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Unaware of the Hardcore Drug I've Been Using
Citation:   Binks. "Unaware of the Hardcore Drug I've Been Using: An Experience with Datura (exp43841)". Aug 20, 2006.

4 flowers oral Datura (fresh)
I have done 'the flowers' many times. Only recently finding out that I was doing jimson weed. All of my experiences have been the same or what I remember is. The come up can be between 1 hour and 5 hours, the trip lasts about 8 hours and the after affects last a few days.

Side affects are SEVERE cotton mouth and dry throat, my throat was so dry my voice was too scratchy to understand. EXTREME pupil dilation, I look SEROIUSLY tripped out. The first few hours I feel very uncomfortable, and I cant walk or stand without trying very hard to not fall. Then my trip comes in, I hallucinate that people are there, and carry on conversations with them. But when I look away and look back they are gone.

I pick up things off the ground that arenít there, and drink out of inanimate objects. Objects move and twitch, and faces appear on random objects. I talked to my knob in the shower for about 20 mins. The hallucinations can be very weird and strange but seem real, I saw a snake chasing a spider up my wall but I was not afraid (even though Iím an arachnophobe). POWERFUL delirium and confusion overcome me, I am in a totally different reality but I think it all is real and that Iím not tripping. Thatís why I donít consider this a very fun drug, but it is a VERY powerful one. The most powerful I have ever done, and I have done a NUMBER of strong hallucinogens.

Close vision is blurry for a few days, and small come-back hallucinations or periods of confusion may spring up for a few days. This is a VERY powerful drug and I did not realize this until I witnessed my friend tripping while I was sober. He ate 3 flowers after school at about 3:30, we went to my house and we smoked about 2 grams of marijuana out of my steamroller with a few friends. We were walking to my friends house at about 4:30 and this is when he started tripping. He would turn around and talk to nothing and wander off into peopleís yards, he even went into someoneís backyard, when we would call to him he would peek around the corner and laugh and continue into their backyard, we had to go get him and bring him to this park we chill at. He would constantly pick up invisible objects and eat/drink them with strikingly real looking actions. He would purse his lips as he drank out of an invisible cup and you could see him swallowing the invisible liquid.

We would ask him whatís he doing and he would say 'get your own' or 'eating this candy dumbass' with a tone of voice that he was pointing out the obvious. When we reached the park is when he reached his peak. He was sitting there with us and we would mess around with him because it is very funny to watch a tripping person, especially when Iím stoned. My friend noticed he (the tripper) was wearing his belt (my friends) and he said 'hey thatís my belt give it to me' but he just blankly stared at him, then we asked him to pass the blunt (which we really didnít have) and he laughed and took off his shoe and gave it to us. I didnít think much of this, I just thought he thought his shoe was the blunt. But later on when he told us one of the random little stories he had been saying all day is when I realized how god damn hard he was tripping when this happened. He said 'earlier I was with Natalie (who wasnít with us, their wasnít one female with us) and this big guy came over to me and made me give him my shoe and asked me for my belt' At about 10:00 that night he was still tripping but he was coming down, he would actually respond to our questions with logical answers, and would participate in our conversations.

We thought he would be fine to go home and face his parents. The original plan was for him to spend the night at my friends house (my idea) so he wouldnít get caught by his parents tripping. We were wrong, very wrong, he was NOT alright to go home. He told us the next day how he got in trouble. He thought he was getting ice-cream in his kitchen, he said to his mom who wasnít paying attention to what he was doing 'where do I put the ice-cream?' she responded 'the freezer' (obviously) I think because he asked such a stupid question is why his mom went into the kitchen to see what he was doing, she caught him moving the actual ice-cream out of the way in the freezer and proceeding to put his sleeping baby niece in the freezer. If no one was home to stop him his niece would be long gone by now.

This is why I realize this is by far the strongest drug I have ever taken. I have done nothing but the flowers and have had no bad trips, no vacations at the hospital, and no permanent tripping. Iíve tripped on jimson weed about 8 times now and every trip is different, they all seem to have some sort of theme to them that reoccurs throughout the trip, one time it was a girl I liked, the other it was my father appearing over and over again asking if Iím stoned... If I fall asleep I experience lucid hallucinations that seem real and the memories of them seem like real memories and not dreams. My grandmother is a nurse and treated 3 guys from my school who ODed on SEEDS and they came extremely close to death/liver transplanting and had to be put on a dialysis (however its spelled) machine for 2 days.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 43841
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 20, 2006Views: 9,313
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Datura (15) : Second Hand Report (42), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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