KoolAid Acid Tests recently, which is a background of the acid scene of the 60's. That book greatly influenced some of the ideas that shot across my mind faster than I could keep up.

No sleep was to be had this evening so a roommate and I went back to the park. We found a corner with benches that was in sand. We began to trace the patterns that we were seeing into the sand. We covered an entire area with these patterns, then moved onto larger sculptures. We spent about an hour creating a tree figure with a face and branches that ran out in all directions. It felt great to channel some of the creative energy of the acid trip into a physical manifestation of that creativity. The entire thing was about 7 feet long and was worth every second we spent on it. It was approximately 2:30 am when we made it back to the apartment again. The rest of my morning was spent relaxing and watching the fading signs of my trip appearing on walls.

My wonderful experience on this trip was due mainly to the setting of the trip.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44070
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 25, 2006Views: 4,868
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LSD (2) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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