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The Twilight Zone
Citation:   the xiv. "The Twilight Zone: An Experience with LSD (exp4359)". Erowid.org. Dec 22, 2000. erowid.org/exp/4359

2 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
This wasn't my first time tripping. I had a few times before, mostly driving around with friends out in the boon-docks of my city so as to avoid cops and have free roam of the road. Gas and go's were commonplace. One night we went touched through 4 or 5 counties. I couldn't even tell you all the places we went. So like I said, i was experienced in tripping, but as i was told later i had never really tripped until this night.

It started out good, I dropped with...hmmm I dont know how many other people were tripping that night, which never helps anything. Anyways, about an hour after i dropped i started getting the body buzz. I'm a huge nin fan and I love to listen while im wheeling so i flipped on the fragile and started getting into it. Later, still listening to the cd i was sitting in my friends living room by myself as they were playing cards out in the dining room and i was in NO shape to play and plus id rather be listening to music while tripping than concentrating on a game and wasting a perfectly good buzz.

As i was sitting there staring at the wood paneling across from me watching purple sparks fling between the splits in the design i glanced over and on the wall to my left was a fake rock design, and in the dark between the stone looking parts there was a river of color flowing through it. at this point i had decided this was some pretty good shit and continued tripping balls. When i looked back at the wood paneling it looked like there was a doorway of some kind in it and i swear if i had walked over there i couldve gone right through it.

Sitting, comfortable as hell listening to my music i couldnt have been any happier at that moment. then i happened to hear my friends talking and thought it was about me and somehow i mixed everything they said into something bad about me. i thought i was like doing something with my body and didnt even realize it. i looked down at myself, nothing that i noticed, so i ignored it and went back to watching the wall. then it happened again. i kept asking myself what i was doing weird, im just sitting here i thought. but they see something else or so i was going to believe.

I started getting a little antsy making weird noises and being extremely self conscience. then they really did start talking about me, nothing bad, just wondering what i was flipping out about. which just sent me into a frenzy. i got up and sat down, got up, sat down i dont know how many times and after awhile i just got up and went outside to get some fresh air to maybe clear my head. but boy did that not work. My friend had this bronze casting of like an old pirate ship propped against the house on the porch and when i looked it it seemed to grow like 2 feet taller than it was then shrink back down then back up again. I was liking that (kind of) but the thoughts of them inside were still nagging me and since my perception of time was screwed i was thinking i getting a little over do for coming down and besides, this trip was getting a little out of hand.

I went back inside and sat down with the guys and watched them play cards trying to concentrate on the game to keep my head straight but it wasnt working. i could barely hear what they were saying and nothing was making any sense. i tried to explain to them what was going on with me and they said they understood but it wouldnt get through to me and i just kept getting worse, it was like i was in another dimension.

I eventually started thinking perma-trip and thats when things hit rock bottom. i could see like nothing but visuals, more than i had ever had before. i was smoking cigarettes like a fiend and it seemed that noone understood me. one of my friends suggested taking a cold shower, i had heard that helps kill your buzz so i went back to the shower got undressed put the water on freezing cold and jumped in, 3 seconds later i was out screaming from the cold, i know when you're tripping you cant feel the cold too much, but thats just how cold it was. when my feet hit the bathroom floor i looked down and it was just fell apart.

I panicked. i yelled for help and started to run out before stopping to realize i didnt have any clothes on. someone came back and tried to come in but that wasnt happening before i got dressed. after i calmed down a little i came out in the living room again and started to freak out a little on the music because it was really fucking with my head. so after many attempts at a simple task i was able to turn the cd player off. my head still completely clouded i decided i had had enough, layed down on the couch and was out like a light.

I seem to have a keen ability to do that. the next day i swore off tripping forever. that was just too damned scary for me. but months later i got a craving and tripped again and it was the best trip i had ever had in my life. i knew what to expect and whenever i thought something bad i just remembered, 'when i go to sleep and i wake up in the morning everything will be back normal' which always puts a big grin on my face and makes me think of what a great trip it's been. god, i love acid.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 4359
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 22, 2000Views: 4,858
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LSD (2) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Difficult Experiences (5)

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