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First Dance With Lucy
LSD, Nitrous Oxide, Salvia divinorum & Cannabis
Citation:   Rill the Lorx. "First Dance With Lucy: An Experience with LSD, Nitrous Oxide, Salvia divinorum & Cannabis (exp43664)". Mar 2, 2006.

5 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  0.2 oz smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  6 carts. inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
  1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)
This trip occurred on a Friday from 4pm - 4am.

I love acid. Lucy is .... amazing. Beautiful. Heartbreakingly benevolent and equally powerful. Albert motha-fuckin Hoffman came up with a true slice of cosmic beauty on his 25th try. A chemical that was created by serendipity, that started a revolution. This molecule has been the object of my search for YEARS upon YEARS. Soooo many times the quest for LSD has led to tales of scandalous individuals ripping us off. So many times LSD is fake , or not there at all. Some shady shit had gone down, my friend.

However, finally , serendipitously (go figure) and randomly my friend robby calls an old comrade of his. One who was known to dabble in dee-ex-em. See my friend robby and I have recently come across a fair portion of DXM powder. The call was not about acid, it was about dxm business, but soon talk of the illustrious chemical came up. As it always does.

It just so happened we were in luck. And man, were we in luck.

My friend gets the credit, he did the work, he got the acid, and he hooked me up. I went to pick it up from his place at around maybe 2 or 3, and it suprised me with its appreance. It was a small, thin white strip of paper, with no perforation. It was multi-layered and VERY white. Almost angelic looking, with a slight sparkle. When I went to pick this up, I had also come to collect some dex. The motherfucker handed me a water bottle. The bottle was 3/4th FULL of DXM powder. Packed.

Anyways back on the road, we pack up a bowl and I bite off Half the ten strip. I was told by my friend (robby) that in order to get the 'classic' in depth acid trip, 4-5 would be a good dose. The taste was interesting, I cant quite describe it on memory, as I was quite stoned through all of this so far. Quite. It seemed to have a metallic taste, and its absorbing in my mouth kind of sent a rush through my body. I was so excited that I was finally tripping on some real, good acid. After about 5 minutes of letting half the ten strip sit on my tongue, I bit off a little extra hit. Juuuust to make sure that I tripped me some balls. There was already plans to drive to another part of town, to a headshop with a 'dude' of ours working, one who would openly sell us nitrous.

After quick few cell phone calls, it was decided we were going to pick up my friend Leah, then go back up to my part of town to pick up my friend Mike, who happens to have Salvia Divinorum 10x extract. Spearmint flavoured of course. We get Leah, who is a good friend of mine despite the lack of time I've known her. Really, I dont even remember how I started talking to this girl, but it was via AIM. She's a goofy, cool, down girl. She's also is a big fan of Tim Leary, and has always wanted to try LSD. I already got this girl to try DXM, which she actually wrote a trip report for me on the DV called 'dxm took me to india'.

Anyways tripping with her was always a good experiance , now that I've got her around, the music groovin and the car rollin to mikes, the vibes are feelin good.

It's been like 30-40 minutes, and I'm starting to feel reaaaaal grooooovy. For those of you havent done acid I dont know how to explain this. Everything is funny. The feeling of elation and excitement at everything is overwhelming. My body starts feeling exsquisitely comfortable and energetic. My legs are almost numb. They feel wiggly, watery and without substance. I dont think I could walk very well right now. We were passin' around bowls and talking of times past , when I noticed the space within teh car seem to take on a different feel. I felt as if my perception was based within the space around me, inseprebaple. Its like my consciousness was a ball, that suddenly lost its form and spilled out into a endless electric ocean. The spilling sensation felt damn good. Everything I looked at had taken a strange green tint to it. Colors blurred slightly like on a fuzzy TV screen. My body was in ectasy. I was bursting with happiness and thought. I figured out my whole life, while silently muttering to myself. The acid was barely even just coming on.

Well its a few more minutes coasting along route 48 in a ocean of electric music and love vibes, and then we get back to my town. We head over to my friend mikes house. The pickup is seamless, and the introduction of Mike's strong and honest vibes are welcomed by all parties in the car, I can feel it. He shows me his vial of Salvia, half full. We take off. By this point I'm starting to trip hard. Upon inspecting any surface I would notice undulating paterns,creeping lines and unfolding fractals. I stared at my hand and It was like my mind was a zoom-in lense, and I began to view my finger on almost a cellular level.

I snapped out of it. I looked around the car. Mike was starting to trip on a 400mg capsule of DXM he had taken earlier. He had his eyes closed over in teh corner. My friends Miesmer and Joey were up front , both tripping balls on dxm.

I was in the back, and my mind was opening up into space.

The slightly toxic, grabbing electrical feel that LSA trips bring to mind was very present in my brain. This toxic psychedelic feeling is also comparable to those I experianced on 5-MeO-AMT. And yet, it felt vastly more benevolent than LSA and so much more pure and smooth than 5-MeO-AMT. So very smooth. It felt like the perfect drug, it was activating the antipodes of my mind, setting the engines of my consciousness to warp drive. I felt my mind expand , and I was sure at this point that my pupils had to be HUGE. I felt very, very pleasantly intoxicated. The interior of the car seemed to glow and simmer with energy. At times I would think there were other people in the car, other friends of ours. Then I would realize they werent there and I had just been talking to nobody. Keep in mind everyone in this car is spaced out.

It was the 5 of us, Me , Leah, Mike, Joey and Miesmer. We were headed to Joey's.

We are almost to Joeys, when we come across a road called 'whipp' road. Its been raining, then snowing out today. The road is caked with ice.

Miesmer... is not a very good driver. Hes going way , way too fast down these curvy roads, way to high and tripped out and vibing to music to pay ANY attention to the road. At least 60 mph. Yeah, I know its stupid. But , keep in mind we've done this many, many times and its worked out fine. But not this time. Miesmer lost control of the car. He began to drift his shitty little geo metro.

He drifted for a good minute, pitching left then banking HARD right.
Like the car jumped off the ground and switched sides.

After bouncing at insane speeds down a icy road, control completely lost, we slid off the road and smashed into a large bush. Thank god this wasnt a tree. But this was a hell of a big bush, it completely decimated the side of miesmers car.

We sat there. Dazed. Confused. What the FUCK just happened???
We were ALL tripping balls. Nobody panics. Confusion abound.

My girl leah turns to me and says '' Aaaaaalex we are just got in a car wreck! and I'm on LSD!! oh alex...''
I look at her and say something consoling like ''yeah well... dont worry about it...''

We get out of the car. Mikes door was destroyed, the window is knocked out and the door is dented in completely. The driver side window was also knocked off, laying stranded 20 feet off in teh background. Miesmers door (drivers) was about half dented in, with scrapes covering the rest.

Fucked up vibes set in. The car was in a slight ditch on the side of the road, submerged in snow on the left side that had hit the bush.I guess we all presumed we were stuck, so we just stood around for a minute.

We decide to try and get out on our own, and Miesmer gets in the car . He starts it , and with a little bit of gas it immediately bolts out of position into the road. Miesmer almost hits another car , again.

Sigh's of relief and exasperated looks all around. I cant tell you how good it felt to be on the road again, knowing we wouldnt have to deal with cops and parents, at least not now.

About 10 minutes later we are laughing and arriving at Joey's apartment complex. We walk into Joeys apartment building, and begin the ascent up the stairs to his 3rd level apt. The trip upstairs was slow and laborious, as we were all tripping mad balls and shaken from teh car wreck.

The usually white walls in the building seemed very green to me. The patterns on the carpet were expanding and melting into one another. When we get to Joeys apt. we go straight to his room. This is the ultimate trip room. 5 blacklights strewn across the room, strategically placed to illuminate the posters covering all 4 walls with bombastically bright neon colors. In these posters there is marijuana, naked busty women, and tripped out images of scenery. There is a very nice sound system that is already playing 'another brick in the wall' of 'The Wall' CD. If you dont know who that is by, I would kick you in your balls.

The posters look real nice. Me and Leah sit down on the bed, and she snuggles up close to me. Her warmth is very welcomed on this cold day. She tells me shes tripping really hard and is kind of scared. So I hold and her and just sit there with her for a minute, staring at a poster of an extremely gorgeous naked woman laying next to a gigantic joint in a bed of satin. I started imagining myself being there with Leah, her being naked. I closed my eyes and my imagination and the LSD brought that scene to life around me. But that wasnt all dear Lucy showed me.

Suddenly the vivid close-eyed scene was blasted to nothing. I was in space. I felt very cold, and I looked to my left I could see Leah's love energy beaming with light and warmth. It was scintillating all up and down my body. It was almost fiery, it was so warm. I could hear her thoughts in my mind. I think she told me she loved me, but I was unsure so I did'nt respond, but merely reciprocated her love, in the middle of space, stoicly.

I feel incredibly strong and powerful. I love myself. I love Leah. And I loooooove Lucy.

We just floated there in our own space, listening to pink floyd , for what seemed like not hours, not days, but a lifetime. Now I know why they call pink floyd 'space rock'. Damn! ...I open my eyes.

Leah is sitting there staring at me with love in her eyes. I look at her, my heart melting at the beauty and fiery innocence of this girl. I really dont know why she hangs around with me, sometimes I'm just a straight up dick to her. But I think she sees through me. Right now it felt like see quite literally did. I felt an intense mental and emotional connection to her. When I closed my eyes I could see the burning intensnity of our bond. It was bright orange/red, and seemed as if it were fire. Anyways the vibes from our bond are simmering, and we both shift and change positions as Joey comes back in the room (he had left sometime earlier). We had been alone in that room for what seemed like millenia. Everyone still thinks we had sex.

I got up and went into the kitchen to get something to drink. The lights everywhere were very bright and tinted with kalaedescopic color wheels. The TV had visible bombarding rays showeringt those who were watching it. It looked like they were being consumed by the rays. I looked at the microwave clock, and the moving , wiggling numbers read 8:00pm. Holy shit it was still pretty damn early. I had been trippin balllz for about 4 hours. I was still goin damn strong. And I knew we still had nitrous, salvia, and that Joey was packing up a bowl right now.

First, it was time for the Salvia. Mike packed me up a nice 1-hit bowl in the water bong. I was to 'go' first. I placed the form-fitting mouthpiece up to my mouth, and activated the torch lighter. I sucked in hard and deep, closing my eyes and praying to Sally to bring me out of this world and into pure chaos.

As I sat there holding the hit and meditating, I rapidly began to feel a sliding feeling. It felt like I was being hurtled forward at a TREMENDOUS speed, lights and squiggles and undulating fractal energy designs exloding everywhere amidst a crackling green-white energy force-field.

And, for those who have partook of Lady Salvia, you know what I mean when I say I felt like I was the visuals I was beholding.

This was my very consciousness being exploded and transmogrified into different dimensions of perception and existance. I exhaled my hit, and the sound of my own breath clicked and whirred and became part of me as it echoed out of my body. I tried talking, which was an incredibly weird and similar sensation. I'm sure I made no sense whatsoever.

I opened my eyes, and began to drift back into a more comprehensive state. The room was 'breathing' quite heavily. Walls did'nt hold their shape, but instead morphed back and forth in seemingly stable undulation. While I had been off in Salvia-Space my friends had finished the rest of the Salvia. Oh well.... I was pretty damn fucked up right then, and we still had the nitrous. So I broke out the two 10 packs of whippets I had bought from the headshop earlier. We had totally cleared out their stocks of nitrous I pulled out a green baloon and my cracker, and loaded up a cartrige. I cracked the cartrige and gently milked the nitrous into the baloon with the finesse of a seasoned nitrous fiend.

I Inhale deep.... sweet sweet nitrous. Like a cool, sweet mint. The kiss of air in my lungs felt soooo good. I exhaled it back into the baloon, and then fully inhaled again. As I did this once more, my entire body started to tingle with vibration. I began to feel an extreme rush of euphoria and pleasure as the nitrous dissociation plunged my consciousness into a void like state. I was completely nullified. My eyes were closed, and all I saw was white. Then the fringes of my perception began to be tinged with color. That color bled and swept into the whiteness until I was staring at a stereotypical swirling acid visual cascade.

Beautiful... beyond words.... I felt deeply fufilled to be present in such a experiance. So thankful and grateful to be alive NOW.

After a few minutes of that, I opened my eyes. I loaded Leah up a cartrige. After she pounded the baloon a few times, she layed back and collapsed in laughter. We did those two 10 packs in a manner of maybe 3 minutes. At this point I was exhausted. I hadnt gotten much sleep from the preceeding days ( due to excessive dxm consumpion ) , and all the drugs and activity of the day had taken out of me. Leah and I decided to take a nap.

The dream I had was a complex, non-sensical one, which had one very important scene:
I was in my bedroom with my friends... as I'm sitting there with my homies , suddenly a character strolls into the room. As he strides with great beauty, the world fades into blackness behind him. As he sat next to me, I realized this man was none other than Tim Leary. His eyes were glowing orange. The iris. The pupils were huge, and seemed like portals into space. He had an incredible presence. I was enamored. I just stared into his eyes communicating with him. It was an extremely vivid experiance.

I woke up, and looked at the clock. Yeah, once again it was 11:11. I was still tripping balls and tired as hell. After the birst of thought the 11:11 sighting caused, I came back down to hang out.

We spend few more hours just hanging out at Joey's, talking and smoking A LOT more pot. Every hit of that fine mary jane I took, I would close my eyes, and relish in the pleasures and visuals I would experiance.

Eventually it was time to depart.

We went and took Leah home first, I gave her a hug and bid her adieu. When she left the car it felt much colder, but also very clear. I felt very lucid. I was ready to go home and spend the rest of the night meditating and communicating with this amazingly benevolent entheogen. And I did.

I got home and went straight to my room and turned on my computer. I put in a song titled 'Ochoa', by a band I think is named 'Shambovopaya', and excellent song designed for shamanic journeying.

I set it on repeat, and layed back on my bed in upright lotus position. It was pitch black in my room. The transitive darkness resonated in my soul. I was immersed in complete darkness. I felt a deep humming that seemed to be resonating fron within my spine. It led up to the back of my head, and it felt like something was clogging up my spinal flow.

Its hard to explain, but instinctively my hands moved to the top of my head and I focused love and healing energy into my hands. Doing so, I then concentrated my will on pushing love and healing energy into my mind. The dark, electric clouding energy began moving out. My vision became illuminated by a distinctly divine light. I had the sensation of several dark entities lurking around me, observing from another dimension, too far off to even bother communicating in any traditional sense. Their presence had been revealed by the LSD. They were not malicious, but seemed very interested in me, and maintaining their presence with me.

I wasnt going to let that happen. I began focusing my energy to expand in waves. A sunlike red energy exploded around me and swept the dark things away. My room was very clear and seemed slightly brighter. I felt so overwhelmingly postive and SOOOO relieved.

Then I layed down and kind of just drifted off into dreamland... I really dont rememeber anything of my dreams that night. A shame, as I love dreams and I'm sure I had a incredible on this night.

We'll thats the end of the tale, I hope you enjoyed my recounting of a truly spiritual experiance.

Peace n Love.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 43664
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 2, 2006Views: 63,115
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