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I'm Simply Wild About My Good Cocaine
by Three of Clubs
Citation:   Three of Clubs. "I'm Simply Wild About My Good Cocaine: An Experience with Cocaine (exp44036)". Dec 7, 2007.

2.0 g insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)


[Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid's 'heavy' range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]

Since my friend was out of the city and coming back the next day, I had agreed to get two grams of yip for us to share. This seemed like a great idea as usually we had to wait for hours for our dealer and end up starting much later than we wanted to. This way we'd be able to start right on time. The dealer, notoriously slow, showed up about four hours after I had called him (his car had broken down). Anyway, I finally was able to score two grams for me and my friend to split.

By this time it was 11:30 and while I wanted to try some I had to get up to go to work the next day. Then, out of the blue, a different friend of mine from out of town called and said he was around and was looking for a safe place to do, that's right, coke. I figured what the hell, come over, we'll do it for two or three hours and then I'll do what I usually do; take a klonopin and go to sleep. Klonopin, by the way, seems to be a fail proof way to get around the cocaine down. Lately, as I start to feel myself going down, I just pop a 0.5 mg pill and am asleep within an hour instead of having to sweat it out. I'm not sure how safe this is, but hey, it works.

But, enough with the digressions. I figure since he's coming over and I'm committed anyway, might as well get started. So I lay out some big lines for myself and get started. By the time my friend comes over the yip's kicked in and it's pretty good stuff. My friend produces another gram and we get down to work. Now, I'd never done more than one gram in a night and I didn't expect to be doing more than that so I told him, don't worry about it, it's on me. But he insisted and so the fun began.

He likes his lines smaller while I prefer mine big. Somehow, between the two of our 'brilliant' selves we decided that since I had bought two of the bags I should be doing the bigger lines we laid out while he'd do the smaller ones. Effectively, I would be snorting twice as much as him. We ended spread the lines out almost too effeciently over time. Before we knew it it was seven a.m. and we were both still pretty high. We had done, to that point, about a gram a piece. My friend needed to get to the place he was staying to shower and change for a job interview so I was left alone. I figured, 'Okay, I'll take a shower, do some more lines, take a bag with me to work and if I feel I can't handle things, I'll just duck into the bathroom and do a key bump....'

I should mention that I'm not usually this dumb, it's just that this two day period was not exactly one of my finest mental moments. I was tired from traveling to begin with and just wanted to do something fun, whatever it was. So, I did some more lines, to be precise a few more (about another .2 grams) than I probably should have between 7 a.m. and when I left for work at 9:30. My finest moment during this portion of the day was when I cut myself with a knife while trying to cut an apple into pieces to eat with cheese. I didn't notice that I had cut myself until about ten minutes later when I started to feel like I wanted to faint (from the loss of blood I imagine). Then, I figure I should go get a bandaid. I go to my bathroom and promptly forget what I came there for. Eventually I remembered and went back. Like I said, not exactly my finest day brain power wise.

I should have stopped myself from going to work right then, but I went via public transportation, thanks in no small part to my dark sunglasses. When I got there things started to get weird. I suddenly felt very drowsy. Not like I had when I cut my finger, but almost like one does at the start of an acid or mushroom trip sometimes. Something was seriously off and about an hour into work I realized that if I didn't get home immediately I was going to make a total fool of myself. So I told my boss I was feeling drowsy and sick (which was not totally untrue) and went home.

When I got home at about 11:30 a.m. I called up my roommate from my freshman year of college to ask for advice from a fellow 'drug person.' He suggested that at this point I should just do more and try to pull through 'til 5 or 6 or preferably 7 at least and then crash and go to sleep. At least I'd be somewhat back on schedule for the next day then. This seemed like a pretty good idea so I set down a big session for myself and snorted away.

About fifteen minutes later I called him back and suddenly, as I talked to him about how cracked out I felt, I realized that that wasn't it. No, instead of being cracked out, I was actually higher than I ever had been in my entire life, on any drug. Higher than I had ever been on acid, shrooms, 48 hour binges on ungodly amounts of adderal, 2CI, good opium, seriously strong hash from amsterdam or anything else I had ever tried.

My body felt heavy but my head was tingling. At the same time, it was a very out of body experience. In other words, just a crazy body high. I suddenly had no desire to move anywhere. It was as if I had the 'high' of cocaine without the 'hopped up' of it. And the best thing was that I was experienced enough to accept this instead of being freaked out by it. I could barely walk straight, was thinking sort of slowly, and after a while seeing minor halucinations and occaisonally losing balance. But I don't mean to scare anybody off from thinking about going on such a long binge, because none of these experiences were scary in the least. Instead they were simply an amazing, enjoyable experience once you let yourself be taken over by them instead of fighting them (which is what I've always found is the issue with cocaine, you just have to flow with it, even when you're coming down barring you don't have to go to bed, to really enjoy it).

I don't like to say things were spiritual experiences, especially when it comes to drugs. I've always just looked at them as I would look at a big budget hollywood blockbuster or a theme park... a lot of fun, sure, but you're mistaken if you go looking for a 'life changing' experience. But this was honestly one of two truly spiritual experiences I've ever had on drugs. By spritual I mean I was really able to reflect on a lot of things and really learn something. The only other time this happened was the first time I did acid, and I would say that the 'spirituality' of that wasn't really personal (perhaps because I wasn't alone when it happened) but a feeling of knowing, suddenly, what the whole acid culture was really about and feeling, for a few fleeting hours, as if I was part of that whole experience. Sort of like watching a great movie or reading a great book.

But this, this was different. Perhaps it was the sleep deprivation, but I'd been up for much longer than 24 hours without any problems before, though, I guess that cocaine really wears you out after an all-nighter in a way that just toughing it out doesn't and amphetamines certainly don't. Anyway, I was really just enjoying being totally out of my mind and body (and very careful not to leave my room until it was over except to force myself to east some food occasionally). I meditated, a strange thing to do for somebody who *never* does that kind of thing. I thought about a lot of things and like to think that I found some answers, even if they were fleeting and I'd need to get back to the point I was at that afternoon to truly understand my logic.

Besides thinking and meditating and smoking a cigarette every now and then, I spent the rest of the room resting and listening to music. I saw a lot of things and thought about a lot of things but most of all I learned a lesson about cocaine; when done in a certain amount and way over a long period of time, it can transcend it's usual experience and become an equally wonderful yet totally different kind of drug.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44036
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 7, 2007Views: 15,450
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