WTF Is a Hexagon Farmer?
Amanitas - A. muscaria
by Naseni the Insane
Citation:   Naseni the Insane. "WTF Is a Hexagon Farmer?: An Experience with Amanitas - A. muscaria (exp43604)". Aug 3, 2018.

2 caps oral Amanitas - A. muscaria (dried)


So we ordered some latvanian mushrooms Amanitas muscaria was their name. And heres my story...

It started kickin in after dogma started, and almost immediately I realized I was comatose. After awhile of talking with the alan and mo-mo through a series of morse code tappings in the form of 'hrm's' and actual tapping into the table behind me, I managed to tell them that I'll contact them in the future so that they'll know what to expect of me right now. Quickly I realized that this plan was full-proof and my thoughts were completely clear. Ten minutes later the movie ended.

It was quite a struggle indeed as every fifth beat in my mind had a sudden twitch and 'reset' in my mind
every fifth beat in my mind had a sudden twitch and 'reset' in my mind
, but I managed to drudge through it all as they helped carry me back to my house, where we snuck by my little brother and into my room. It was not long after that I realized that everyone around me was counting up to my eventual sobering up, and so was my breath. After taking a full breath and seeing my lungs open up in a side video off to the right of my vision, everything fit into place and I indeed was sober again. Moments later people started to get worried. My brother kept coming in and asking 'Are you tripping man?' and kept running downstairs and coming back up to ask it over and over again. I figured he must've been messing with me so I chose not to respond in anything except in a gurgling noise and a 'what?' 'huh' 'Yea, I mean no'. I knew that they knew what I was feeling.

So some how, for some reason they brought me to momo's room, and a few moments later I was dragged back into my room. By this time I think 6 hours had passed. So we returned me to my room, and momo decided to ask me if I'd like some water and my instinctive response was 'Yea' quickly realizing my folly I said 'No' then continued to trail off 'I mean, no, yea, no....' and some more confusing yes/no antidotes.

Not too soon after reality melted away and everything around me no longer existed. I had entered into a shamanic state of reality so I decided to ask myself the question 'What was the secret to life?'. Now, being the single person game show that I was on, the announcement in my head told me to 'Be the first to press the button and be the first to hear what god really was'. Intrigued by this I begin to inch near the button to press. A long series of complicated button pressing followed, including button pressing from up down left right and the Z plane, also some in and out button pressing as I entered a realm of blackness and reppition. Patterns upon patterns, patterns in patterns, and a series of patterns from up above went about as I realized that the people from the north pole had not voted yet. That frightened me, since after all, I was the one who needed to be first, and by them not yet activating their buttons, everything may horribly go wrong. 'Hrm' I thought disgruntled.

For some reason the people who didn't understand what I was doing, were attempting to pull me out of a toilet and a clothes basket. But of course I have no idea what they were talking about when they mentioned it the next morning.

Finnaly when everything reached a pivotal point, and as time slowed down to a an hour a second, and every pattern began to flow into one, and everything transpired at one time. I pressed the button.

'YOU' Screamed bright neonic lights behind me as clouds from the movie toy story floated about. Then everything went black, there was nothing, but me. I was god I realized. But I also realized that by being god, there was only emptyness, oblivion. So I decided to make the best of my time and spend it thinking, so I asked the known universe a simple question that it could of course answer 'What is the meaning of life?'

A book floated before me and opened. Immediatly after opening thousands of branches with words all about them shot forth from the book. A confusingly complex series of branches webbed themselves about me. Later on I realized that the meaning of life was far too complex and could only be explained by something too complex to be put into the standerd two dimension words.

Now as god I knew only one thing, I was bored of it. So I decided to make the best of it, I'll make a beautiful women for me! But unfortunatly I was trapped to thinking like a child so the concept of beauty didn't really translate really well. I formed a kind of cartoony, balloony blow-up doll version of a women who just sort of floated in front of me (she was probably full of helium). So anyways I gave her a home or something and decided to drive over there to give her some flowers. But along the way I got caught in a tunnel that sort of blocked itself off like the game Diablo 2 does when theres a lag spike. And after being blocked off I sort of forgot about her and became unusually interested in the bowl of cereal I had started eating. If anything out of anything during this was real, it had to be that crunchy and cool taste of that oaty cereal.

Intensely involved in the cereal brought me to a new realization, that I was being crushed by a huge fruit of somesort. It was like a giant mango-watermellon, I knew I had to escape but didn't know quite how to do it. A sort of man came from nowhere swinging in like indian jones from a rope made probably from the same material as the giant fruity vegetable thingy. The guy, of course was from new jersey and had come to save me, or me save him, I didn't really understand the whole situation, but in the end he pulled from the texas fruit and brought me to some sort of weird hexagon harvesting farm.

I was at first disiorented just a little, as anyone would be in a situation when they find themselves in a sociolist-communism state and are being told to harvest your hexagons. At least I think that what the new-jersian man said. Of course at this time I noticed my brother, and he wasn't harvesting his hexagons like everyone else! So I kicked him till he woke up, and I told him to keep on harvesting but it came out like 'What? Huh? Oh sorry'. I think he understood. So I moved back over to my hexagon and continued harvesting till everything just stopped making sense....

I awoke the next morning with a little disorientation, a sick stomach, and I'm still not too sure where my star-saphhire ring is, but I hope the last two aren't linked.

Oh yea, before all that happened I did eat two of those aminitas muscaria head, but I totally don't think they had anything to do with what happened.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 43604
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 3, 2018Views: 772
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Amanitas - A. muscaria (70) : Entities / Beings (37), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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